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Stacey + Robert’s Cozy, Fun-Loving Engagement Session by SheHeWe Photography | Nashville

The weather is dreary lately and I’m definitely in hibernation mode! This is why Stacey + Robert’s engagement session by SheHeWe Photography is perfect for this time of year. From their quaint Downtown Franklin session to their beautiful home with a cabin-feel, this couple knows how to do cozy and casual right! Plus any engagement session involving dogs makes it extra cute, right? Check out all their photos below and hear straight from Stacey about the session and what it’s like to be engaged!

Stacey + Robert

Engagement Session

SheHeWe Photography

Stacey: After my grandmother passed away, she left me her wedding ring, and I always said I wanted to have it re-set to use as my wedding ring one day. As a kid, she would show it to me in a pretty black box and tell me that one day it would be mine. I told her I wanted it in the same box too, so she gave me the box when she was still alive so I could keep it for when she passed, to put her ring in. Fast forward to present day….Robert always said he would never ask for my hand until he asked my Dad in person. Well, my Dad lives in New York, we live in Nashville and I travel so much for work, that we had no plans of visiting NY in the near future – so I thought we would never be engaged. On New Years Day, Robert’s mom always does the traditional dinner where you eat specific foods to bring good luck throughout the year. So this year, we went to her house for dinner and after dinner went into the family room to hang out with the family and play games together. Robert ended up disappearing for a little while and then finally showed up in the family room, got down on one knee, opened up THE (empty) black ring box and asked if I would marry him. I thought it was a joke (which wasn’t very funny) – until he realized the ring had fallen out of the box onto the floor. When he picked it up, it was prettier than I could have ever imagined. My grandmothers diamonds, re-set to be my forever wedding ring. It was so special. I was so confused though, because he hadn’t been to NY yet to ask my Dad’s permission. He said when he disappeared after dinner, it was to go upstairs to call my Dad. He didn’t want to wait any longer to ask me to marry him, we had already been dating for 4 years, and he thought it would be the perfect way to complete our dinner of bringing “Good Luck” to 2017!

Stacey: Robert and I always talked about the day we got married and how we wanted ALL of our family and friends there to celebrate with us – which is a fair amount of people. Robert has more friends than anybody I’ve ever known, plus a huge Cajun family, and I’m an Italian, so our family isn’t small either. We are expecting to party with 225 of our closest peeps on the BIG day!

Stacey: Both my parents and Robert’s parents jumped at the opportunity to help us with our special day! We have been really good at sticking to the amount they gave us. We are so thankful to both of our parents for their willingness to contribute – if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to pull off the wedding of our dreams!

Stacey: It really does take an army! SheHeWe will be shooting our wedding and will also be doing our videography for the big day at The Barn at Sycamore Farms. Our other vendors include: FLAVOR (caterer), The Compozitionz (Band), Dulce Desserts (Cake), Vintage Floral (florist), Southern Events & Liberty Party Rental (rentals), Bright Event Productions (lighting), Primp This (Make-up),LW Boutique Salon (Hair), Tracy Latham (caricaturist), iamnotmaggie (live wedding painter).

Stacey: I always struggle when I’m asked this question. We have tried to make it our own style, but if we were to categorize it, I would say we are going with a romantic/contemporary style. Our main color is a dusty blue with accents of blush pink and gray. I tend to lean more towards the simplistic side of things, less is always more. 

Stacey: Funny enough…I’ve really enjoyed calling Robert my “fiancééò”. It was so weird to say the first few times, but felt so good saying it. After we were engaged our bond just became so much stronger than it already was, and it felt really nice. I’ve also really enjoyed the planning part. I produce live events for a living, so it was in my blood to start planning literally the DAY after we got engaged. It’s been such a fun year preparing for one of the biggest events in our lives together!

Stacey: When it came to picking a spot for our engagement session, Jim & Ilde suggested two locations that were different from each other in style. We decided to start our engagement shoot in Downtown Franklin and were trying to figure out where to end it. The answer was wright under our nose! We wrapped up our shoot at our home, which sits on Robert’s family farm. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the photos are ones that we will cherish forever! 

Stacey: When we look back out our engagement photos years down the road, I thought it would be nice to look back on photos of us at our first home together, where it all started. As we grow older, so will our home, and this was the perfect way to be able to capture the beginning of our journey together. 

Stacey: Jim & Ilde (SheHeWe Photography) were absolutely fantastic to work with. Prior to our shoot, I felt like I already knew them just form our few phone conversations. When we met up, they made the whole experience pleasurable and easy. Not to mention, they are hilarious and kept us laughing almost the entire time! Having someone take photos of you can be awkward, but they made us both feel so comfortable. 

Thanks to Jim + Ilde of SheHeWe Photography for sharing Stacey + Robert’s photos with us! And also to Stacey for filling us in on all the details! Check out SheHeWe’s portfolio on their website and also be sure to follow them over on Instagram!


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