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We've all seen those Pinterest weddings. You know the ones – where the ceremony backdrops look like they came straight out of a magazine. But once most brides find out how much it actually costs, there is a big reality shock. So where do you go from here? Luckily, we have Angelina of Velour Premier Events here in Nashville to help you create a wedding within your budget! Today she is sharing about simple details that will create a major wow-factor in your wedding decor. Check it out below!

It’s all in the details! What are some little detail trends you are seeing in weddings for 2018?

Angelina: We LOVE details! We are seeing lots of creative place cards, geometric tiles, watercolor paper, even individual succulent plants with the guest’s name and table number on them.  Calligraphy is HUGE right now! From place cards, to seating charts, to custom aisle marker signs, welcome signs, and even fabric menus. We are loving all of it! 

What details are great upgrades for your wedding ceremony?

Angelina: It really depends on the bride’s style. For brides that are boho, we love adding subtle macrame elements, vintage oriental rugs and lots of earthy florals and greenery. For the more traditional or modern bride, just adding some unique aisle marker signs or aisle marker florals can really make the ceremony pop. For a little extra touch, adding some greenery or florals and draping to the ceremony arbor or arch makes a dramatic impact on the overall look and style of the ceremony. Custom aisle marker signs [are another great upgrade]. We recently did a wedding and had custom calligraphy signs made for the Corinthians 13:4 verse “Love is patient, love is kind” and they looked stunning. 

What are some fun details to add to your wedding reception decor?

Angelina: We are loving the trend for hanging floral rings and hanging floral installs. It’s been a big trend in larger cities like NYC, Miami and LA and I love that it’s starting to make a big appearance here in Nashville.  Keep in mind, this trend can be costly for the more budget conscious brides. So, to get the same effect we recommend using tall (24″-39″) metal structures or tall clear vases and letting the florals and or greenery hang off off them to get the same dramatic effect.  Hint: To save costs, you can do this on half of the tables and opt for a smaller or medium sized arrangements on the other half. 

How can you make your wedding look amazing without breaking the bank?

Angelina: There are many different ways to create a beautiful look without breaking the bank. DON’T try to DIY or buy your own linens. It seems like it will be cheaper but you end up paying more or just about the same at the end of it and have mountains of boxes to pile into your car at the end of the wedding. You’ll also stress yourself out! This is where having an experienced planner and /or florist is key. You’re biggest hit on wedding design will be in your florals. It’s important to know which florals are in season during your wedding season and try to stick with those. It’s more expensive for a florist to get a flower that’s not in season and then that cost unintentionally gets passed onto the bride. There are also florals that resemble others in color and shape so don’t be afraid to ask your florist his/her opinion on how to switch out florals or opt for some greenery fillers to help save on costs. Only upgrade what you need to. If you have your heart set on gold flatware, go with a cheaper linen, upgrade your napkin and splurge on the flatware and vice versa – go with a cheap flatware and splurge on a finer linen. If the budget doesn’t allow it, then go with the bare minimum in your wedding colors and add a little sprig of greenery or florals to each place setting or hire a planner to help with table styling or a stylish napkin fold at each place setting. 

What are your favorite details to add to a wedding?

Angelina: I love custom menus that compliment the wedding colors and theme (Hint: to save on costs, opt for 1 menu per table on a stand or mini easel instead of 1 per each place setting). I also love to add an element or two that relates to the couple’s love story. For instance, at our last wedding, our couple met while attending Vanderbilt so we had a “Vandy Dessert Bar” and had “Vandy Candy” wedding favors. If the budget allows, I love adding draping and/or lighting. Draping is my FAVE! It adds an elegance to the room and then with a little uplighting or string lighting it just completely transforms a room – no matter the venue. 


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Angelina: The most important vendor you will hire (besides your planner – wink, wink*) is the photographer. Do NOT go cheap on a photographer. Let me repeat – DO NOT go cheap on a photographer. Hire someone within your budget who is experienced and complements your style. The photographer will capture moments and all the details at your wedding that you won’t even notice until you look back at the pictures.  After your wedding, the photos and videos are the only tangible memories that you have to look back on. You’ll want to look back at your photos and relive the moments of your wedding. These are the photos that you’ll show your children and grandchildren and hang on your dining room wall.  

These are some AMAZING tips! Thank you so much for sharing, Angie! You can check out more of Velour Premier Events’ portfolio here. And also be sure to follow them over on Instagram for the latest!


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