Sade and Taylor’s Engagement Shoot Downtown Nashville | Nashville

When I saw Sade and Taylor's engagement session, I just knew I had to feature it! The gorgeous couple decided to take a mini tour around Nashville to capture both their fancy and casual side beneath the city skyline and at various public parks. I was fortunate enough to interview Sade all about their engagement and their photo session and needless to say, their story is oh so romantic! Take a peek at their beautiful photos from Nashville Wedding Collection below and get all the behind the scenes scoop from Sade!

Engagement session: Taylor and I chose to have our engagement shoot Downtown Nashville, because he proposed at the Downtown Parthenon and we knew we wanted to keep everything personal and special! Our wonderful photographers Michael and Michelle suggested Cumberland Park as well to incorporate our romantic wedding theme. We chose casual, semi-formal, and formal attire because we love to dress up, attend functions and most of all be ourselves. We scheduled the session at sunset because I knew the Nashville’s skyline would be beautiful. We had the best time. Our shoot was fun, special and romantic! We even had a crowd stand around as we captured our amazing engagement shoot!

The Proposal: November 2015, is when Taylor began to put everything in place. He spoke to his parents first, and they both gave him tons of marriage advice. He then reached out to his older brother who then went into more detail, and shared tons of advice. Next, he spoke to my best friend to help with planning everything, because he knew that I would be very curious. My favorite thing to say is, “No one can surprise me, I figure out everything”… Little did I know! In December of 2015, Taylor told me that his company is having a work banquet in April of next year, so I could start looking for something nice to wear. I remember him telling me that he would be the one to pick out my outfit for our engagement, and of course I said I will put everything together by then. That wasn’t the case, we went shopping, and he picked out the exact dress I wore for the engagement. February of 2016, we went to Jared’s to look at Pandora bracelets, and of course my eyes instantly turned to the wedding rings. I was so amused. That same month Taylor went to my mother and asked for my hand in marriage and my mother was so excited! She said of course! In March, Taylor had to ask my daughter, if he could marry me, she’s one tough cookie. Of course she said yes. April 30, 2016 The day of the banquet! He went to pick up my daughter, and brought her to Murfreesboro. My best friend, his brother and my daughter all met at Centennial Park. He picked me up and we traveled to Nashville. As we got closer I kept asking questions. We arrived at the park, and he told me that we were stopping for cocktail hour. My daughter came down the stairs holding a sign “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite”….I then seen his brother and my best friend, and started crying. Apparently Taylor had a speech ready, but I started crying, so he got down on one knee and said “Sade Rose Eubanks, Will you marry me?” I said yes!

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous photos with us, Sade! You can check out more of Nashville Wedding Collection’s work here online and also here on Instagram!


Nashville Wedding Collection/Gabrielle Simmons/Studio Demanche’ (Tristian Buchanan)

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