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Nowadays, it seems like there are SO many options for your wedding invitation designs. Your invitations definitely set the tone for your wedding day, but have you ever wondered if you should send a print vs. a digital invite? And just how much should your wedding budget allow for your invitations? Kimberly of paperKuts studio is sharing insight on all of this and more in the interview below. Check out what she has to say below! 

Which events should you send out paper invitations for?

Kimberly: This is such a debatable topic in the stationery world. I always say that your wedding, rehearsal dinner, engagement party and bridal shower are musts for a paper invite.  Your invitation for these events most often reflects the thought for a gift of money to be spent on the recipient’s end. So, yes, send invitations via the mail! 

Which events should you send digital invitations for? 

Kimberly: This is all soooo subjective to the bride or groom. In this age of technology and with our ‘young folk’, most question the need. You have to know your audience, as well. I often think of my Grandmother and she would not want a digital invitation. With some things, we have to keep tradition and etiquette in mind. There are gorgeous digital invitations, so for your bachelor or bachelorette party, that could be acceptable. 

What are the perks of sending a paper invitation in the mail?

Kimberly: When you send a paper invitation, it truly informs your guests on what to expect for your big day! ‘It sets the tone’… yes, that is a common statement, but it is the truth. Example: If your wedding is formal, your invite will state that and appropriate attire should follow, etc. It also shows that your quests are special and it is an honor to be invited to someone’s wedding.

Do you suggest for anyone to send both a print and digital version? (or have a place online to rsvp or a wedding website?)

Kimberly: Again, highly debatable! My opinion, no. Do one or the other. It is common to see brides or grooms insert the wedding website/RSVP on the invitation or an accompanying insert card. Again, my opinion, If you send an invite, the RSVP should be included, with appropriate postage. 

Will guests appreciate printed invitations? What are some ways you can wow them?

Kimberly: The one thing I hear most often is…’it’s just paper and they are going to throw it away’.  Uggghhh!!! It’s not just paper!! When you receive a gorgeous invitation that is on uber thick paper…wow! If you have a theme for your wedding, let’s say it’s a carnival, how special is it to receive an invite that lends itself to that? Again, your invitation sets the tone and gives a hint on what to expect.  Take it to the next level and mail it in a cool box, include loose flowers or a sweet bow or wax seal. The options are endless!

Does an event have to be at a certain level from casual to upscale in order to send a paper invitation?

Kimberly: Whatever you envision for your day, whether it is casual or you are breaking the bank, send a paper invitation. Most often, the wedding budgets state to allot 3-5% for your stationery. It should be closer to 5-7%, because we often like what is not in our budget. I am guilty of that, as well! There are so many affordable options out there. Do your homework. If you are ordering online, get a sample, if possible before you purchase invitations.

How can paperKuts studio help you in your invitation decisions?

Kimberly: So many times, customers do not realize what goes into making an invitation selection. With the myriad of options, it can be a bit overwhelming. My goal is to always provide knowledge, with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This can often be a large purchase and I am honored when a bride or groom chooses paperKuts studio. Whatever their budget, I want them to be confident and thrilled with their choice. If it isn’t something I can provide, then I will refer them to another stationer. I don’t have a problem with that. It is their money and I want them to be happy. I LOVE all things paper. When my customer is happy… yes! That is what makes me happy.

Love this insight! Knowing the pros and cons of print vs. digital wedding invitations is super helpful to know especially with today’s technology. Thanks so much to Kimberly of paperKuts studio for sharing! 


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