Planning A Destination Nashville Wedding? Start With Expert Advice From A Local Wedding Planner

Need help planning your destination Nashville wedding? Get expert advice from Nashville wedding planner, Regalo Design! Learn more about this amazing company and how they can help you with your wedding planning needs.

Based on your experience with destination Nashville brides, why are more and more out-of-town brides considering Nashville for their wedding location?

It has really just become another one of those 'it' cities. Austin had it for a while and New York City and LA have had it forever. And just because of the press coverage we've been getting. The way the city is growing.The cool places that are coming in: great restaurants, great entertainment. All of those things are just adding to the allure of the city for brides who want to come in and have a great southern-style wedding.

How does Regalo Design address the unique needs of out-of-town brides?

We try to stay up to date on the latest technology (Skype and other online applications) so that we can offer brides the feeling that they are in town. We have an online app that we use to keep them updated on a regular basis. We use Skype and Google Talk and whatever their preference is to be able to get in touch with us. We have face-to-face meetings, even though they are states away. We just try to keep them updated on a regular basis, to make them feel like they are in Nashville and we want to give them the same amount of face time that we give our in state and in town clients.

So by staying up on all the recent technology we are able to give them the assurance that any time they need us they can get in touch with us. If they need to see us face-to-face they can; and they know that they've got someone on the ground here in town taking care of all their needs.

destination nashville wedding planners regalo design

Do you recommend that out-of-town brides hire local (Nashville) vendors?

Absolutely. When it comes to your catering, and when it comes to your photography, and videography and all of those pieces, you could hire local to you because you have the relationship; but there's nothing like having the local talent performing what they do best here in town.

Your photographer is going to know the best locations for you to go and shoot at certain times a day. Your videographer is going to know the best angle at most of the venues here in town. Your caterer is going to know the ins-and-outs and what insurance they need for which particular venue. So, there's so many pluses that ease the stress for a bride when they use local vendors as opposed to bringing in friends and family to do jobs that they do in other states.

Their entire experience is going to be better knowing that they have people from town that are experienced with the Nashville market and the Nashville venues and can give them the best possible outcome.

What do you do to help out-of-town brides get to know and trust the local vendors they hire?

The great thing about the vendors that we work with, and I think this is a benefit of having a destination wedding in the South, is everyone is friendly. We want people to experience the southern charm of Nashville. All the vendors that we work with are more than happy, at any point, to get on the phone with them, to get in front of them on Skype, to send them reviews, to send them anything that they need to gain that comfort level. Even though we are becoming a big city, we don't have the uppity vendors that you would have in some of the larger cities.

People here take time to introduce themselves to clients because we are a big family here. We want the bride to feel comfortable with who she's selecting. I've not met a vendor yet for our out-of-town brides that won't spend the time to make sure they're comfortable with the service they are offering and make sure they feel comfortable knowing that we're taking care of them, even though we're hundreds of miles away.

destination nashville wedding planners regalo design


What is some of the feedback you've received from previous out-of-town brides about the ease and convenience of your destination wedding planning?

We lead them through the process step by step. Any questions that they have we are always there to answer. We've made sure that they are comfortable with every decision that's being made.

They just know that it's safe and so much time is money. Initially they feel like they have to travel to Nashville for every free weekend that they have – to go to venues, to go and meet with vendors – so it's a time and stress reliever for them to know that they've got hands and feet on the ground here in Nashville taking care of all their needs. Where they don't feel like they have to spend all of their money on either gas or airline tickets to be here every free weekend that they have.

They can plan from afar and still feel confident knowing that it's getting taken care of here.

What advice would you give to an out-of-town couple considering a destination Nashville wedding to ensure the remote planning goes well?

Do your homework on the front end. Make sure that the person and the people that you choose, the vendors that you choose, the venue that you choose, that they have experience with helping out of town brides.

It's one thing to be able to help someone plan that is here, that you can see on a regular basis. It's another thing all together to have someone that has experience planning or executing weddings for people who don't have the time or the resources to be here on a regular basis.

destination nashville wedding planners regalo design

destination nashville wedding planners regalo design

destination nashville wedding planners regalo design

destination nashville wedding planners regalo design

destination nashville wedding planners regalo design

Regalo Design is eager to help relieve any stress or concerns you may have about planning your wedding. They are excited to take the reigns, do the ground work, and help you plan a wedding of any size and budget so that you can focus on the end result – an everlasting relationship.

To quote Damon himself, "We want each bride that comes to us, whether they are in town or out-of-town, to have the best experience possible."

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destination nashville wedding planners regalo design

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