Nashville’s Paperkuts Studio Talks Page Stationery: Customizable Letterpress & Flat Invitations

I love the fonts, colors, and patterns on these invites!  Are they customizable?  Maybe you love the invite, but want a different color or font?
Yes, the invites are customizable.  You can choose a map, stripes, patterns, colors, etc. for the backs of the invites.  Any of the fonts and colors may be changed to suit your needs.

Are there matching save the dates, place settings, thank you cards, etc?
One of the many things that I love about Page Stationery is the invitation suite format.  A suite is a collection of items in an invitation package.  (Invite, RSVP, accommodation card, etc)

What kind of brides do these invites speak to?  Why do they love this line?
The bride that is drawn to Page Stationery is classic, yet modern.  She is looking for a different twist on her invitations, but still wants to keep it clean and classy!  Brides love Page for their beautiful take on script fonts, white ink, and creative backers.

What is the price range for the Page Stationery line?
The average price range for Page Stationery begins at $3-4 per invitation.  It is very difficult to give a true range, because it so depends on what the bride chooses.

I noticed they have a “Wedding Invitations” line and a “Letterpress Wedding Invitations.”  Could you describe the difference and tell us more about what Letterpress has to offer?
Page Stationery offers Digital & Letterpress Invitations.  It is the difference in printing styles.  I like to describe Digital as a ‘flat’ style of printing.  When you feel the paper, the printing is smooth.  It offers high style, but with affordable pricing.  Letterpress is such an art form and a fine example of craftsmanship.  The text or image is ‘pressed’ into a wonderfully thick piece of paper.  When you feel the paper, you feel the texture.  Because of the time and attention to detail Letterpress commands, it also commands a higher dollar amount.

I love the classic look of the stationery for the bridal party.  I love that they have an option for the groomsmen.  Can these be customized?
I so wish our gentlemen of the world would embrace how lovely it is to own a set of personalized stationery!  Page Stationery offers such a clean, manly, and classic variety of paper.  The customization choices are phenomenal!  This would surely make a wonderful and unique groomsmen’s gift.

What is the price point for the stationery (for both groomsmen and bridesmaids)?
The personalized stationery can begin at $2-3 per card.

Does the stationery come in a set or multiple notecards?
The stationery begins at a minimum quantity of 20.

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