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Why Should Nashville Brides Preserve Their Bridal Gowns? We Ask The Experts At Oakwood Cleaners

Why should brides preserve their gowns?

Preserving your wedding gown is the best way to keep it safe from damage.  Most wedding gowns are heavy and hanging can cause the fabric to stretch over time which will not only compromise the shape of the gown but also the strength of the fabric.  When the gown is packaged correctly, the gown stays relaxed and safe.  Packaging or preserving, if done correctly, will also keep the gown from yellowing and drying out. We see so many vintage gowns that have been hanging in a closet or worse, just in a plastic garbage bag, that have yellowed and dried out to the point where they cannot be restored.  Bugs have gotten to them, and moisture and holes start to appear that get larger with cleaning or restoration.

Is preservation popular nowadays?

Yes it is.  As a bride, you have spent a lot of money, time and emotion picking out your wedding gown.  This is the most important day of your life and preservation is a way to preserve those memories, whether you are preserving the dress to make sure it stays in good condition so it can be passed down to family members, or you want to preserve the memories of your wedding.  No matter what condition your gown is in, preservation is the best choice.

What sets you apart from other preservation services?

Oakwood Cleaners is a 5 star certified couture cleaner and also a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.  We are trained to take care of you from the moment you bring your gown to us to the moment we reunite you with your gown.  We fully inspect the gown in front of you and then again in the back after you leave to make sure we notate all the spots and damage.  We make minor repairs if necessary, to ensure safe cleaning.  If we are dry cleaning your gown we use our “GreenEarth” cleaning agent which is environmentally nontoxic, has no odor and actually helps the fabric. If the gown calls for wet cleaning it is given a bath in natural, enzyme-based detergents.

Our production manager oversees every step of the cleaning and pressing of all wedding gowns and most of the time takes care of the gowns himself.  Your preservation is guaranteed against yellowing and carmelization spots for the life of the gown and backed by over 500 members of the AWGS.  Your gown is packaged in a museum quality, acid free box that is lined with acid free tissue, and a muslin blanket that wraps around your gown to keep it safe and free of dust yet allows the fabric to breathe so it does not dry out or hold in moisture.  The gown is folded with the acid-free tissue to help insure hard creases do not form in the fabric.  All of this is done with white gloves so body oils do not compromise the fabric while it is being packaged.  We also give you a pair of white gloves to use for inspection in future years.  The lid is closed and the box is placed in a muslin bag that also allows the fabric to breathe while adding yet another protective layer against dust, moisture, and bugs.  After your gown is cleaned in the best process suited for that gown, it is pressed and then sent to our store in Cool Springs for preservation.

What should a bride expect with a cleaning or preservation?
We price the gown with you because every gown is different.  We take all things into consideration like the fabric, the embellishments, how much fun you had, did it rain, is your gown in pristine condition, etc..  We just ask that you spend about 20 minutes with us looking over your gown.  After inspection we will give you a quote.  Payment will be processed in full within 10 days of dropping off your gown.

You can expect to have your preserved gown back from us in about 3 to 4 months.  The timing really depends on how many gowns we have in process.  They are all stored in a temperature controlled area in breathable bags while waiting for their turn.  We have 2 people trained to preserve your gown after cleaning and they take time a care to make sure it looks beautiful for years to come.  We do ask that you keep your gown in its box and just inspect it while in there.  We also offer one free pressing if you or someone else wishes to wear it.  If the gown is taken out of the box and worn, we do need to start the process over again.

How should a bride prepare?
Make sure you set money aside in your budget for cleaning and preservation of your gown.  If you want, you can bring it by and we can give you a rough estimate when we see your gown of what you can expect it to cost.  Some friends and family will even give this as a gift!

Is there anything else about your wonderful service you’d like brides to know?
Our owner, Rhonda, is on the board of directors for the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists and is kept up to date of new procedures to help ensure your gown is cleaned and preserved with the most up-to-date processes.  We treat your gown as if it was ours and love re-uniting you with your memories.


Some brides create a game plan before their wedding day to ensure their gown is dropped off at Oakwood Cleaners while they are on their honeymoon.  Give Oakwood Cleaners a call to ask any remaining questions and schedule your gown consult.  

Oakwood Cleaners Locations

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