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Let’s kick off 2019 with a whole lot of NEW! I’d like to introduce you to the new Nashville wedding planners behind the powerhouse planning company Music City Events. Lindsy + Heather have been long time planners at the company and have since taken ownership over the past few months. Lindsy and Heather are thrilled to bring you a new way to plan your wedding – with a brand new wedding consultation package. So if you’re feeling the overwhelm after your holiday engagement and need some direction, these incredible women behind Music City Events can help guide you through the planning process. They’ll get to know you and your other half and then provide you with the tools and road map for planning your own wedding. How cool is that? I’ll leave the rest of the details up to them – so be sure to read more about this awesome opportunity below!

Congrats on becoming the new owners of Music City Events! Tell us a little bit about yourselves!

Lindsy: When I moved to Nashville in February 2014, I married my two loves of weddings and events (pun intended) when I became a contracted wedding planner for Music City Events under the leadership of Sarah Willard. This August, Sarah moved to Colorado and stepped down as owner of Music City Events and Heather and I acquired the business. I’m very proud to carry on this legacy with Heather. I am a designer at heart. I love to create events that feel unique and represent each client well. I literally do not know how to relax. When I’m not working, I enjoy dating my spouse, chasing after my boys, Liam and Ronan, tending to my chickens, walking my dog, training for marathons, writing, traveling and shopping. 

Heather: Northern-born, southern-raised. My first visit to Nashville was in November 2010. I was standing on The Pedestrian Bridge, looking out over the city and knew this was my home. As much as I love the wedding, my heart is for the marriage. My goal is to be a trusted person, and I love working with couples who trust me with marriage advice and planning their wedding day. When not planning weddings, I travel as much as possible with my husband and our daughter, Evelyn. I try to keep my dogs out of trouble, and my sanity in tact by completely rearranging my household furniture too often. I love the life we live with friends and family in Nashville, Tennessee.

How long have you been in the industry and how long have you worked at Music City Events?

Lindsy: I started planning events in high school and, in college, was nominated as the Social Chair for the Student’s Union. Then, I planned corporate events before moving to Nashville. I started with Music City Events in April 2014. Heather was a friend of mine, through the music industry, and she came on to assist with MCE in 2014 as well.  We took over as CEO and COO, respectively, in August 2018.

Who is your dream couple to work with? 

Heather: Characteristics of my ideal couple would be wise, symbolic, intentional and sentimental. I love clients that travel and enjoy other cultures. They appreciate things of value. As for a celebrity, whoever James Franco ends up marrying. 

Lindsy: Or Dan Levy. Ob-sessed with him. 

Tell us all about your wedding consulting package!

Lindsy + Heather: It has been our experience that every couple that starts the wedding planning process is a little (or sometimes a lot) unsure of where to begin. With our combined 9 years of planning weddings and events in Nashville, we help couples get their start on planning their wedding. We help them get their thoughts organized, assist in finding a venue and planning their budget and design. We provide them with a vision board and customized list of vendors as well as a list of items that they can purchase and keep in their home for years to come, creating a cohesive, stylish and sustainable event under the confines of any budget. 

What type of couple is best suited for the wedding consultation package?

Lindsy + Heather: Our new consultation package is best for couples with wedding budgets of less than $20,000. We won’t call them “DIY Brides” because this isn’t burlap and mason jars. We have proven that you don’t need to spend six figures or rent ALL THE THINGS to create a beautiful event.

How does interior design play a role in the wedding consultation?

Lindsy + Heather: Interior design plays a role in two ways. 1) We will ask for photos of the couples’ home and ideas of their design aesthetic in order to get a good idea of who they are and what style(s) they prefer, and 2) We use our consultation and vision board to create a complete package for you which includes reusing suggested items that you already own and items to purchase like rugs, vases, and other decor. These new pieces can then be used in your home, as a reminder of your wedding day and marriage vows. 

How can couples best incorporate their personalities and design aesthetic into their wedding decor?

Lindsy + Heather: We love to incorporate subtle nods to the couple’s heritage, interests and personal styles. We can do that through color, furniture, decor and flowers or greenery. The many unique venues in town are also a great place to incorporate your design aesthetic from minimalist and industrial to ornate and classic. The venue plays a huge role in setting the tone. For a spring wedding, we had a bride with 10 bridesmaids. They carried petals in candle holders that the bride bought in India, rather than spending $1000 on 10 bouquets. We also coordinated a wedding in which the couple incorporated a variety of of their own gold “knickknacks” on their centerpieces. How about serving your cake on grandma’s cake stand? Or having guests play your favorite game(s) during cocktail hour? 

What will the couple walk away with once the wedding consultation package is complete?

Lindsy + Heather: Our consultation starts with a meeting. We can do this in person or via FaceTime. We spend about an hour getting to know the couple and finding out everything we can about them. We’ll also want photos of the couple’s favorite design elements. Then, we spend a few days gathering information for the couple. We’ll then present to them a complete package of how to plan their wedding. The package includes an overall theme for the event, highlights of what’s most important to the couple, a budget outline, vendor contacts in every category necessary, a suggested list of rental items, a vision board with photos of everything they’ll need to make it happen and list of items to use and re-use in their home.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Music City Events or the Wedding Consultation Package?

Lindsy + Heather: This package hatched from our love for sustainability and serving our clients. We would love to plan everyone’s wedding but we know that not every couple can afford, or needs, our Full Planning Package. Our goal is to provide couples with the package that fits their needs best and for Nashville to have the most stylish weddings in the country!

Thank you so much for sharing all about yourselves and your new wedding consultation package with us, Heather + Lindsy! You can check out more on Nashville wedding planners, Music City Events here online. And also be sure to follow them over on Instagram for more great wedding inspiration!


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