Music City Events Shares What’s Hot In Nashville Wedding Receptions: Snacks, Settings And Art

Music City Events shares the latest trends in Nashville wedding receptions, including what to add to your wedding menu, wedding table decor, and more!

Late Night Snacks

Long after the plated meals have been devoured or the buffet has been disassembled, guests are still dancing, chatting and making repeat trips to the bar. Suddenly, the servers enter the room with savory late night snacks and they are an instant hit with the crowd. Especially if these snacks are infused with the personality of either the bride, groom or both; for example, sliders and minis, such as burger sliders and mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, are a big hit right now.

Sarah recommends salty snacks as part of your wedding menu, especially if you're serving alcohol at your wedding reception. She has noticed that guests tend to select and enjoy these more often over sweets. If you're wondering just how many of these to serve, she suggests estimating enough snacks to accommodate about half the total number of people that RSVP'ed yes to your reception.

cmt awards celebrities nashville party caterer luxury innovative wedding food

cmt awards celebrities nashville party caterer luxury innovative wedding food

Miniature bison burger sliders in petite novelty takeout boxes by Chef's Market 

Servers with Style

Sarah raved over how much she loves the attire worn by Beyond Details' servers.  At each event they work, the female servers wear gorgeous black cocktail dresses and the male servers are dressed in sharp black ties and button up shirts. These ensembles, which possess less of the uniform apron look, allow the servers to blend into the background in wedding pictures. A feature you're sure to appreciate years from now while flipping through the pages of your wedding photo album.

beyond details upscale waitstaff nashville wedding

The upscale, cocktail-chic waitstaff of Beyond Details

Glasses and Place Settings

One simple, new, low cost reception table detail that is sure to impress your guests and also look gorgeous in your wedding photos is adding beautiful cut crystal glasses to your place settings. Just think, when your guests arrive at your reception location and take a seat, they will be in awe of the gorgeous glassware in front of them. These lavish glasses allow you to add an upscale detail to your wedding, without the upscale expense.

wedding glasses reception table

Photo: Love Me Love My Wedding 

Speaking of place settings, another new trend is to dress the place settings up with a personality that fits the bride and/or groom. Sarah described a recent wedding reception where the dinner napkins were folded in the shape of bow ties; this was a nod toward the groom who wore a bow tie during the ceremony.

Another fun detail that Sarah suggested is serving soft drinks in old fashioned soda glasses. Non alcohol drinkers and kids of all ages will enjoy these and like the fact that, even though they're not getting a fancy adult beverage, they are still enjoying their soda in style.

It's in the Details

Surprise all the female guests at your wedding by having a bathroom attendant in the ladies room; someone who is there with hairspray, bobby pins, soaps, Q-tips and other items to help them with minor touchups throughout the evening. Bathroom attendants are a new trend that is hitting the wedding scene.

Another fantastic suggestion by Sarah was live event painting by Heidi Schwartz of Paint Your Event. Heidi will paint your reception, as it's occurring, on a large canvas. This new wedding reception trend provides both a fun source of entertainment for your guests and a wedding keepsake for you to enjoy long after the big day.

wedding painting nashville

Live wedding painting by Artist Heidi Schwartz

ABG adds – Another live event artist is Joy Varnell who also travels to Nashville to provide live event art for Nashville weddings.   


If you're looking to liven up your wedding reception and want more information on any of the above details, or if you'd like to find out what else is trending in the wedding scene, make sure to contact Music City Events! Special thanks to Sarah and her team for all of these fun, new wedding reception ideas.


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