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Rehearsal dinner spaces… it’s something I’ve found many couples struggle to find. Hosting a dinner the day before your wedding can get put on the back burner at times. However, we have the perfect rehearsal dinner space in the Nashville, TN area for you – Mere Bulles! At Mere Bulles, you have everything you need under one roof – the historic mansion has 8 room options at different capacities available for your guests’ dining experience. Plus, food and drink packages are available right on site! Going the all-inclusive route for your rehearsal dinner will give you peace of mind. Today we interviewed Awndria of Mere Bulles – she’s given us all the scoop on the beautiful historical rehearsal dinner venue below! Check it out!

Awndria: Mere Bulles used to be downtown, but moved to the historic Maryland Mansion in Brentwood in 2001. The Maryland Farms Mansion was finished in 1942 and was home to the Truman Ward family. The house was surrounded by open land where horses ran all down Maryland Way. Now the mansion stands in the middle of Brentwood business buildings. 

Awndria: Since Mere Bulles is based in a mansion, there are over eight different space combinations to work with! We can close doors off to make something private,  open up doors to connect the spaces or even use the entire house. This helps us host any type of event, small to large. 

Awndria: We are known for our Charleston She Crab Bisque! People all over America rave about this amazing soup. We also have many different options for entrees, everything from seafood, pasta, steaks and a wide dessert selection. The best thing is that we can accommodate anyone who is vegetarian, gluten free or has any other type of allergy or preference. 

Awndria: Definitely! The Ward family used to host many weddings and events here, so we wanted to keep that tradition going. We can do a pew style wedding for up to around 60 people with a reception following after. 

Awndria: Anyone who is interested in any type of wedding event can contact me at [email protected] or call the restaurant at 615-467-1945. We can then discuss a tour or a tasting if you have never been here! 

Awndria: Mere Bulles is located in the sweet spot of Tennessee, right in between downtown Nashville and Franklin. It is a great location to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still enjoy great food and history. From our Champagne Bar to great service, Mere Bulles is the place for any celebration. 

Thank you so much for sharing all about Mere Bulles with us, Awndria! You can check out Mere Bulles’ website here for more information on booking your rehearsal dinner. And also be sure to get the latest scoop from them on Instagram!


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