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Oh my word – I am so excited for you all to meet this incredibly talented Nashville wedding florist today! Her name is Melissa Marie Floral Design! I was introduced to her by the lovely team over at Mere Bulles when we were planning our beautiful Royal Wedding Elopement Styled Shoot this past summer. I had envisioned beautiful white traditional florals cascading down the main staircase and let me just say, Melissa DELIVERED. Holy wow. I could not believe the talent and design that came out of this incredible florist – Melissa Marie! From wedding backdrops to bouquets (and even staircases per my request), she can do it all! Melissa has 20 years of experience and it shows! Keep reading our interview below to learn more about her business…

Who is Melissa Marie Floral Design? How long have you been in business?

Melissa: I’ve been doing flowers for nearly 20 years, and have been in business for over a decade. 

How did you get started in weddings?

Melissa: I got started in weddings after helping my mom and friends do the floral arrangements for my own wedding. We had hired a florist to make my bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and the bouts and corsages. When everything was delivered I was happy with everything but my bouquet – it didn’t look like anything we had discussed or inspiration pictures or anything (this was back when you actually had to cut pictures out of wedding magazines). I knew I could do better, and so I reached out to a friend who taught floral design and did weddings here and there as well. I helped her on a few of her weddings, branched out to family and friends’ weddings, and as word of mouth referrals started bringing strangers, I decided to do this full time. 

What is the philosophy behind Melissa Marie Floral Design?

Melissa: My main philosophy is customer service. Yes, I do florals, but behind all of the petals and leaves it comes down to listening to my clients and providing quality service and excellent execution based on their desires. I want to help brides achieve and exceed their vision for their wedding, and so I let their vision quide my work. 

What are your strengths compared to other florists?

Melissa: I really try to put myself in the bride’s shoes and remember that while I have my own style and things that I like, ultimately I see my job as customer service. My goal first and foremost is to deliver a wedding design that is exactly what the bride wants, and that only happens when you really listen. As a small business, I typically only take one wedding a weekend so I can devote plenty of attention to each client for the best possible experience. 

What attracts couples to work with Melissa Marie Floral Design?

Melissa: I think couples choose me because I am a good listener, I can take their comments and communicate back to them what they are looking for in their overall floral design regardless of how much they do or don’t know about flowers. 

What are some of the most innovative new trends in wedding flowers as of late?

Melissa: I love that wedding florals are moving away from tradition and you can pick whatever your heart desires for flowers. Brides have more freedom to choose what they want than I did in the late 1990s, and we have much easier access to unique and fun flowers.  

Melissa! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing expertise with us! You can check out her Nashville wedding florist designs on her website here: And also be sure to follow Melissa over on Instagram!


Melissa Marie Floral Design/John Myers Photography & Videography/Photography by Janae/Laura K. Allen Photography/Melanie Grady/Matt Adams/Nicnoc Photography