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Finding the perfect vendors that fit your style and personality is no easy task. But when you hire Kasey Schultz with Luminary Event Company as your Nashville area wedding planner, you know you are in good hands! Kasey has built relationships with vendors over the years and prides her company on having great relationships with not only her reliable vendor team, but also with the couples she helps. The reach of Luminary Event Company stretches far! As she states on her website, “Luminary Event Company has teams in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. We love to travel- our bags are always packed. We travel anywhere in the U.S. as well as internationally.” So without further ado, here is our interview with Kasey! 

Tell us about your company + how long you’ve been in business.

Kasey: Luminary Event Company was started in 2012. We believe true love exists and that it’s our job to keep you as stress free as possible during a crazy, exciting time in your life that’s starts the rest of your life! 

How did you get started in weddings?

Kasey: It all started when I was 8. I was a bride for Halloween and soon realized I loved weddings when The Wedding Planner came out. I was amazed when I saw it all come together. I’ve always been very detail oriented and then my dream began. My parents asked me what I wanted to do for a career I quickly squealed, “I want to be a wedding planner!” They shot it down so fast saying it wasn’t a real job. I’ve been a little stubborn, so my mentality was, “watch me!” Needless to say, here I am 12 years and 216 wedding later! 

What’s the philosophy behind Luminary Event Company?

Kasey: Luminary Event Company was founded with the belief that it’s truly possible to make friends while helping a bride with the most special day of her life! We love all of our clients and every vendor we work with! I am a firm believer in building relationships and I love keeping in touch with my clients and watching them through life’s journeys.

What are your strengths compared to other wedding planners?

Kasey: My strengths are that I have dealt with every emergency under the sun from having to call in an emergency generator during a band’s sound check when the venue guaranteed we had enough power to a bride’s cake collapsing during a wedding ceremony. I have built fantastic relationships with vendors that I can call on anytime! 

What attracts couples to book Luminary Event Company?

Kasey: Brides are attracted to Luminary Event Company because we believe that wedding planning should be fun! Meetings can be boring, but with us pairing you with the perfect vendors for your wedding, you walk alway from a meeting gaining a new friend! (Ask any of our past clients). We treat our clients like family and love what we do! We get to know you so well through the planning process that we can know what you like and what your priorities are when it comes to your big day!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Luminary Event Company?

Kasey: When I started Luminary Event Company, my goal was happy clients and happy couples. The 2 stats I’m most proud of are that in 216 couples, all 216 are still married and that 80% of our clients grow their families within the first year of marriage! I have become a Godmother to two of my past clients’ babies! At the end of the day, I’m thankful that I get to work with some of the best vendors in the industry and become friends with our clients! 

Kasey! Thank you so much for sharing all about Luminary Event Company, a Nashville area wedding planning company, here today on Nashville Bride Guide! You can check out more at and also be sure to follow her over on Instagram


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