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Every bride wants to feel and look her best on her wedding day. Which is exactly why you should hire a professional who is going to make your dream look come true! Specializing in natural glam with the ability to create a variety of looks, meet Nashville hair and makeup artist, La Belle Glam! Kristina is sharing more about the company, along with some advice in the interview below. Keep scrolling to check it out and see photos of her amazing work!

Tell us about La Belle Glam + how long you’ve been in business.

Kristina: La Belle Glam is a professional on-site hair and makeup service specializing in bridal and special occasion glam for over 7 years. I make sure to pay very close attention to detail and I absolutely love getting to know my clients & brides! I arrive on location carrying a director’s style chair, professional makeup light, and a full kit so that we’re prepared for whatever is thrown our way and to ensure you get the best experience possible! We also accommodate weddings all over Tennessee. I try to only use cruelty-free brands and always cater to the look you’re wanting! I specialize in a more natural look, but if you want super glam we can do that too! If you’re unsure what you want I will suggest some things that work with your personal style and wedding dress. I am also able to do some hairstyles myself, but for the more intricate updos – the other hairstylists I work with are fabulous! 

What’s the philosophy behind La Belle Glam?

Kristina: I’m here to make you feel super confident and comfortable on your big day! I will go above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience possible!

What are your strengths compared to other makeup artists?

Kristina: I really listen to what YOU want and what you’re comfortable with. I can give you any look you want or you can leave it up to me to decide. I’m a perfectionist, so my brides & clients really appreciate that!

What attracts couples to La Belle Glam (+describe that couple!)?

Kristina: I believe that couples are attracted to my business because I specialize in natural glam. A lot of women don’t typically wear a lot of makeup, so they appreciate how I can enhance their natural features and the fiance always loves it! I’ve never had an unsatisfied bride or fiance! 

What is the most innovative new style that brides would appreciate in makeup?

Kristina: A lot of brides love the idea of airbrush makeup! It’s something I use on almost all brides and they love how light it feels and how flawless it looks. It’s waterproof & smudge-proof so it’s perfect for brides!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your company?

Kristina: I don’t let you get out of my chair unless you LOVE the way you look! This is YOUR day and YOUR face and if you want something tweaked or changed, you got it!  We are here to make you happy and feel extremely comfortable and beautiful! Also remember this: when it comes to your skin and the way you feel and the way you look in all the photos on such an important day, having a skilled knowledgeable glam team is priceless!

Kristina, you are SO talented! Thank you for sharing more information with us about La Belle Glam! If you’re looking for a Nashville hair and makeup artist, be sure to contact La Belle Glam for your wedding day!


La Belle Glam

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