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Looking for the perfect engagement ring or wedding bands? Or maybe even some bridal accessories for your special day? Look no further! Providing quality, customized jewelry to locals, Ingram Jewelers offers jewelry designs that are able to fit any budget. Shelley is here to share more about this wonderful small business. Take a look inside their store, see some designs, and learn more about the company below!

Tell us about Ingram Jewelers. How long you’ve been in business + how did you get started in weddings?

Shelley: Ingram Jewelers is a locally owned full service jewelry store that has been in the Hermitage, TN area for over 20 years. With our brand new location at 3923 Lebanon Pike we offer a wide variety of wedding jewelry. We noticed a demand for this area to have wedding jewelry to offer to the local customers.

What’s the philosophy behind your company and what are your strengths compared to other jewelers?

Shelley: Our philosophy is to provide good quality jewelry from the affordable to the extraordinary. We offer custom designs to fit any budget.

What attracts couples to Ingram Jewelers?

Shelley: Local customers of all ages and income status, convenience, friendliness of the staff and pricing.

What is the most innovative new trend in jewelry?

Shelley: Ingram Jewelers is known for designing custom engagement rings for local customers. This makes for a special and memorable ring choice. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Ingram Jewelers?

Shelley: At Ingram Jewelers we have an in-house Master Jeweler for your repairs and custom designs. Your jewelry is safe and secure with us.

Shelley, thanks for sharing more information about this great company with us! From wedding rings to bridal accessories, Ingram Jewelers can help with it all! Be sure to check them out!


Ingram Jewelers

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