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It’s that time of year when Liberty Party Rental debuts their newest inventory items! This year, I am so excited they are introducing vintage-inspired glassware! Plus their other new tabletop items are sure to attract couples with lots of different tastes! From sleek to ornate, each of these items is sure to help you incorporate the 2018 wedding trends into your Nashville wedding! Keep reading to get all the scoop…

Can Can Glassware

First off, Liberty has introduced their Can Can Glassware line. These clear glass goblets are fit for a queen bringing lots of vintage charm and elegance to your table scape. They come in a goblet style or a double old-fashioned. Have your guests drink iced tea out of the footed version and water or a cocktail from the double old fashioned! With 312 available in each style, in most cases you’ll be able to treat all of your wedding guests with these trending glasses. 

Jupiter Glassware

Liberty’s Jupiter Glassware is a great way to add a pop of color to your wedding table scape! And they’re stocked up with just the right colors to accent the 2018 color trends! I’m in love with the hobnail style of this glass and the many ways you can use it! Mixing and matching these double old fashioned glasses can really get your creative juices flowing for your wedding tables and barware! 

Debutante Glassware

Next up is the Debutante Glassware line! These gorgeous goblets come in cornflower blue, amber, and smoke grey. Whether you’re into jewel tones or moody darks, Liberty hand picked this collection to match many wedding color combinations. The details on the glass pair really well with other glassware patters in their inventory as well!

Antique Acrylic Chargers

Now onto the plates and chargers! These elegant Antique Acrylic Chargers come in gold or charcoal. If you’re on a tight budget for your table scape, but would still love to add an extra wow-factor, then these chargers are the perfect choice! The two color options pair perfectly with silver or gold flatware. 

Casablanca Coupe Plates

If you’re in love with patterns and vintage-inspired china, then the Casablanca Coupe Plates are perfect for your wedding! They come in blue and grey. You can mix with your boho decor or they would even look great matching with an elegant upscale soiree. Plus, they pair with many of Liberty’s other china patterns seamlessly. 

Lilly Coupe China

Hooray for a new sleek and modern china pattern! Liberty’s Lilly Coupe comes in luncheon and dinner sized plates. What’s really cool is that they don’t have a rim like most other china patterns do. With this look, you’ll be able to pull off that classic upscale look that tends to match any sort of decor! It’s the chameleon of china patterns. 🙂

White Rounded Triangle Plate 

If you’re looking to add a unique twist to your salad plates or food stations, then the White Rounded Triangle Plate is a great option! It gives off a unique geometric twist to your wedding look and is perfect for the funky couple looking to add even more interest to their table scape or food station.

Charcoal Hemstitch Table Runner & Napkin

I’m all about that grey (charcoal as a matter of fact) and this combo of the Charcoal Hemstitch Table Runner and Napkin are making my heart skip a beat! Pair these linens with a farm table and you will have a beautiful look that is cohesive with many different color schemes and decor trends! 

Oh my word, I am just loving these items Liberty chose to add to their inventory this year! Want more info on how you can rent these items? Check out Liberty Party Rental‘s website for a full list (with photos!) of all their inventory products. And you can keep up with the latest on their inventory additions here on Instagram


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