Jill + Louie’s Fun Nature Engagement | Franklin Engagement Session

What do you get when you mix a well-decorated home, a fun-loving couple, and a blueberry farm with a splash of champagne? This really fun, natural engagement shoot in Franklin, TN from Jonathan C. Stout Photography! Jill + Louie’s love totally shows through these photos… from their Franklin home to the walk through the blueberry fields. Plus, who doesn’t love a good champagne pop photo op? Their photographer Jonathan is here to share the photos and their story – see it all below!

From the photographer, Jonathan C. Stout: Jill and Louie invited me into their home to get ready for their engagement session and I instantly fell in love with their cute house. I had asked that we shoot in the house first and continue on from there. Jill and Lou were so welcoming into their beautiful love story. These two were very genuine with their love for each other. After we got we moved from their house we went to a blueberry bush ‘farm’. I honestly had no idea where we were. It was a place from Jill’s childhood and it was beautiful. After that walk down memory lane, we rushed to get some champagne and see the last of the beautiful sunset. Needless to say, we had an amazing time!

Jonathan! Thank you so much for sharing this super fun, nature engagement shoot in Franklin with us! You can check out more on Jonathan C. Stout Photography here online: https://www.jonathancstout.com/. You can also check out the latest on his Instagram page!


Jonathan C. Stout Photography