Inspiration From Dress To Bling: Cake That's Sophisticated & Chic, Just Like The Bride's Gowns

What was the vision for your wedding?

Sophisticated chic with some bling

How did you find Signature Cakes?

I found her online. I loved her work. Also, she had rave reviews on her professionalism and talent.

What inspired your cake?

My wedding and reception dress, my colors and also the wedding style.

How did you approach the design for your wedding cake? Did you take pictures to Vicki or did you meet with her and answer questions about your dress, etc?

I did both. I initially met Vicki to discuss my style and the vision i desired for my wedding. I am quite prissy and i like all things bling and pretty. I also sent her pictures of both my dresses when they came in.


What did you want most from your cake?  great design, taste? specific details?

I liked that my cake was BEAUTIFUL and it reflected my personality. I loved the design and taste. That's EVERYTHING LOL!

What surprised you about the experience of designing your cake?

That Vicki was very attentive on what my vision was. Also, she was able to sketch the cake as we spoke about my vision. I also loved that she incorporated my wedding dresses design in to the cake. That was priceless to me 🙂

What did you like most about your cake?  The design!

What were your cake flavors?  Did you have them custom designed or were they standard?

For the brides cake we chose the Hazel Nut Nuttela and for the groom's cake we chose red velvet. They were both standard flavors.

Photos: Rob Mould Photography


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