How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Options by Lindsy of Music City Events

From magazines to Pinterest to basically everyone you know giving you their opinion about your wedding day… things can get a bit overwhelming! There are so many options, looks and ideas out there for your wedding and it's hard to know where to start or how to make one ultimate decision. If you're like me, I have to see EVERY option before making a decision… which is very time consuming and daunting (it took me 6 months just to find a venue!). But once again the ladies of Music City Events have come to our rescue. Planner, Lindsy is here to help us sort through all of your options and give you some advice on how to actually sit down and make those (at times difficult) decisions about your wedding day. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and things do not have to be stressful! Here's Lindsy to tell us how to make that happen…


Why are couples overwhelmed with too many options?

Lindsy: Pinterest! There are so many avenues and places to find bridal ideas – from stores, to Pinterest to magazines, it can get overwhelming. The amount of information that’s out there and available to brides is astronomical. Couples are taking weddings a lot more seriously than they used to. Most want everything big and fabulous, but when you dream big, you have a lot of options. 


When couples' heads are swarming with ideas, how can you hone them into one concept or idea for their wedding?

Lindsy: The best way to do that is to decide on the style, look and feel of your wedding. Do you want your day to be more formal or casual? What season do you want to get married in? From there you can choose your venue. Once you have a venue, you can guide the rest of your wedding from there. It's also helpful to decide what’s most important to you – do you want to focus on flowers and greenery or the venue location of your wedding? Or maybe you have your eye on a certain dress style. 


What are some tips for couples who feel like they need to “see every option”?

Lindsy: Try to limit yourself. If you’re starting to choose your photographer, find out what your budget for that portion of your wedding and that way you can rule out a lot of vendors based on the price. Vendor availability is another way to rule out your options and narrow them down. You don’t want fall in love with a vendor who is not available on your wedding date.


Will a couple ever feel like they've made the perfect decision?

Lindsy: Yes – if you work with a planner who keeps you on track and constantly reminds you of your goal and vision for your wedding. All of us at Music City Events have vision and utilize inspiration boards. Once we can lay it out for the couple, they have a good sense knowing “this is exactly what envisioned”.

How can couples break past trying to please and satisfy everyone else’s opinions about their wedding?

Lindsy: Couples should be confident in what they want and make no apologies for it. If a family member or friend expects you to have a more formal event, you do you if you want to make it casual! Some family members may also expect the standard wedding traditions that are not utilized as much in today's weddings. Garter tosses are not done as much anymore, however the older generation may be tied to these traditions. Hold your ground since the day is all about the two of you as a couple. 


Would you recommend couples ask friends and family to help them make decisions about the wedding? 

Lindsy: I would not recommend that, unless you have a family member who is very familiar with the wedding industry. Friends and familiy tend to get their feelings hurt in the process when you as a couple ultimately make the final decision. My suggestion is to go with your gut!


How can a planner help in narrowing down options for couples?

Lindsy: A planner ultimately has lots more knowledge and experience with planning weddings here in Nashville. Most of the time, the planner has already done a wedding at your venue and knows the regulations – where you can’t bring in alcohol, etc. Having someone on your team with experience is key and you are only filtering through one person’s opinion as they are the experts. Find a planner you trust – having someone there to determine your goal and sticking to it is definitely very valuable. A planner will also help you stick within your budget. An experienced planner can help you choose vendors who fit into your budget. A planner will also have the knowledge of what each venue offers. Some venues do not provide any rentals or furniture in addition to the space. In this case, you would have to rent everything which is an added expense compared to a venue that does offer a more “all-inclusive” option. 

Wow – we truly appreciate Lindsy's expertise on this topic of decision making! Nashville Bride Guide has personal experience working on our Launch Party Event with Lindsy at Music City Events and we can tell you first-hand that she is incredible to work with! Her knowledge of weddings is spot on and she is so incredibly organized. She has basically all the traits you want in your dream wedding planner! 

Remember you can follow @musiccityevents on Instagram and check out their website here. If you missed Part 1 of this planning advice series, check out Heather's post here. 🙂

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