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How to Host a Rehearsal Dinner from Mere Bulles | Nashville

You’ve spent a lot of time planning your wedding, but planning your rehearsal dinner is something you will not want to skip out on! Nashville’s go-to rehearsal dinner spot, Mere Bulles is perfect for parties of many sizes! With multiple rooms to choose from in a gorgeous historical mansion, Mere Bulles caters some incredible food and can customize your event to your liking. Today we have Awndria of Mere Bulles here to give us all the scoop on how to actually plan your rehearsal dinner! With her expertise and helpful tips, your rehearsal dinner at Mere Bulles is sure to go off without a hitch. Check out our interview below!

There are so many ways you can host your rehearsal dinner! What are the most popular ways couples host their rehearsal dinner at Mere Bulles?

Awndria: We love hosting rehearsal dinners at Mere Bulles because there are so many different rooms and ways to personalize that special night! A sit down dinner still tends to be the most popular, as that’s what most people are used to seeing and getting ideas from Pinterest. However, a more casual approach and buffets are quickly becoming more popular!

When is it appropriate to have a formal sit down rehearsal dinner?

Awndria: A sit down dinner is great for a group of around 50 or less. This makes the dinner more intimate, where as guests may already know each other, or if you’re wanting to assign seats to get people to know each other. It’s also a great option if you’re having a buffet for the wedding reception, so it gives you a chance to do something different. 

Are buffets popular with rehearsal dinners at Mere Bulles?

Awndria: They are becoming more and more popular by the day! When you have more than 50-60 people, it’s likely that many people are from out of town and maybe they’ve been driving all day. Let everyone stretch their legs and get to know one another by walking around to get food and mingle with everyone. Just because it’s a buffet doesn’t mean you won’t get great options for food. Give them a variety of choices to fit everyone’s taste!

What is the best way to host a casual rehearsal dinner with heavy hors d’oeurves?

Awndria: This is one of my favorite ways to host a rehearsal dinner! This definitely encourages everyone to have a fun, relaxed evening before the big day. Have a large variety of food from bruschetta, cheese plates, slider sandwiches and more so no one leaves hungry. Set up hi top tables with a few round tables for seating and throw and beer and wine table into the mix so guests don’t have to leave for the bar. 

Should couples incorporate themes from their wedding into their rehearsal dinner? What are some fun ways to do this?

Awndria A couple should always make sure the rehearsal dinner fits with their style and theme, but don’t make it exactly like the wedding- you don’t want it to all blend together! One of my favorite things to do is present the grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner and build the colors and theme around that. For example, maybe the groom is an Alabama fan and that’s where the couple met. Start with crimson colored napkins and make it a whole theme that still involves both bride/groom and makes it personal. 

What are some of the most unique rehearsal dinners you’ve seen at Mere Bulles?

Awndria I love when couples think outside the box and use their hobbies and stories to reflect the dinner. I had one couple who enjoyed going hiking and would always take trail mix. We set up a whole station for guests to make their own trail mix and posted pictures all around the table of their hiking trips. Everyone loved it!

Do most rehearsal dinners take place the night before the wedding? Are you seeing any brunch rehearsal dinners?

Awndria: They typically do take place the night before the wedding, but with more and more weddings happening on Fridays and Sundays, that’s starting to change! Sometimes the wedding venue is already booked the night before and the couple has to have an early rehearsal. This is great to do a brunch or lunch time rehearsal with the people who are closest to you and start that day off right- I’m sure you’ll have plenty to do the rest of the day before the wedding! 

What are some things couples need to do during their rehearsal dinner? Are there toasts – if so, who should do the toast?

Awndria: Make sure you talk to everyone and thank them! This group will be smaller than your wedding reception and it’s typically the people you are most close to, so make sure you thank the cousins, aunts, uncles and anyone who came from far to share this special weekend with you. For toasts, typically the groom’s parents give a welcome in the beginning and thank everyone for coming. If you want to let anyone speak who will not at the wedding, narrow down a list of guests and have them do it before dessert is served. 

This is all incredibly helpful when planning your rehearsal dinner! Thank you so much for all of your valuable insight, Awndria! Mere Bulles is such an incredible place for a rehearsal dinner and the staff will take care of everything for you! Check out Mere Bulles online and book a tour and also be sure to check out the latest on Instagram!


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