Gracie + Evan’s Whimsical Lakeside Engagement Shoot by Catherine Cansler Akins | Nashville Tennessee Engagements & Proposals

A friendship that blossoms into a romance is so very special! Knowing you can hang out and have a good time first before the relationship begins is one way to truly know you've found your match. This is Gracie + Evan's true story! Photographer, Catherine Cansler Atkins shares a special bond with the couple as Gracie is her little sister. After the sisters' tragic loss of their father, Evan stepped in to support their family in any way he could – just as a true gentleman would. From seeing the heart Evan put into their family, Gracie knew he was the one. What an incredibly moving story behind this couple's journey to love! Keep scrolling to hear all about this gorgeous couple from Catherine's perspective not only as their photographer, but also as their family member…


Gracie + Evan

Engagement Session

Ramble Creek Vineyards

Vendors inlude:

Photographer | Catherine Cansler Atkins Photography

Location | Ramble Creek Vineyards

From the photographer, Catherine: I love all of my engagement sessions and all of my brides, but this particular session is a little more special and stands out more than the rest because the future bride in these photos is my baby sister! I introduced Gracie and Evan, as Evan used to be my primary second shooter. Once he laid eyes on Gracie for the first time, four years ago, he was smitten… I mean look at her! GORGEOUS. What started out as friendship slowly, and I mean SLOWLY, grew into more. Even though Evan knew his feelings for Gracie were solid from the start, she was not so sure. During the uncertainty of figuring out their relationship almost three years ago, we lost our dad in a tragic accident and while we all thought the relationship may crumble, it became concrete, and it was then that we knew Evan and Gracie would be more of a “forever” thing rather than a friendship after all! Gracie watched Evan step up in our family, and began to not only take care of her, but everyone else as well. Their love story is unique, and these engagement photos were taken at our “happy place,” and where we feel closest to our dad, in Spring City, Tennessee at Watt's Bar Lake. It was his place to unwind and relax, and It is also where Gracie and Evan's friendship started out, and so it has more than one meaning for us all. What I love most about these photos is that they hold significant meaning for me, because not only do I know these two and the love that they share for one another, but I can see it radiating off of them and I know the deep story that lies within.

Wow – what an incredibly touching story! Thank you so much for sharing your sister and soon-to-be brother in law's engagement session with us, Catherine! You can check out more of her work here on her website and also be sure to follow along on Catherine's journey here on her Instagram page