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When it comes to bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, it can be difficult to buy one item for 4+ people with different personalities and likes. So today we have a guest post from the folks at Swanky Badger! They are sharing some of their incredible gifts ideas with us – even for the little flower girls and junior bridesmaids! Keep reading to get all the scoop on your wedding party gifts!

Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

By the time your big day arrives, you’ll have a lot to thank your bridesmaids and groomsmen for. From organizing pre-wedding parties to helping you through planning stresses, you’ll want to make sure you give them the perfect gift to say thank you. You can’t go wrong with some gift inspiration, so take note of these popular gift ideas.


The Groomsmen


Cigar Box


There are some groomsmen gifts which go out of style, and some which are timeless. Falling into the timeless category are engraved cigar boxes. These are perfect for upscale weddings, and are sure to be appreciated by groomsmen of all ages. Make use of the space in any way you like. Most cigar boxes have the wedding date and the initials of the groomsmen. Remember that less is more when it comes to decoration.


Hip Flask


Sometimes, it’s best not to overthink gifts for groomsmen. The chances are they’ll appreciate a classic gift, like a hip flask. There is a lot of room for imagination with this gift idea. You can choose personalized, engraved options, or choose to buy vintage hip flasks. Some of the groomsmen might like to use these during the wedding celebrations, so you’ll know these gifts will be put to good use.

Whiskey Tumblers


Many grooms like to stick with the drinking theme when it comes to gifts, so whiskey tumblers are a great option. If you like, you can present the tumblers with a personalized whiskey bottle miniature. If you don’t want to damage the tumblers during the wedding, it might be best to give them out after the celebrations have ended. You might want to do a toast before the wedding, and make sure the groomsmen take their tumblers back to their hotel room.


A Bow Tie


For groomsmen gifts to suit all ages, go for a classic bowtie gift. If you choose the right color palette, the groomsmen can wear these on the big day. Avoid any mistakes by following a bow tie guide. This can turn a usual wedding tie into something with more meaning. It is also much more affordable if you’re sticking with a budget. Make these bowties stand out from the rest with small letter embroidery on the label. Use this small space for groomsmen initials and the wedding date.


Personalized Socks


Try something new by getting some personalized socks for the groomsmen. This is a cheap and quirky alternative to the usual expensive gifts. If you’re working with a low budget or lots of groomsmen, this could be a great choice. You can also use them to accompany other, small gifts. The groomsmen can also wear these on the big day. The best part is they won’t be seen under the classic groomsmen attire, but they are sure to add a touch of fun.


The Bridesmaids


Makeup Pouch


Much of your wedding day will be spent in the dressing room, where you and the brides will be having your makeup applied. There is no better place to present your bridesmaids with personalized makeup pouches. Not only can they use this to top their makeup throughout the day, but as their makeup pouch in the future. Make these pouches extra special by having the bridesmaid’s names and wedding date across the front. Stick to your wedding palette to keep the gifts classy and timeless.

Embroidered Slippers


Many brides like to combine comfort and style with their bridesmaids gifts. This is why embroidered slippers are always a popular option. Go for personalized and pastel, or select some vintage, boho slippers to suit a more rustic wedding. This is a unique gift idea, whatever you choose. These also double up as the perfect alternative to high heels. When the bridesmaid’s feet get tired, they can slip these on and dance the night away in comfort.


A Bracelet


Sometimes, it’s best not to overthink the bridesmaid’s gifts. Simple is always better, so go for a classic bracelet with the wedding date and your bridesmaid’s initials engraved on the metal. Match them to the bridesmaid dresses, and give these out before you walk down the aisle. If you’re working with a smaller budget, save some time before the wedding to make your own. This ensures a personal stamp that every bridesmaid will appreciate.



Before everyone changes into their bridesmaid dresses, you’ll all be spending time in bathrobes getting ready. Make sure everyone feels comfortable with their own bathrobe, which you can embroider their names and wedding date on. This is an excellent option for the cash-savvy bride, as you can turn a regular part of the big day into something extra special. They may also make for some classy wedding photos of the pre-wedding celebrations.


Cuddly toy


For the younger bridesmaids and flower girls, there is one great gift option that is sure to make them smile: a cuddly toy. This is very easy to get wrong, so make sure you choose a high-quality toy that won’t get thrown in with the rest of them. Accompany it with some tasty sweets in a small gift bag. If you like, you can also have the wedding date embroidered on the front, so they will remember their part in the special day when they grow up.

These are all great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! You can check out more bridesmaids + groomsmen gifts from Swanky Badger here!



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