Fall Wedding Dessert Trends from Baked in Nashville

Fall brings out some of the best desserts! Warm spices, apple, cinnamon… and of course the most “basic” pumpkin! When it comes to innovation and creativity with desserts, Baked in Nashville's Tiffany Riches is the queen! Her macaron creations are top-notch in Nashville and her cakes are out of this world! Each and every flavor is custom made by Tiffany – the hard work and dedication she's put into making everything from scratch is unmatched. From macaron towers to naked cakes, Tiffany gave us the low down on what's trending for Fall wedding desserts in Nashville. Take a look at what she's created!

What are some dessert trends you're seeing at weddings this fall?

Tiffany: A huge dessert trend this fall is definitely French macarons. Whether it's a macaron tree, individual favors at each place setting, or as part of a dessert bar, they are everywhere! We love to customize flavors and colors to match wedding decor! Also, NAKED CAKES! “Naked cakes” are the cakes you see that either have no buttercream around the outside, or very little buttercream, where you still see some of the cake poking through (hence the name “naked”). They are often decorated with fresh flowers and even candied cranberries or gilded raspberries to give a pop of color.

What are some fall flavors Baked in Nashville is offering to brides?

Tiffany: I am super excited about our fall macaron flavors this year!

-Pumpkin Spice: white chocolate ganache mixed with real pumpkin and spices.

-Blackberry: blackberries, lemon, and sugar = jam, as simple as that.

-S'more: fresh, homemade marshmallow fluff swirled with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with homemade graham cracker crumbs.

-Apple Pie: Granny Smith apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg…just like Grandma use to make it!

-Mocha: crushed coffee beans steeped in cream and mixed with dark chocolate to create a creamy coffee ganache.

-Butterscotch: homemade butterscotch sauce in the center of butterscotch buttercream.

What is your most popular fall flavor?

Tiffany: Chocolate cake with caramel buttercream is a very popular fall cake flavor. We make our caramel sauce in house and mix it with our Italian buttercream and then layer it and the caramel sauce between layers of delicious chocolate cake. Our most popular French macaron flavor would probably have to be either the pumpkin spice (because, pumpkin!) or the s'more. I can't forget about our chocolate bourbon pecan pie! This has so much goodness in it, it's hard to decide whether you should do large ones or individual so each guest has their own!

How are brides getting creative with their wedding desserts?

Tiffany: Many brides have started doing dessert “bars” for their guests. This can include anything from mini pies, macarons, cupcakes, individual banana puddings, to being as simple as chocolate chip cookies! Also, as mentioned, French macaron trees are popping up more and more often. This includes a tiered stand with an assortment of flavors and colors cascading down.

Do you have any fun dessert ideas for bridal shower or wedding favors?

Tiffany: I love decorating custom sugar cookies! This can be for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or wedding favors. Wedding dresses, tuxedos, and custom monogramed cookies are big at bridal showers and the weddings themselves! Bachelorette parties tend to get a little more fun with lingerie cookies and blinged out diamond rings. Another beautiful accent to a wedding can be individual cakes or desserts that are displayed at each place setting, or even as part of the table centerpiece.

Yum! Not sure about you, but I've got a hankerig for some macarons right about now! 

Check out more of Baked in Nashville's work on their website and Instagram page.

And you can also see Tiffany's 3 layer rose gold and marble cake she created for our Today in Nashville appearance here!