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When you’re on your wedding dress hunt, it’s always a goal to find the best deal possible on your wedding dress! And this time of year is great for that – especially at local Nashville, TN wedding dress boutique Geny’s Bridal! They have an incredible sample sale happening NOW through March 17th. But how do you know a sample dress is right for you? Keep reading and you’ll find our interview with Geny’s owner Joan Presley on how to find the best sample sale dress for you! 

Geny’s Bridal Sample Sale

Now through March 17th!

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Joan: Normally, when you find a gown you want to buy, the consultant will measure you and determine the size that gets your largest body part in the gown.  Then you get a brand new gown that will always need some kind of alterations.  Buying a sample gown means you are buying a gown off the rack that has been tried on by other people.  You’ll want to make sure that there are no tears or stains that can’t be repaired, zipper works, etc.  Missing buttons can be easily replaced.

Joan: A sample gown should be no more than two sizes larger than the size you need.  Anything over that, and the alterations become remaking the gown instead of altering it.  Also, it is best not to have to let a gown out.  If you are considering a gown that is a little snug, it is best to have a professional seamstress look at it before you purchase it.

Joan: Keep in mind that the more ornate the gown, the more expensive the alterations will be.  Lace generally has to be removed and replaced.  Beading and sequins have to be taken off and moved and sewn back on.  If it has sleeves or a neck line that you want altered, that is usually considered re-designing a gown and is more expensive than just alterations to make it fit properly.

Joan: You don’t want a sample that is extremely worn or dirty.  Cleaning can takes the “life” out of the fabric and change the way it hangs.  Spot cleaning is usually okay.

Joan: Most salons will run a sample sale to make room for their new stock that will be arriving, usually July/August or January/February.  Most stores always have a number of discontinued (meaning they can’t be reordered anymore) samples available.

Joan: We have about 60 gowns available right now.  Sizes range from 10-14 in most cases.  All our samples are in excellent condition.

Joan: Buying a sample of a higher quality, usually meaning more expensive gown is a great way to get more for your money. Just be smart about it because alterations can eat in to your savings.  If your gown budget is say $3,000 and you can buy a $3,500 gown for $1,500 and spend about $750 on alterations, then you will have saved money and got a great gown.  But, if you spend $1,500 on that same gown and it cost you $2,000 in alterations, obviously, you didn’t save anything.  If the salon has a seamstress that they work with on a regular basis, they will usually agree to meet with you to discuss what is needed to alter the gown and how much that would run.  Our seamstress does that all the time for our brides that are seriously considering a gown.

Wow – this is so helpful! Thank you to Joan and the Geny’s Bridal team for sharing all of their insight with us on sample sale dresses! Remember, the sale is only until March 17th, so call to schedule your appointment now – 615-269-0177. You can also check out their website here and follow the latest news on Instagram!


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