Brooke + Cory's Fall Engagement at Ellington Agricultural Center by Jaye Kogut Photography

This weather is giving all of the fall vibes so we're excited to share a fall engagement session with you! East coast-based photographer Jaye Kogut stopped in Nashville to photograph this fun-loving local couple last fall. Brooke + Cory's denim and plaid wardrobe choices have fall written all over them! And a trip to Ellington Agricultural Center taking in the crisp fall air before winter arrives is definitely a day to remember. Here's the story straight from Brooke on their engagement and wedding details…

Tell us about your proposal!

Brooke: My fiancé moved to Nashville while I was still in Pennsylvania. On Easter, he surprised me and came back for a visit. My dog Beau, who is my best friend, was a part of the proposal too! 🙂 He put the ring around our dog's neck and asked me to check under his neck. To me, it was the best proposal!

How many guests are you expecting and what is your wedding budget?

Brooke: We're expecting 175 guests and have a budget of $16,000.

Who have you hired for your wedding team so far?

Brooke: Just the venue manager. My mom is very creative and doing most of the small details!

What’s your wedding style?

Brooke: Fall/Rustic.

What’s your most fun purchase/hire to date?

Brooke: MY DRESS!

What aspect of being engaged has surprised you the most?

Brooke: Learning to adapt to living together! So far, so good!

What have you most enjoyed about being engaged?

Brooke: We just had a beautiful 3 month baby girl! THAT BY FAR!

Tell us about your engagement session. Where did it take place?

Brooke: Ellington Park.. Perfect place. It was beautiful and just what we wanted! I honestly am new to the area and just googled locations. Ellington stuck out!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Brooke: Awesome! She did a great job and was so friendly! I liked being creative and seeing how many different ways a simple picture can be taken! Jaye is very professional and easy to deal with. She had tons of ideas and really took her time to get AWESOME photos!

Happy Monday and thanks to Brooke, Cory and Jaye for sharing these fun photos with us!

All photos by Jaye Kogut Photography.