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Bridesmaid Dress Trends from Azazie | Nashville

Wedding and bridesmaid dress trends have evolved year after year. When I was married back in 2011, short dresses were in and having the bridesmaids wear different dresses was very outside of the box! Now, seven years later, long dresses are in – and the possibilities are endless! Thank goodness we have Wendy from online bridesmaid dress shop Azazie here to share all of the wedding and bridesmaid dress trends with us for 2018. From color to cut, keep reading below to get the latest!

Beach weddings are always popular. The power of the sea and the beauty of nature represents the powerful and beautiful feelings shared by soul mates. The colors of the season are a bit different this year. While coral and teal are always popular, this year you will see more coral and fuchsia combination.

The beach bride may choose a dress of silver, ivory, beige, black or white. The shore wedding is aiming more toward the evening hours, for a more formal look. The most popular bridesmaid’s dresses are 3-color combinations. These are the colors that are hot:

  • Sea glass blue, ivory and green

  • Teal, purple, and green

  • Yellow , tangerine, and peach

If you have a more formal wedding look for teal or turquoise and silver with a lot of lace and sparkle. Accents of crystal and tiny pearls are very popular.


Bridesmaids dresses are all about layers of silky, shiny, or sheer fabric. The tops of the dresses are form fitting and layers begin at the waist and flow down. Depending on the dress, the layers can softly lay the length, or they can be fluffy sheer layers of tulle. 

Stay away from the strapless gown or dress this year for bridesmaids. They are excellent for the bride, but the bridesmaids are wearing straps, one shoulder dresses, or cup sleeves. If you want a more daring look, scoop the back of the dress and keep the front modest and elegant.


The “bridesmaid choice” is big this year. Brides are going with bolder shoes and allowing bridesmaids to go bold with color is trending. You will not see extremely high heels. Bridesmaids are leaning more to a bright color to add some pop to the ensemble, with a heel less than 4″ tall. Sexy, strappy, heels are the shoes of the year.


Today’s brides are wearing trains. It doesn’t matter if it is a sweeper trail or cathedral length or somewhere in between. However, you will see more bridal capes of tulle trimmed in lace. They will trail behind the dress to replace long trains or will fall just below the shoulders or to the waist. The capes are sometimes fastened around the neck and other styles may attach to the hair and then drape the shoulders. 

Black is making an appearance in a bold way. This is done in a slash or color that adds an elegant, goth kind of look. A black bridal cape, elbow length gloves or a sash against white, ivory, or champagne makes the right statement.

You will see sheer lace wedding gowns that show the form, legs, backs and just enough coverage to keep modesty. 


As mentioned you may see the trendy bridal cape fastened to the hair in lieu of the veil. The other option that is hot is the oversized floral halo. The bigger the blooms and the brighter the colors, the better. This works well with the oversized flower bouquets you will see brides carrying while bridesmaids carry smaller bouquets of full blooms. 

Wedding experts agree that these trends will carry through 2018. Dresses and flowers are already in the works for the fall season and winter orders for 2018 are leaning toward the same bold styles and colors. They are dramatic and striking with an understated sexiness. 

What ever style you choose, don’t forget to provide the certain amount of “urgent” sweets for the bride and bridesmaids. A lot of woman overwhelmed of the emotions will need super tiny candies to have by their side as a backup for the big day! 

Thank you so much for sharing all of the new wedding and bridesmaid trends with us, Wendy! You can check out more on online bridesmaid dress shop Azazie here. And be sure to give them a follow over on Instagram!

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