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Taylor’s Picks: 5 Food Bar Ideas For Your Nashville Wedding

Coffee Bar
If you don’t love coffee, you’re not human (just kidding!).  A coffee bar is a genius idea, though.  Not only do you get to try all kinds of coffee from great vendors, like Nashville-based Noteable Blends, but you get a fantastic smell during your reception, too!

Need a pick-me-up?  Grab a cup of joe from the coffee bar, and then dance the jitters away.

Got a crazy drunk uncle or lush sibling? (It’s okay everyone has one.)  Well, there’s a tap for that at the coffee bar.

There are certain services that give you the added perk of a barista to make nearly any coffee drink your guests want.  If you don’t like coffee, or if you want to mix it up a little for everyone’s benefit, you can also try serving coffee and other drinks like tea.  You can even DIY it with some of the Nashville coffee houses, too.  Maybe there’s a coffeehouse that’s significant to you?

Jess’ Nashville wedding

Cupcake bars have become an alternative to the wedding cake option as of late.  The option of a cupcake bar instead of one large cake with a single flavor for everyone to share is the recent trend.  A cupcake bar has the variety you’ve been looking for, and Nashville favorite The Cupcake Collection creates dozens of different flavors every day.  They love making cupcake bars for their brides!

Some brides prefer stacks upon stacks of cupcakes for everyone to enjoy, but if you still want the cake you can have the cupcake bar along with it.  Opting for a smaller cake for you and your groom and being surrounded by endless options of cupcakes may make the wedding experience more enjoyable for you and your guests and less of a hassle.



It seems like a messy idea, but it’s not as bad as you think.  You get the best part of campfires without the hassle.  A couple of bowls filled with ingredients, a stack of long wooden pokey things, and a couple of Bunsen burners is all you need.  (Don’t put the burners too close to the tablecloths though.  That’d be bad.)

I’ve seen these simple tables easily made at events all the time.  They’re a hit!  Some catering places are up for the option, or you can go the DIY way if you prefer.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can even add ingredients instead of just a chocolate bar.  GooGoo Clusters, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – the possibilities are endless!

Photo: The Bang Candy Company

Speaking of candy, that’s another great option.  Candy bars have become increasingly popular among the wedding crowd.  This option has endless combinations you can create, and it’s something that can be tailored to fit your wedding theme.  If you’re up for a DIY project to save yourself some money, you can venture to various stories in Nashville, like The Bang Candy Company or Colts Chocolates, to find the candies you want.

Of course you can DIY it to your heart’s content, or you can leave the heavy lifting to a Nashville planner like Details by Margaret.  Perhaps you and your significant other can tailor the candy types to something from your own history; it’s entirely up to you.  This is an option that is elegant, fun, and can also serve as a wedding favor to your guests.  Don’t forget the scoops, the jars and bags, plus all the candy you can eat!

Kernels Gourmet Popcorn


The popularity of popcorn bars are on the rise.  You get the choice of sweet or salty (or both), and your guests can try something new.  Obviously there are more options than the generic butter flavor, such as white, caramel, or cheddar.  You can also try chocolate-covered, cinnamon, cheese-flavored, drizzle – we can’t even name them all!

Similar to the candy bar, the possibilities are endless and the perfect wedding favor.  There are a few Nashville businesses to help you on your DIY search, like Prohibition Popcorn, Popcorn Village or Kernels Nashville.

Whatever your choice, theme it up!  Try something new or have a little bit of all bar types.  This is your wedding, and it only happens once, so why not try something you may never have a chance to again?



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