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To Have a First Look or Not? From Jet Set Planning

So hey, you’re engaged! The decisions will come piling on, but one important decision in the wedding planning process is “should I have a first look?“. And what is a first look? It’s that special moment where you and your beau see each other all dressed up for your wedding before you walk down the aisle! So should you, or shouldn’t you? Today we have Nashville wedding planner Randi of Jet Set Planning here to explain it all to us – the good and the bad – regarding your wedding first look. It’s completely up to you as a couple, but hopefully her guest post today will make that decision just a little bit easier for you! Take it away, Randi!

First Dance Nashville

You’ve bought the dress, chosen the flowers, tasted the cake, and picked out every last detail of your perfect day. To make your day even more special and to WOW your guests, have a memorable first dance and learn a life-long skill you and your partner can do together.  Dani can choreograph every single step […]

How to Transform Your Wedding Look from Ceremony to Reception with The615Bride – As Seen On Today in Nashville | Nashville

Back in May I had the privilege of showing off some transformative wedding dresses on Today in Nashville! The615Bride – the Build-A-Bride curator here in Nashville is the perfect choice when looking for a dress to transform from ceremony to reception. With the help of The Webb Method for transformative wedding hair and makeup looks, the models were complete and ready to show off their looks on the show. Plus, NBG photographer Eliza Kennard captured behind the scenes look during the show! See it all below…

What To Do First After The Engagement from Jet Set Planning | Nashville

Congrats, girl! You’re engaged! The past few days or weeks or months may have felt like a whirlwind since you said yes, but the good news is that I have Randi of Jet Set Planning here to help! She’s here to give us the scoop on what to do first after getting engaged. As a wedding planner with an MBA in strategic leadership + event planning, Randi knows a thing or two about helping brides just like you! So say no to the overwhelm and hello to Jet Set Planning’s Power Planning! I’ll leave the rest to Randi to tell us below in her guest post! 

The Aero Bar: Book Nashville’s First Mobile Bar for Your Wedding Cocktail Hour + More | Nashville Food & Beverage

2018 wedding trends are all about personalization and wowing your guests with unique details. And if you’re looking for a unique way to present your wedding bar, look no further than The Aero Bar! The Aero Bar is Nashville’s first mobile bar – housed in a swanky renovated vintage camper. You’ll treat your guests with craft cocktails made with the utmost care from fine ingredients. Owner Brian Fuente is here today spilling all the details on his innovative concept for Nashville weddings. Keep reading to learn all about how you can hire The Aero Bar for your Nashville wedding!