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How to Curate the Best Wedding Registry Featuring

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hello hello! Today I will be sharing some tips on how to curate the best wedding registry! As a bride, you may have squirrel syndrom like I did (Up anyone?) - you like towels from local shop Hester & Cook, flatware from Anthropologie, and you'd absolutely love those custom napkin rings from Etsy. When I got married in 2011, online registries where you could curate your own customized list were almost unheard of. But since I had to be different (and that squirrel syndrom really kicked in), I opted for one of these lists and let me tell you, the features and functionality were not so user-friendly at the time. I only wish I had a resource that was easy to use and also offered other features to help me in the planning process. And today, this option is out there! It's called Zola. What is Zola? It's a website that helps you curate your own personalized wedding registry. They have their own selection of hand-picked items you can choose from or you can opt to add anything from the internet to the list as well! But what should you add to your registry? Here's a list of dos and don'ts for your wedding registry:

Do think about quantities: When you start your wedding registry, think about your place settings in particular. How many people would you likely have over for dinner? Will you be hosting lots of holiday parties for your family and extended family? Once you determine the average number of people you would like a place setting for, then this will determine the quantity of china, flatware, and glassware pieces you should register for. 

Do think about storage and necessity: Do you have cabinets upon cabinets in your kitchen? Lots of pantry storage space? If not, you might want to think twice about registering for that large wine cooler... The best advice is to envision your home with the items you're registering for - especially in your kitchen. Where will you store these items and how often will you use them? This will help you think twice before adding 3 types of vacuums to your list. ;)

Do think outside the box: Let me tell you, Zola has already thought outside the box for you! Want to register for money towards your honeymoon? Check. What about cash to use however you please? Check. Want to give back to a charity with your wedding registry? Zola has that too - check! Getting creative with gifting is all the rage (and it's not going anywhere!)

Don't be afraid to add big ticket items: Have you had your eye on that gorgeous couch from West Elm? What about that new kitchen table from Restoration Hardware? Add it to the list! Your friends and family may be looking to pool their money and go in on a big gift for the two of you, so giving them some options to do so is great! And even if the items are left over on your checklist after the fact, you get a 10% discount once you complete your Zola registry (score!)

Don't fall for current trends: Okay, remember when juicers were having a moment a few years back? Everyone had to have one! The only thing is that it was big and bulky and time consuming... where is your juicer now? On Craigslist or sitting in the very back of your cabinet, right? And think about it - have you always been into juices or were you falling for the trend? Think about registering for items you will love for years to come. I still have my classic ivory dishware and stainless steel basic flatware from Pottery Barn 6 years later - and I still love it! 

Don't register for multiples of the same item: Are you completely torn between two colors of KitchenAid mixers and cannot decide which one you like best, so you add both to your list? Well, here's my advice to you - only add one. You don't want to receive both mixers and have to return one of them after your wedding... choosing your items carefully will help you avoid multiple trips to the store or the post office to make returns. 

Now that you have some tips for choosing your registry items - go ahead and start your regsitry on Zola! Yes, it will all be in one place - it's super convenient! Plus, if you've been procrastinating on creating your wedding website and are looking for other tools that will help you manage your wedding tasks, Zola is the place to be! Happy planning!

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TWESA: Connecting Nashville Area Brides to Licensed + Insured Wedding Professionals

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

When you're planning your Nashville wedding, where do we turn to find wedding vendors (besides Nashville Bride Guide)? Most likely it's off of a recommendation or we Google. But how do you know if a wedding professional is actually reliable, licensed, insured and experienced? You could read through all of these Googled vendors' bios to see how long they've been in business, email them to ask if they are licensed and insured and also look on Wedding Wire to see if they've received good reviews on past weddings. This is a LOT of work that will take a LOT of time. But we have good news - there's TWESA

What is TWESA? TWESA is the Tennessee Wedding and Event Specialists Association - a group of Nashville area wedding professionals that meet once a month to network and build their businesses. TWESA also provides a list of all of these wedding professionals on their website for brides. The best news is that in order for a vendor to be involved in TWESA, they need to be a legit licensed and insured business. And another requirement to be a TWESA member is you have to be in business for 2 years. A recommendation letter from another TWESA member and a review from a customer is needed to be a member. So after all of these requirements, you know that TWESA members are some of the best in the business! 

In the TWESA vendor listings, each and every vendor is broken down by category. Looking for a florist? Check out the florist tab! How about a caterer? TWESA can direct you here, too! It's one of the only lists of its kind and it's such a huge asset for planning your wedding in Nashville! 

Do you have any questions about TWESA? Are you a vendor who would like to join TWESA and add your business to the directory? Feel free to reach out to me (I'm on the TWESA board as the Vice President!) or email your questions to We'll be sure to help you as much as possible! 

Check out more on TWESA here on their website and also follow them on Instagram to get the latest scoop!

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Nashville Lifestyles Weddings Issue Features Real Nashville Weddings + More

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We had such an amazing time meeting all of you last night at the #NBGLaunch! Thank you for coming out! If you made your way to the registration table, you may have seen a special publication available... Nashville Lifestyles Weddings! With over 30 weddings in the beautifully designed print magazine, you'll find their picks for the top weddings chosen from loads of real wedding submissions. From DIY to lux, the wedding styles come in a wide range and each one is beautiful in its own way! Here's a peek of the cover of NLW!


Remember, you can pick up your copy at many major retailers here in Nashville! Be sure to check out images from our #NBGLaunch party on the Nashville Lifestyles website soon! Thanks so much for partnering with us on this event, Nashville Lifestyles! 

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5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding: A Collab with Distinctively Southern Wedding Magazine

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Each January we SO look forward to reading all of the incredible wedding magazines that make their yearly debut - especially the local kind! And when we heard Your Williamson + Your Sumner were coming out with gorgeous Nashville-area wedding-inspired magazines, we jumped for joy! With venues Graystone Quarry and Historic Rock Castle gracing the covers, each element of the local magazines showcased the best Williamson and Sumner counties have to offer couples. 

Plus, we've partnered with Distinctively Southern Wedding magazine on an article - 5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding! We're so honored to have our article published in print and also give brides and photographers we've published here on the blog a chance to have their wedding photos in the magazine as well. Please be sure to read our article for great ways to personalize your Nashville area wedding - we have some pretty amazing tips we offered that are exclusive to this magazine! 

Where can you snag a copy? Check out newsstands all around Williamson and Sumner counties - I always see them outside of the post office and Starbucks in downtown Franklin!

If you can't make it out to get a physical copy, you can view the digital version of Your Sumner here and Your Williamson here

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Nashville Event Collective: A Collaborative Group of Wedding Professionals {Part 2}

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Yesterday, we met half of the wonderful team of Nashville Event Collective - a collaborative group of Nashville wedding professionals! Today we'll finish out the round and meet the people behind Whiskey Teacup and Anchor Films. Speaking of Anchor Films, Davis put together a wonderful video of our time at Nashville Event Collective - take a look:

Nashville Event Collective Interview from Anchor Films on Vimeo.

We clinked our glasses and at some yummy treats as we gathered around to chat about our businesses! And now I'd like to introduce you to Anchor Films + Whiskey Teacup!

Meet Anchor Films

Davis:  I grew up making home videos since the age of 10 and falling in love with film making. I was working my first job at a local bakery when a friend of a friend knew my passion for film and let me know that a company he freelances for had a full time opening. I went in for a interview the next day and got the job having no knowledge of how to film a wedding and how to use any of the camera equipment or edited programs at the time. The owner and I became very close and I learned a lot in the craft while also experiencing how to run a business. I worked and trained there for around 5 years. In 2013, I started Anchor Films with a previous employee for the company who lived in Charleston, SC. We started with the idea to offer a more intimate personal wedding film to our clients and have grown a lot over the past few years.

Davis: Nashville Event Collective was exactly what we were looking to be a part of and was introduced to use without even searching it out - getting to know everyone who was involved and seeing what each had to offer as a team. After getting to sit down and have a face to face meeting and then to be offered a spot as part of the team, we couldn't pass it up.


Meet Whiskey Teacup

Kristina: Whiskey Teacup custom make everything from event signage and cake toppers, to table toppers, and place cards, to gifts and unique keepsakes. Whiskey Teacup is a family owned company, and have more than 25 years experience in the sign, construction, interior design, floral and event industry. We saw a gap both here and nationally in terms of custom designed and made products tailored for the wedding industry. 90% percent of our competiotrs are cookie cutter, mass produced products made offshore and we wanted to give planners and brides a choice of better custom made products taht are made here. 

Kristina: Joining NEC was a great opportunity to be with other like minded professionals who are passionate about their offerings. It was also an opportunity for us to showcase our products to planners and brides alike in a relaxed professional atmosphere.

Wow I had such an incredible experience getting to know the professionals behind Nashville Event Collective! You can follow along with their stories on Instagram or make an appointment at their East Nashville location. Thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of this in-depth interview! 

Links to Instagram:

Nashville Event Collective

Anchor Films

Whiskey Teacup

Abigail Volkmann Photography

Fanciful Ink

Laurie D'Anne Events

Photos by Abigail Volkmann Photography

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