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Hire Mike Farris & The Roseland Rhythm Review Play at Your Nashville Wedding

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We all go through the conundrum... should I hire a band or a DJ? Well, I'd like to present you with option number 3 - hiring Grammy award winning artist, Mike Farris to play at your wedding! Mike Farris and his label Compass Records are offering fans and soon-to-be-wed Nashville couples a once in a lifetime chance to have him play at your Nashville area wedding. 

Who is Mike? If you haven't heard of him, you're in for a treat - his soul gospel sound is perfect for a southern wedding in Nashville! Mike has won an American Music Award, a Dove Award and even a Grammy! His critically acclaimed music boasts accolades from legends such as Buddy Miller and Patti Griffin. Mike's music is sure to get your guests singing and clapping on the dance floor! 

This one-time wedding performance opportunity is offered in conjunction with Mike’s album pre-order. So if you're interested, you can reserve the reward through the link here. From there, Mike’s team will contact you to coordinate schedules to make it happen! What's next? Mike Farris and his band The Roseland Rhythm will join you at your wedding to play a 60 minute set! 

The pre-order campaign is open until April 1st, but the wedding can happen anytime after this date schedule permitting. Be sure to place your bid before April 1st - your wedding is sure to get the attention of many in the Nashville music industry along with the wedding industry!

You can find out more about Mike Farris & The Roseland Rhythm Review on their website here and be sure to follow along on Instagram here!

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I Play Cello: The Perfect Ceremony Music for Your Nashville Wedding

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Who doesn't love the cello? I Play Cello offers solo cello and ensembles focused around the cello for weddings in and around Nashville. Whether it's during your ceremony, cocktail hour or dinner - Kaitlyn Raitz, also known as I Play Cello, can play a wide array of musical requests. From classical to bluegrass to jazz, I Play Cello can do it all and will enhance the beauty of any event! 

So don't count on your iPod to get you through your ceremony... Kaitlyn will gladly perform with cello in hand and make your day so much more memorable! And with 8 years experience, Kaitlyn has even played on stage at Carnegie Hall! Needless to say, you can trust her with your wedding ceremony jams. :)

Here's more from the cellist herself, Kaitlyn Raitz:

How long have you been playing cello?

Kaitlyn: I have been playing weddings for the past eight years, but only decided to brand myself as I Play Cello in the last year.

What makes I Play Cello different from other ceremony musicians?

Kaitlyn: I want to help make your wedding the most special day of your life. I Play Cello prides itself on being not only able to accommodate any musical request, but also able to play that request in a style that is authentic.

What type of bride would hire I Play Cello?

Kaitlyn: The bride who is most attracted to I Play Cello is interested in the details. She knows that the details in a wedding, including the live music, are what make her wedding special and unique to her and her tastes.

What are some trends you're seeing in wedding music?

Kaitlyn: The cello has had sort of a pop revolution lately with bands such as 2Cellos and The Piano Guys taking the viral internet by storm. Because of this, brides have realized the simple beauty of a cello playing their favorite songs. It sounds like singing. The cello is, after all, the instrument most closely related to the human voice.

Take a look at this beautiful video I Play Cello put together for ABG!

Songs featured:

Christina Perri "A Thousand Years"
Johann Sebastian Bach "Suite No. 1, Prelude"
Cherokee Shuffle (traditional)

You can even download a free version of this medley Kaitlyn put together for us!

Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

All photos and videos provided by Kaitlyn Raitz.

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The Flying Ham: Rent a Vintage Travel Camper for Your Nashville Wedding

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last week I was out and about at the beautiful Beech Grove Historic Venue and stumbled upon one of the cutest little campers I’ve ever seen! Lo and behold, it was a canned ham-style Shasta and it’s available for rent from The Flying Ham.

The Flying Ham owner Ashley and her husband were able to get their hands on not 1, but 2 limited edition 2015 Shastas. Mint or red, take your pick - they’re perfect for wedding party pics or a photo booth backdrop.

Not only are they great for photos, but try renting a camper for your bridal party to spruce up in before the ceremony. You can even reserve one of the Shastas through Airbnb to take on a bachelorette camping trip. Plus, if you’re getting married in the Nashville area, camper delivery to your wedding is free of charge!

Visit for more information.

All photos from The Flying Ham Instagram Page.

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Favorite from the Enchanted Brides, a Nashville Bridal Show: Spin Wheels Cotton Candy Cart

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Spin Wheels Cotton Candy Cart was one of the most popular booths at Sunday's Enchanted Brides bridal show at the Hutton Hotel.  No surprise right?  Who isn't drawn to cotton candy?  Can you imagine the look on your guests' faces when they see cotton candy at your wedding? They make the perfect wedding favor or dessert addition.

Heather and Bryan of Spin Wheels

We learned about Spin Wheels Cotton Candy Cart last year through our interview with Nashville wedding planner Toni, of Celebrations by Design.  Spin Wheels Cotton Candy Cart offers made-to-order cotton candy cones in 30+ flavors, including: Sassy Apple, Piña Colada, and Maple Bacon.  Some flavors are even gluten free.

At this weekend's bridal show, they debuted the Spin Wheels Ice Cream Cart, a fun new addition to a childhood favorite.  Each package comes with your choice of two flavors of ice cream, two candy toppings (such as Oreo or M&M), two sauce toppings (like caramel or strawberry), and cones & dishes for a sundae or an ice cream cone, with hand-scooped Purity ice cream.

Spin Wheels can be hired for your wedding for as little as $275 for 2 hours and 50 servings.  Contact owners Heather and Bryan at (615) 484-1045.  

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Taylor’s Picks: 5 Food Bar Ideas for Your Nashville Wedding

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

One of the latest trends in the wedding world is the use of nifty bars as favors for your guests.  These creative food options have sprung up over recent years as an interactive element to the wondrous event that is your wedding.  Yes, food still needs to be a prominent thing during the reception.  You can’t have your wedding guests starving when you throw the bouquet, but that doesn’t mean that your can’t give them something a little more to enjoy.

Nashville is home to quite a few businesses that can help any bride or groom create the delectable bar they want.  If DIY is the way you’re leaning, these options work for you as well!

Here are a few ideas that brides have loved in the past - plus, they can be made by a catering company right here in Nashville or by some simple DIY.

Top left photo by Ace Photography; top right photo by Jonathon Campbell Photography; bottom photos by Noteable Blends

Coffee Bar
If you don’t love coffee, you’re not human (just kidding!).  A coffee bar is a genius idea, though.  Not only do you get to try all kinds of coffee from great vendors, like Nashville-based Noteable Blends, but you get a fantastic smell during your reception, too!

Need a pick-me-up?  Grab a cup of joe from the coffee bar, and then dance the jitters away.

Got a crazy drunk uncle or lush sibling? (It’s okay everyone has one.)  Well, there’s a tap for that at the coffee bar.

There are certain services that give you the added perk of a barista to make nearly any coffee drink your guests want.  If you don’t like coffee, or if you want to mix it up a little for everyone’s benefit, you can also try serving coffee and other drinks like tea.  You can even DIY it with some of the Nashville coffee houses, too.  Maybe there’s a coffeehouse that's significant to you?

Jess' Nashville wedding

Cupcake bars have become an alternative to the wedding cake option as of late.  The option of a cupcake bar instead of one large cake with a single flavor for everyone to share is the recent trend.  A cupcake bar has the variety you’ve been looking for, and Nashville favorite The Cupcake Collection creates dozens of different flavors every day.  They love making cupcake bars for their brides!

Some brides prefer stacks upon stacks of cupcakes for everyone to enjoy, but if you still want the cake you can have the cupcake bar along with it.  Opting for a smaller cake for you and your groom and being surrounded by endless options of cupcakes may make the wedding experience more enjoyable for you and your guests and less of a hassle.



It seems like a messy idea, but it’s not as bad as you think.  You get the best part of campfires without the hassle.  A couple of bowls filled with ingredients, a stack of long wooden pokey things, and a couple of Bunsen burners is all you need.  (Don’t put the burners too close to the tablecloths though.  That’d be bad.)

I’ve seen these simple tables easily made at events all the time.  They’re a hit!  Some catering places are up for the option, or you can go the DIY way if you prefer.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can even add ingredients instead of just a chocolate bar.  GooGoo Clusters, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - the possibilities are endless!

Photo: The Bang Candy Company

Speaking of candy, that’s another great option.  Candy bars have become increasingly popular among the wedding crowd.  This option has endless combinations you can create, and it’s something that can be tailored to fit your wedding theme.  If you’re up for a DIY project to save yourself some money, you can venture to various stories in Nashville, like The Bang Candy Company or Colts Chocolates, to find the candies you want.

Of course you can DIY it to your heart’s content, or you can leave the heavy lifting to a Nashville planner like Details by Margaret.  Perhaps you and your significant other can tailor the candy types to something from your own history; it’s entirely up to you.  This is an option that is elegant, fun, and can also serve as a wedding favor to your guests.  Don’t forget the scoops, the jars and bags, plus all the candy you can eat!

Kernels Gourmet Popcorn


The popularity of popcorn bars are on the rise.  You get the choice of sweet or salty (or both), and your guests can try something new.  Obviously there are more options than the generic butter flavor, such as white, caramel, or cheddar.  You can also try chocolate-covered, cinnamon, cheese-flavored, drizzle - we can’t even name them all!

Similar to the candy bar, the possibilities are endless and the perfect wedding favor.  There are a few Nashville businesses to help you on your DIY search, like Prohibition Popcorn, Popcorn Village or Kernels Nashville.

Whatever your choice, theme it up!  Try something new or have a little bit of all bar types.  This is your wedding, and it only happens once, so why not try something you may never have a chance to again?

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