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Derek + Sasha’s East Nashville Foodie Engagement Shoot by SheHeWe Photography

Monday, July 10, 2017

This pet-loving, mural posing, foodie couple is engaged! And SheHeWe Photography captured Derek + Sasha's personalities + relationship perfectly out in East Nashville. From playing around with flour to snuggling under the sun, Derek + Sasha's fun-loving side shows! The cute airbnb they rented for the shoot is so dreamy and the colorful mural portraits they took around the neighborhood are so fun! Check out all the fabulous photos from SheHeWe below... plus you'll find out why eggs are of importance in their relationship in our interview with Sasha below! 




Derek + Sasha

East Nashville Air Bnb

Photos by SheHeWe Photography

How did you get engaged?  Tell us about your proposal!

Sasha: My sister had planned an Easter egg hunt at my parents' house for her two little boys the day before Easter (2016) and asked Derek and I to come along for the fun. As she followed the boys around snapping pictures, Derek pointed to the top of my parent's driveway and said there might be more eggs up here and had me go with him to look. He spilled his heart to me on the walk there, and I was met with "Will you marry me?" spelled out in Easter eggs as he got down on one knee. Of course I said yes! When we went back inside, both of our families were waiting on us for a celebratory dinner.

How many guests are you expecting?

Sasha: Around 325

What’s your approach to your wedding budget?

Sasha: Although I won't say our exact budget, I will say that we had to increase it after finding out just how expensive wedding vendors can be. My sister's wedding was 9 years ago, and my mom has said prices have largely increased since that time. We are using it as a guide but definitely have some flexibility, we are splurging on the things that are important to us, while still trying to be budget conscious and finding ways to save where we can.

Who have you hired for your wedding team so far?

Sasha: We have most of our vendors booked already. Our wedding is in June so its getting to crunch time!

What’s your wedding style?

Sasha: I'd say our style is urban and elegant. Our reception is at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY where both Derek and I grew up. We love the modern appeal of the museum, and are incorporating a crisp lined looked from our flowers to our graphics.

Tell us about your engagement session. Where did it take place?

Sasha: Our engagement session was a lot fun! We rented an airbnb in East Nashville for a kitchen to use, and also took pictures around the five points area. We were afraid it might be a little awkward, but ended up just being a lot of laughing and fun.

What’s the significance of the location(s)?

Sasha: We told Jim & Ilde our vision for the shoot and they brought it to life. We told them about ourselves and that it wouldn't fit our personalities to stand in a field for a photoshoot, and that we would love to do something food related, so they recommended East Nashville to us. The kitchen we were in for that part of the shoot was rented via airbnb. We also really wanted our dog, Warren, to be in some of the pictures and they were happy to do so!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Sasha: They were awesome. Although we had FaceTime'd a few times prior to our shoot, we met in person for the first time the day of our engagement pictures. They were like instant friends, really laid back and fun. We felt comfortable around them and so it was easy to take the pictures and have fun with it.

What did you like most about the session?

Sasha: I loved that Jim & Ilde cared about what we told them we wanted and made it happen. I also liked how fun and easy it was to take pictures with them, they gave us direction when we needed it but also just had us goof around and the pictures turned out amazing.

Thanks so much for sharing these fun photos with us, Derek, Sasha + SheHeWe! You can check out more of SheHeWe's portfolio here on their website and also here on Instagram!




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Harley + Daniel’s Southern Vintage Wedding at Briar Rose Hill by Caitlin Steva

Friday, April 21, 2017

A historical home. Vintage charm. A couple meant to be. Put them all together and you've found Harley + Daniel's wedding at Briar Rose Hill! The vintage elegance in every detail throughout the November day fit in perfectly with the historical charm of the venue. The touches of leafy green garland + pops of purple set the scene for a traditional Southern soireé. The array of pies, hand lettered signs + "found" furniture created a vintage wonderland at every angle. Photographer Caitlin Steva captured the moments beautifully - check out all of the couple's gorgeous photos along with an interview with Harley herself! 



Harley + Daniel

Briar Rose Hill


150 Guests

Wedding Team:

Photographer | Caitlin Steva Photography

Event Venue | Briar Rose Hill

Bakery | Faboo Cakes

Event Planner | Nashville Event Planning

Flowers | Posh Florals by Nashville Event Planning

Caterer | Wildberry Catering

DJ | Choice DJs

Tell us about your engagement!

Harley: We kept it sweet and personal. I was actually out for a girls' night with my best friend. When I got home he surprised me with a dozen roses and tea candles spelling "I love you" in the living room. He asked me, but before I said yes, I made sure he had asked my Daddy first.

What was the vision + theme for your wedding?

Harley: We had a front porch wedding surrounded by family and friends. The theme of "Vintage Southern Belle" is what I've always dreamed of since I was young.

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Harley: Having my girls with me while getting ready helped me keep my stress levels down. One was helping me put my dress on and I accidently bumped her in the head with my knee. Walking out as Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Mayes was the best feeling. Getting to dance with my best friends and making a fool of ourselves was the best fun.

What are some tips you can share with other brides planning their weddings?

Harley: The point is to get married, as long as that happens there's no need to stress.

Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos with us, Caitlin! And also thanks to Harley for sharing the details of your wedding with us! You can check out more of Caitlin's work here on her website and also here on her Instagram page

Also! Make sure you grab your tickets to our calligraphy workshop at Briar Rose Hill before they're gone!



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Desiree + Mario’s Wedding by SheHeWe Photography at Front Porch Farms

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sometimes photos speak louder than words. And when it comes to your wedding photography, capturing those precious moments throughout your day to have for a lifetime is truly priceless! Now may I introduce you to Jim + Ilde Cook of SheHeWe Photography? They captured Desiree + Mario's day so perfectly! From each and every "getting ready" detail shot to the major dance party at the end of their wedding, Desiree + Mario were left with some stunning images and memories. We spoke with Desiree about her unforgettable day marrying the man of her dreams and making her wedding vision come to life! Keep reading to see all of their beautiful photos + hear from Desiree about her wedding experience... 


Desiree + Mario

Front Porch Farms


150 Guests

Wedding Team:

Photographer: SheHeWe Photography

Planner and Venue | Kathy Best of Front Porch Farms

Bridal Glam | Katie Russo Beauty

Bridal Gown | Danielle Caprese from Kleinfeld Bridal

Bridal Party Gowns | Vow To Be Chic

Groom + Groomsmen Suits | Men's Wearhouse 

Florals | Cathy Wilson

Officiant | Red Michel 

Music | Ceremony - Amelia Eisenhauer and Preston James, Reception - DJ Maddog

Catering | Two Fat Men

Cake | Jo's Cakes

Printing | Designs in Paper

Tell us about your engagement!

Desiree: My now husband Mario set up my dream engagement scenario. And it was all a surprise to me! We have date nights regularly, and this particular night he didn't disclose where we were going. So we end up arriving at Homestead Manor in Spring Hill and I didn't suspect anything because I had just been telling him about when me and my mom went there and toured the place and had a fantastic meal. So I assume he wants to see what the fuss is about! We go in the front doors and the hostesses smile and start walking us to our table, but we pass all the dining rooms and continue walking toward the kitchen.. we round the corner and head down the stone steps to the wine cellar/chef's table! Those steps were covered in rose petals and lined with tea lights, and once we got into the cellar there was a table set up beautifully for us with more rose petals and tea lights everywhere, as well as string lights all around the ceiling. The fireplace was burning and there was music playing softly. It was breathtaking. We got through our appetizer before he got the courage to propose ;). He told me he loved me, and wanted to spend the rest of our amazing life together. He then came around the table and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. In between "oh my gods", I said yes with no hesitation! The waiters come running down a minute later to congratulate us, knowing it was safe to come down after they heard my omg reaction ;). I couldn't have planned it better myself.

What was the vision for your wedding?

Desiree: I had dreamt about my wedding for years, since I was a little girl. I couldn't wait to stand side by side with my fiancé and promise to love each other for eternity. I was so excited to share in our love with all our family and friends, to be able to celebrate our rare connection with everyone. I imagined how I would feel making that commitment before God and our guests, and when the day came I felt all the happy feelings I had hoped I would. As far as visually, I had visions of a big flowing ball gown and lots of luxurious touches at my wedding. I wanted an elegant but simple atmosphere, something you could just look at in awe. I saw billowing flowers and sparkling accents. I knew that I wanted it to look like all my Pinterest board pins, and only thanks to my planner Kathy Best did that dream come true! And now I get to look at all the details and relive all those amazing feelings anytime I look at the amazing photographs that Ilde and Jim Cook with SheHeWe captured for us, they're the bees knees.

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Desiree: Walking down the aisle toward my future husband was magical. It's so hard to describe the feeling, all I know is that I was happy. All my dreams were coming true and I was able to be in my perfect dress, in my perfect location and marry my almost perfect (jk love you) husband!

What are some tips you can share with other brides planning their weddings?

Desiree: The #1 thing I tell brides is not to worry about being a bit of a 'bridezilla' at times. This is your wedding, your vision, and only you are going to actually look at the photos and relive the memories FOREVER. Don't be afraid to let people know what you want and don't let anyone turn your wedding into their event. This day is the only day you get for you and your husband and you and your husband ONLY. Take advantage and do it how you want it, and if anyone has a problem with it tell them to have their own wedding! Oh and also, if you don't have an amazing planner (like mine) to help you with everything, just don't procrastinate!!! You don't want to stress at any time about anything. You should only enjoy the process :)

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your wedding?

Desiree: If I could live that day all over again I would! It'll forever be embedded in my mind. I know my guests had a blast, and I have all the photos to prove it. It was beautiful and I'm pinching myself even still to prove that it actually happened and it was everything I dreamt of. But let's be honest, I could've been in a shack and worn a robe and I'd still be just as happy to have been able to marry my best friend. But the glitz and glitter adds a nice touch, doesn't it? ;)

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful wedding with us, SheHeWe! You can check our more of Jim + Ilde's work on their website and also on their Instagram page


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An Elegant Bridal Portrait Session by Jessica Lauren Photography at Riverwood Mansion

Monday, February 20, 2017

Bridal portraits are must-have shots in your wedding photography! Most brides opt to do them before or after their ceremony on the day of their wedding. However, weddings are usually on a timely schedule and you need to make sure you carve out time for every photo you want with your photographer and planner. This is definitely a time where you don't want to feel rushed - especially since emotion can show in each and every photo! Well we have a fun and creative idea that Nashville bride Michelle decided to do with her photographer Jessica Lauren. She took her bridal portraits a few days before her wedding! And what a great way to feel comfortable in your dress and do a trial run for your hair and makeup - to see the look fully complete before the big day!? Priceless! Michelle's gorgeous Rita Vinieris dress graced the historic Riverwood Mansion for timeless photos she will cherish forever. Read below for our interview with Michelle!

Michelle's Bridal Portrait Session

Riverwood Mansion



Photographer | Jessica Lauren Photography

Venue | Riverwood Mansion

Dress | Rita Vinieris

Hair + Makeup | R&Co Bridal Beauty Team

How did you get engaged?  Tell us about your proposal: 

Michelle: We went to take a walk at Marcella Vivrette Smith Park in franklin on may 22 with our dog like we do a lot of weekends. My now husband was walking ahead of me with our dog Lucy and he said why don't you walk her for a little so I did. A few minutes later he said hold on a minute and I turned around and he was down on one knee. It was perfect!!!!

What’s your wedding style?

Michelle: Industrial chic. I loved my venue, aVenue which inspired the style of my wedding.

Tell us about your portrait session. Where did it take place?

Michelle: Riverwood Mansion in east Nashville. It was perfect, I loved getting to get my makeup and hair done and wear my dress on another day besides my wedding day.

What’s the significance of the location?

Michelle: I wanted a place to do indoor and outdoor pictures and this location was perfect! I also loved the old, nostalgic feeling it had.

What was it like working with your photographer?

Michelle: My photographer, Jessica Lauren was absolutely amazing!!! She was so easy to work with, she made everything so stress free and fun. She was super prepared for the day so there was very little downtime. She used the light from the beautiful day to make my pictures even more amazing. I loved working with her every second of my bridal portraits and my wedding day.

Why did you decide to do a portrait session before your wedding?

Michelle: It was really important to me to have as many pictures taken before the wedding as a possible. I just wanted to be able to enjoy my wedding day and not stress about having time to get all the pictures that I wanted.

Would you recommend the photographer and why?

Michelle: The reason that I chose Jessica was because of her attention to detail. She was much more than a photographer that just poses you and takes pictures and that's what I was looking for. I love that she incorporated action into my photos and not just me standing there. She was a dream to work with and her photos are absolutely stunning!!

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful portraits with us, Jessica and Michelle! You can find more of Jessica Lauren's work on her website here or here on her Instagram page! So very lovely!

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Classic Modern Blue Nashville Wedding at The Cordelle by Rae Marshall Photography

Friday, February 3, 2017

Heather + Greg's happenstance love story began in downtown Nashville, so a downtown Nashville wedding was the perfect choice (naturally!). The decor mixed with soft blues, golds and neutrals really set the tone for their classically modern wedding day. And with photographer Rae Marshall's bright and airy photography style, the day was captured beautifully! Not to mention, Greg's 3 year old daughter, Kinley is just too adorable! Take a look at their fairytale day below...

Heather + Greg

Lindsley Church of Christ

The Cordelle


Wedding Team:

Planner | Sweetwater Events

Photographer | Rae Marshall Weddings

Ceremony | Lindsley Church

Venue | The Cordelle

Caterer | Susan's Catering

Cake Designer | Dulce Desserts

Rentals | 12th TableLiberty Party RentalMusic City Tents and Events

Floral Designer | Enchanted Florist Nashville

Makeup Artist | One10 Beauty

Band | Emerald Empire Band

Transportation | Grand Avenue

From the bride, Heather: We had an extremely happenstance meeting when he was in a town with a group of guys for a bachelor party (ah!!), and I decided to go out with my friend Courtney after she begged me to go out that night (that's not really my thing). We struck up a conversation at the bar and exchanged numbers. Never did I think we would maintain contact after a night full of laughs and genuinely good conversation... but we did! We honestly started off as friends and it manifested into trekking across states to see, "hey, is this really going to work?"... And here we are. :)

From the photographer, Rae Marshall: The style the Heather had in mind for her wedding day was very natural, ethereal, and real. Heather loved the natural light and simplicity in Lindsley Church for her ceremony and the chic modern style of The Cordelle for most of their images! 

Heather chose a sophisticated blue color in her bridesmaids dresses and mother of the brides. The tulle in the bridesmaids dresses was stunning and really added to the classy feel. Her reception decor also had blue pops in the napkins and calligraphy which went perfectly with the light stone walls of The Cordelle. Finally she topped it off with a softer color with pink pops in the florals and ribbons!

Special moments of the day included Greg's daughter Kinley (who was only 3 years old) decided she wasn't in the mood to have many photos taken of her, which is always a bummer when kids won't cooperate when you need them to! However there was a quick moment where she just couldn't resist gazing in amazement at Heather's incredible wedding dress. It was one of everyone's favorite photographs of the day!

Thanks so much to Rae for sending us these beautiful wedding photos and for telling Heather + Greg's story! You can find Rae Marshall's website portfolio here or on Instagram here

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