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Luxury Nashville Wedding Finds

Nashville, TN: Why it’s Such a Hot Spot for Weddings by Fête Nashville

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Photo by Jamie Clayton

It's no secret Nashville is growing and growing! Our city has been on numerous lists as one of the top destination cities in the country and in the world, so tourism is skyrocketing! Which also means that Nashville weddings are on the rise. The amount of destination weddings that happen in our city is tremendous - most wedding professionals would say about 50% of their weddings are from destination couples, but today we've interviewed Sara Fried of Fête Nashville, one of the leading luxury wedding planners in Nashville, TN, and she says about 80% of her weddings are from out of town couples! So why is everyone flocking to Nashville to say "I do"? Sara gives us her take on the matter below!

Photo by Abigail Bobo



What makes Nashville such a hot city right now?

Sara: Nashville is the hottest city right now for bachelorette & bachelor parties and most importantly, destination weddings! Our downtown has all the attractions of a larger city, yet it is not intimidating. Although Nashville's downtown is known for the amazing music and eye-catching neon lights of the honky tonk bars, the amount of nationally-acclamied restaurants, boutique hotels and cool rooftop bars are growing everyday; and it's all easily walk-able, which makes us different from other cities our size. There's the added bonus of Nashville's urban v country side... whether you are looking to get married in a downtown location with a modern or industrial vibe or an historic plantation or a country barn with killer views of Tennessee rolling hills, Nashville has plenty of venues to choose from. And there's no lack of churches, either. ;)

What attracts couples to host a Nashville wedding?

Sara: Nashville is an attractive city for couples to host their wedding because it is typically less expensive than where our couples live (Chicago, LA, Dallas, NYC) but! please don't be naive to think Nashville is going to be cheap. There are pros and cons of being a hot city ~ and the cons include increased prices and increased competition for hotel room blocks, as Nashville hosts large conventions almost every weekend.

How many destination weddings vs. local weddings have you seen in the past year? Has it increased or decreased in recent years?

Sara: Our destination weddings have increased dramatically in recent years! Almost 80% of our weddings are destination v local. Many of our couples live in other cities, but Nashville is a great place to meet half-way for their families. We also have many couples who met at Vanderbilt and want to come back for their weddings. And, incredibly, we have had a few couples who got engaged in Nashville, so they want to come back and share the city with their friends and family. And, of course, we have a lot of traditional families, where the bride grew up in Nashville and her parents are hosting the wedding in their hometown.

Photo by Erin Lee Allender

What types of design styles are you seeing in Nashville weddings as of late?

Sara: In terms of design styles, our couples who are hosting weddings in Nashville, all want to offer Southern hospitality to their friends and family. They want the weekend to be convenient, fun, unique, memorable, include Southern-inspired cuisine and some downtime for guests to explore the city on their own.

How can couples introduce out of town guests to Nashville?

Sara: We have so much fun getting creative with hospitality bags. In addition to listing our favorite websites, restaurants, shoppings areas and local attractions on our couple's wedding website, we also include that information as well in the hospitality bags, complete with fun local gifts like biscuits and jams from Loveless Café, Moon Pies, mini Jack Daniels & Cokes, Nashville Toffee and lots more!

Do you think this trend will die down or do you think there will be a constant growth in Nashville weddings?

Sara: There is no question Nashville is experiencing consistent growth in regards to being a destination for weddings. The amount of hotels currently being built is quite impressive and the closest neighborhoods to downtown are expending exponentially as well... there are so many surrounding neighborhoods with great shopping, restaurants and plenty of museums and unique attractions for country music fans, and really, who isn't?

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Sara: Looking forward to seeing y'all! We'll save you a sweet tea and a seat on the patio!

Photo by Kristin Vanzant

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us, Sara! You can check out more of Fête Nashville's beautiful weddings here on their website and also here on Instagram!



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James + Bianca’s Glamorous Blush Wedding at Hutton Hotel by Paige Brown Designs

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This wedding makes my glam heart go pitter patter! And when a bride gives her planner and designer full reign of design, you're sure to have one fabulous wedding. Especially when that planner and designer is Paige of Paige Brown Designs! The whole ballroom at The Hutton Hotel was dripping in diamonds - from the countless chandeliers to the intricate draping and details everywhere you turn, it was such a beautiful sight to see! I interviewed Paige to tell us all about the day and how she came up with this jaw-dropping design. Check it all out below! 



James + Bianca Stone

The Hutton Hotel


130 Guests


Wedding Team:

Planning, Florals, Design | Paige Brown Designs

Photographer | Stephanie Sorenson

Venue | The Hutton Hotel

Decor | Visual ElementsSouthern Design WorksNashville Audio Visual

Rentals | Liberty Party Rental

Dress | Glitz Bridal

Shoes | Jimmy Choo

Tell us about the couple's vision.

Paige: Bianca's wedding vision was light and airy with tons of crystal details and soft blush and muted colors. She was very laid back during the entire design process and trusted us completely to execute her wedding vision. As a matter of fact, Bianca was a little too laid back! She honestly just showed up on her wedding day, having very little knowledge of what all her design details would consist of. Needless to say, Bianca was blown away on her wedding day and it was truly a pleasure to bring her wedding wishes to life!

What details were used to create their theme?

Paige: Blush, nude, and golden colors, crystals, and acrylic/lucite details. Lush florals and Cherry Blossom branches.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of their wedding day?

Paige: I love couples like James and Bianca whose love is blatantly evident! The entire process gave me chills. They were very focused on the wedding, but even more focused on marriage after their wedding day.

Did they have any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work together to overcome?

Paige: Bianca's rings were VERY important to her. The ceremony and reception took place at separate locations. Once Bianca made it to the church, she realized her Maid of Honor left the wedding rings back at the hotel. There was a horrible wreck on the interstate, but Bianca insisted that guests wait until their rings arrived. One hour later, we started the ceremony! :)

Thank you so much for sharing this wedding with us, Paige! It's STUNNING! You can check out more of Paige Brown Designs' portfolio here on her website and also be sure to follow her on Instagram!



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Questions to Ask Your Venue Manager from The Barn at Sycamore Farms {Pt. 2}

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I caught up with Marissa at The Barn at Sycamore Farms to give us all the scoop on questions you need to ask your venue manager. And if you've been following along, you've seen part 1 of her advice here that includes a list of questions to ask your venue manager. And today we have even more helpful insight into roles and responsibilities your venue manager has. It's different in most cases, but today Marissa will outline how it works at The Barn at Sycamore Farms and what to expect from all of your vendors on your big day! Check it all out below...

Photo by Jenna Henderson

There are surely things that come up during the wedding planning process that brides did not think of at the beginning. What are some of these situations that can ease the process if talked about at the beginning?

Marissa: Hire a Wedding Coordinator! The best way to ensure your event will go off without a hitch is to hire someone designated to do so.

-Start now! The sooner you plan, they less stress you have. Keep a notebook and think of questions, concerns, ideas as they come. Designate a time for these items to be addressed, or set a meeting with your coordinator etc. It can be overwhelming to have "wedding brain" all the time, but designating weekly tasks will help you stay on the ball. Make a list of priorities and knock them down week by week. Don't try to plan your wedding in a day, MANY things most likely will change from that point to the wedding day so don't worry about small things until the basics are confirmed like the location, dress, vendors, timeline. Once those are in the works.. décor, color scheme, guest count, table numbers, seating chart, signage, etc. will follow.

-Make sure you completely understand the role and responsibilities of the venue, and venue staff. Never assume! (Same goes with all vendors, understanding each party's roll leading up to and on the day of the event will illuminate countless stresses).

-Timeline is very important in planning your day, that is most important when planning. Remember closer to the event, all information has been communicated to multiple parties/vendors. For instance, if the timeline has changed, it is imperative ALL vendors are aware. Remember, catering is the most important for timeline details to ensure your guests are not being served unprepared or cold food.

-Vendor communication: Make sure your venue is aware of who all will be attending the event, and any special processes or responsibilities each vendor may have while onsite.

How will a bride know the tasks that their venue manager can plan vs. their wedding planner? What is this dynamic like at Sycamore Farms?

Marissa: We always highly suggest a wedding coordinator, as we do not assist with any type of detail or coordination of the event. Sycamore Farms will always have a venue representative onsite all day to ensure the venue is clean and to answer any client, vendor or guest questions or concerns. Our staff members have all been in the wedding business and can answer any questions a client may have, but a coordinator should be hired to facilitate the event start to finish, including set up and clean up.

Can you provide a brief outline of what point in the planning process brides need to make certain decisions with their venue manager? How far out do you need a guest count, vendor bookings, etc.?

Marissa: Many venues are all-inclusive or require this information upon booking, however, guest count and vendors do not affect our venue, Sycamore Farms, directly until very close to the event. These details will be confirmed with your caterer and coordinator before they will be with us, so we would received that information from that vendor and plan accordingly. We will need a confirmed guest count to ensure the amount of chairs for ceremony and reception upon arrival. I would suggest making sure we have all vendor information at least 2 months in advance to ensure to have time to eliminate and issues that may arise. Guest count will be confirmed 1 month out, this may change until that last minute but always plan for more than expected to ensure seats for up RSVP'd guests.

Can you explain what all-inclusive vs. a la carte means for wedding venues? Which option does Sycamore Farms provide?

Marissa: We are easy! We are simply a 12 hour venue rental. We have a preferred vendor list of amazing vendors to choose from, but we do not offer any additional services onsite. All-inclusive would be a venue with one price inclusive of all or some of the vendor cost. We feel it is easier to plan a wedding and budget in an a la carte way by choosing your own vendors.

Thank you so much for sharing such great insight with us, Marissa! Remember, you can check out more on The Barn at Sycamore Farms here on their website and follow them on Instagram for the latest + greatest!

All photos except the second one are by Meredith Teasley

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Laurie D’Anne Events: Nashville’s Full-Service Luxury Wedding Planning Company

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Photos by Nyk and Cali

If it's your first time becoming familiar with the Nashville wedding industry, finding vendors, decor and more can turn into one big learning experience... and it might almost feel like you're taking a shot in the dark with who you can trust with your big day. And this is one of the main reasons you want to hire a professional wedding planner. Laurie D'Anne Events and her team have 10+ years of experience planning and designing weddings... but most of all working with couples like yourselves! With Laurie's close relationships to Nashville area wedding professionals, your stress level is likely to cool down - she can help take as much planning off of your plate as you need! Her customized packages can give you as much or as little attention to your wedding as you'd like. But based on these photos of her work, we're sure you'll want Laurie and her team to help design the most stunning wedding of your dreams that uniquely fits the two of you as a couple. I'll give the mic to Laurie so she can give you all the scoop on her business!

Photo by Nyk and Cali

Tell us about Laurie D'Anne Events + how long you've been in business!

Laurie: Laurie D'Anne Events is a full service, luxury design and event planning company. Laurie D'Anne Events was established in 2013. Over the past 10 years, I have been designing, planning and producing luxury weddings and celebrity events in the Nashville area and around the US. At Laurie D'Anne Events, we love to take our clients from concept to completion. We start by working with the client to capture the vision for the event. From there, we begin to build the event by producing custom design boards and CAD drawings, and by working with the caterers to build a custom menu. All of this establishes the foundation for the event. Once we have the foundation, we take the overall vision and continue the design to create a reality. We are always on site from the moment the first partner arrives until the last one leaves. It is not only our goal to produce creative, timeless events, but to value our partners. Without them, we would not be able to do what we love to do most, which is bringing a vision to life while creating a luxury experience all along the way! Our strong relationships in our partners in the industry is what makes anything possible. We produce all types of events including corporate, music industry, weddings and large scale social events. We would love to help you plan your next event!

How did you get started in weddings?

Laurie: Weddings feel like a natural thing for me. When I started in the industry back in 2007, I was the person on the team that truly enjoyed building relationships with the couples. Although we did all types of events, I was given and then requested by clients to plan the weddings.

What's the philosophy behind your company?

Laurie: At Laurie D'Anne Events, we believe that our clients are valuable. Each person is unique with unique styles and beliefs to what is most important to them. Although weddings are not the only type of events that we produce, we believe that weddings are very special. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. We honor each client and the investment they are making by bringing the very best design and planning experience based on the investment. We believe by creating an experience, we will create a memory and in turn create friends. Our goal is for you to be a guest at your own party!

Photos by Krista Lee Photography

Photo by Parker Young

What are your strengths compared to others wedding planners?

Laurie: We have a unique way of bringing all things into balance, and by doing so, creating a wonderful experience. The way we experience an event is the way that we perceive it with our senses. Our designers focus on bringing into balance the things we see and hear, along with the things we touch and the wonderful food we taste. We focus on hearing you and creating an event that blends with who you are as a person.

What attracts couples to Laurie D'Anne Events?

Laurie: Brides that really want an expert to help them create an amazing wedding experience are the brides that are most attracted to us. We have clients that want to be very hands on and clients that are just too busy to hunt for the best vendor that may or may not be about creating her dream. Our brides love that we hear them and can help bring their vision to life. We will create a full design or can collaborate with them on a design. Either way, our brides know that they can trust us to bring the very best whether it is simple or elaborate. We also have many destination brides; they need someone they can trust from afar.

What is the most innovative aspect of wedding planning today?

Laurie: Communication, timeline, contact and payment conveniences! In today's world, everyone's plate is full. It is nice to be able to sign a contract and pay a retainer online all with a touch of a finger. We have software that will not only make those things easy, but will help the bride build a digital checklist. It's also a place to store wedding guest names and addresses so they can create that list months in advance and use it for invitations, guest seating, and more!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about Laurie D'Anne Events?

Laurie: People are important. Our goal is to value our clients the way that we want to be valued. Creating events is a way that we get to use our talents and make people happy, which in turn makes us happy and allows us to fulfill our purpose. If you are planning a wedding now or will be in a few months, we would love to have you over to our office in East Nashville to enjoy a lovely beverage and sweet eats! CALL OR TEXT TODAY 615-830-0549.

Photo by Parker Young

Photo by Nyk and Cali

Photo by Abigail Volkmann

Thank you so much for sharing all about your business with us, Laurie! You can follow Laurie D'Anne Events on Instagram here and also be sure to check out her gorgeous portfolio on her website here!

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Natu + Phillip’s Tanzanian Downtown Wedding Weekend by Music City Events

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wedding weekends are the way to go as of late - especially when you're planning a destination wedding! Everyone is already there the whole weekend, so why not make a non-stop party out of it? And that's exactly what Natu + Phillip did last April right here in Music City. The Atlanta natives spent the weekend celebrating through a traditional Tanzanian followed by a classic American wedding! Mary Anna Davis with Music City Events helped the couple design and plan their day with special details throughout the weekend. From a colorful and bright celebration to a classic black and white soireé, Natu + Phillip gave their guests an incredible experience right here in Nashville. Check out all the photos from Gregory Byerline and read about the wedding from planner, Mary Anna's perspective! 


Natu + Phillip

Marathon Village | aVenue

4.29.16 + 4.30.16

Wedding Team:

Wedding Planning + Design | Mary Anna Davis of Music City Events

Venue | aVenue

Photographer | Gregory Byerline

Videographer | With This Ring

Dress | Winnie Couture

Shoes | Sam Edelman

Officiant | Ralph Griggs

Ceremony Music + Emcee | Brad Ford of Snyder Entertainment

Live band | William Davenport

Calligraphy | Mary Ann Prosise

Flowers | Enchanted Florist

Draping | Visual Elements

Lighting | Nashville Event Lighting + Nashville Audio Visual

Rentals | Music City Tents and Events, Over the Top Linens

Catering | Dream Events and Catering

Wedding Cake | Dulce Desserts

Groom's Cake | A Frosted Affair

From the planner, Mary Anna Davis: Natu and Phil met and dated for 10 years before tying the knot in Nashville, TN! As Atlanta natives, they fell in love with the charm of Nashville and decided to host their two day wedding weekend in the heart of downtown. They are both doctors and got engaged in Paris! They are self-proclaimed foodies and have the biggest hearts of gold.

The two day wedding weekend kicked off with a traditional Tanzanian wedding ceremony at Marathon Village. Nashville Audio Visual provided the drapery and lighting and a family friend catered traditional Tanzanian food.  The next day brought rain and an elegant black, white and gold American wedding ceremony at aVenue downtown. Nashville Event Lighting created custom Edison lightbulb chandeliers for the aisle and Dream Events and Catering designed a delicious menu for these foodies!

Thank you so much for sharing Natu + Phillip's wedding weekend with us, Mary Anna! You can find out more about Music City Events on their website here. And be sure to give them a follow over on Instagram here! I absolutely love when couples + planners put so much thought into the big day. If you have a wedding you think would be a fit for Nashville Bride Guide, head over to our submissions page here

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