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Honeymoon and Post Wedding

Don’t JUST Budget for Your Dream Wedding; Save Some Money for Your Dream Home, Too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Today's guest blog is presented by Laurie Capper.  She's a delight, and after serving as our intern and helping Nashville brides plan their dream wedding, she now helps them find their dream home as a realtor with Parkside Realty.

What's the one thing you can't plan a wedding without (well, aside from the bride and groom)? A budget! You have to be consciously aware of exactly how much you're spending and what you're spending it on. You want to make sure that ALL of your decisions make sense logically, aesthetically and financially.

This applies not only to your wedding, but also to your life; especially now that you're joining forces with your new spouse. In addition to evaluating your wedding budget, you'll also both want to discuss what comes AFTER the wedding and how you can be financially prepared for that.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a home soon after you’re married, you’ll want to know exactly how much house you can afford and you will need to get an idea of how much money you should be saving. The first step is to speak with a lender. A lender will go over your financials such as income and debt, and let you know exactly how much home you can afford (e.g. your financial home-purchasing power). A lender will also talk to you about the different types of home loans, discuss loans that might work for you and your future spouse,and  the current mortgage interest rates. They will also educate you about the amount of cash you’ll need for your down payment, closing costs and other expenses such as title insurance (which will help ensure your rightful ownership of the home once the transaction closes), home appraisal and home inspection.

Make sure you also ask the lender if he/she can provide you with an estimate of how much your monthly mortgage payments will be based on the type of loan you have, the current interest rates that are available and the amount of home you want to purchase. Even if you can afford to purchase a $500,000 home, you may not want to if your payments will leave you scrounging for cash each month.

Once you've met with a lender, take some time to sit down with your future spouse and determine exactly how much money you’ll need to set aside each month to cover all the costs associated with the purchase of a home. It may seem tough to save money for a home while you’re also planning and paying for a wedding, but remember - no amount is too small!

You may also want to look into setting up a gift registry that allows friends and family to contribute money toward the purchase of your new home! This is a great alternative to traditional wedding registries and will definitely help you and your future spouse save. Check out Hatch My House (, an online house wedding registry. All you have to do is sign up, create a “house”, and invite your friends and family to visit your house page and purchase a part of your house. Your friends and family will love it because they’ll feel as though they’re not only sharing your wedding day with you, but also getting involved in the next chapter of your life.

After you’ve met with a lender, discovered your financial home-purchasing power and successfully funded your new-home savings, you’ll be ready to start house-hunting!  Contact a real estate professional to help you officially get your search started. Let him or her know what steps you’ve taken and what you’re looking for in a home (such as price range, area, neighborhood, size, number of bedrooms, and baths and anything else that’s important to you and your future spouse). In turn, he or she will give you an idea of what's available based on your needs and desires and will help educate you on the home-buying process.

If you’re in need of a real estate professional - give me a call! I’d love to get to know you, talk about your goals and home purchasing needs, walk you through the process of home buying or consolidation of properties, and help you Open New Doors!

Laurie Capper of Parkside Realty, LLC - (615) 600-4693 or

Photos: All homes listed were taken from the Parkside Realty Facebook page and are actual homes available for sale in the Nashville-area.

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Breanna + Adam Share Their Romantic, Playful Honeymoon at Sandals at Great Exuma in the Bahamas

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Days lying on a beach in the Bahamas?  Yes, please.  For Breanna and Adam, their romantic getaway to the Sandals resort in Great Exuma was a one-of-a-kind experience.  Carlie, of 2 Travel Anywhere, helped this couple plan their dream honeymoon, with fantastic food and the petting of pigs included!  They wanted a relaxing getaway on the beach, and they got it all.  Is the Bahamas a possible destination for your honeymoon?  Read about this couple’s experience to see if this resort is the best fit for you!


Breanna + Adam
Place of Residence: Nashville, TN
Wedding Date: May 16, 2015
Honeymoon Dates: May 18-25, 2015
Honeymoon Location: Sandals at Great Exuma in the Bahamas


Planning your honeymoon

Was the honeymoon a surprise?  Did one of you plan it, or did you plan it together?

We planned it together months prior.

What was your vision for your honeymoon - relaxation, romance, adventure, sight seeing, other?

Definitely relaxation!  We did not leave the beach except for a one-day excursion that included snorkeling, feeding and petting wild pigs, feeding iguanas, and a hike.


Did you always agree on your honeymoon vision?

Absolutely.  We both wanted to be by the beach.

How did you choose/plan your honeymoon location, activities?

We had a phone consult with 2 Travel Anywhere and told her what we were looking for.  It was her suggestions that helped our decision.

How did you learn about 2 Travel Anywhere?

I found her on Facebook.

Did you consider planning your honeymoon without a travel service?  Why did you choose to work with Carlie? 

I tried looking for places to go, and I was so overwhelmed.  Carlie made the planning process so easy!


Your honeymoon

What were some of your activities?

The only other activity we did beyond the one-day excursion was sailing on the Hobie Cat.

What was the best part about your honeymoon?

The food was amazing!!  And honestly the best customer service!


Would you recommend this island, city, location?  Why?

Absolutely!  The resort was so clean, the staff was so polite, the food was amazing, and the beach wasn't too busy, which made for a relaxing trip!


For free help planning your romantic getaway or any special destination travel, contact Carlie of 2 Travel Anywhere at 615-512-7764.  She planned Ashley's (founder of ABG) upcoming beach vacation to Riviera Maya.  We can't wait for her to return next week and share all of the details!

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Samantha & Daniel Relax, Then Jet to Halcyon Bay in Saint Lucia

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

There are so many options when it comes to honeymoon locations that it’s hard to narrow it down.  For this couple, the honeymoon was a dual location experience that left them breathless!  And we're thinking: what a great idea!  After two nights in Goodlettsville, Samantha and Daniel jetted off to Halcyon Bay in Saint Lucia!

Thanks to 2 Travel Anywhere, narrowing down the choices was easy, and there was one less thing to worry about during the wedding planning process.  This couple traded the real world for warm weather, a stunning outdoor feel, and incredible adventure - the exact carefree honeymoon they both wanted.

Read all about the beautiful Saint Lucia below and just try to say you don’t want to be somewhere as gorgeous as it is!

Samantha + Daniel 
Place of Residence: Cookeville, TN
Wedding Date: July 25, 2015
Honeymoon Dates:  July 25th- August 2nd
Honeymoon Location: First two nights at Thistletop Inn in Goodlettsville, TN;
Flew out early Monday morning, July 27th to Halcyon Bay in Saint Lucia


Planning your honeymoon

Was the honeymoon a surprise; did one of you plan it or did you plan it together?

Daniel planned out the first two nights, but for the Saint Lucia trip, we planned it together.  Nothing was a surprise, but that just gave us both two amazing places to look forward to together!

What was your vision for your honeymoon - relaxation, romance, adventure, sightseeing, other?

We definitely wanted our honeymoon to be a nice, relaxing time where we could really concentrate on spending time together.  We hoped to go to a location that wouldn’t be super crowded.  Also, we both love the outdoors, so we wanted a location where the available activities included getting out and seeing more of the natural beauty of the area- with a little bit of adventure thrown in!

Did you always agree on your honeymoon vision?

Yes, we both knew the most important part of the trip would be the time we got to spend together.  Since that was a given, we just saw it as our first great adventure together.


How did you choose/plan your honeymoon location, activities?

After talking with Carlie at 2 Travel Anywhere, she really helped us narrow down our choices.  We told her we would love somewhere that allowed us to have some fun outdoors, that wasn’t too crowded with tourists, and that would be peaceful.  She recommended Hawaii, Costa Rica or Saint Lucia to us – and from there we narrowed down on the pros and cons!

How did you learn about 2 Travel Anywhere?

A friend of mine had used Carlie in the past for trips with her and her husband.  She had had a great experience, and she really recommended her for making the process so effortless.  I must say, she was exactly right.

Did you consider planning your honeymoon without a travel service?  Why did you choose to work with Carlie?

We originally questioned going on a jeep road trip throughout the Southeast.  After planning it out, we knew that these were all places we could travel to any time in our lives.  We knew this time on our honeymoon would be something we would always remember, and we wanted to make it special.  Once we decided to go with a larger trip, choosing to work with Carlie was a no-brainer.  She made the process so much easier, and it was one less thing to worry about during that already busy time of wedding planning.


Your honeymoon details

What were some of your activities?

While on the honeymoon we were able to go on the Soufriere Adventure which included a Catamaran Ride around the island to the town of Soufriere.  Then we went to a volcanic mud bath, followed by a tour of a chocolate plantation with a traditional St. Lucian lunch.  After the chocolate plantation we were able to see a jungle waterfall and lastly we went scuba diving near the Pitons.  We enjoyed this day amidst a drought-ending downpour, but it made it that much more memorable.  We weren’t waiting for it to pass, but rather just learning to sail in the rain.

Our next-to-last day, we decided to go horseback riding around the island as well.  We passed through the coastal jungle areas and onto the coast where we rode the horses bareback in the Caribbean Sea.

Other highlights of our trip included stand up paddle-boarding and kayaking around the resort.  We were even able to use our own scuba gear to see pufferfish, eels, Sea Egg urchins, and other marine life.

What was the best part about your honeymoon?

The best part about our honeymoon was the fun getaway that we got to have with each other.  Leaving behind the “real world” and arriving at a place where there wasn’t any worry or obligation besides just spending time together made the honeymoon nothing short of perfection.  With it being all-inclusive, we knew everything was paid for beforehand and the only money we spent was on the excursions that we chose to do.


Would you recommend this island, city, location?  Why?

I would definitely recommend a Saint Lucian honeymoon to any newlywed I encountered, especially for those that enjoy beautiful scenery.  We were so glad that we chose to go to Saint Lucia because it was a great place to have the opportunity to explore and adventure when we were able to get out and about.  Plus, we both love the warm weather, so that made it that much better.

Would you recommend this resort? Why?

Sandals at Halcyon Bay was a fabulous resort.  For a honeymoon, I believe it to be the perfect setting.  I would especially recommend it to anyone who is searching for a more peaceful and tranquil getaway.  We found the other Saint Lucian resorts to be bigger and more of a party scene.  The way all of the buildings at Halcyon Bay were “no taller than the tallest palm tree” made for a much cozier feel.  Normally we enjoy travel that allows us to experience more of the culture, but staying at Sandals gave us the perfect combination between the luxury of a care-free honeymoon and the opportunities to go out and see more of the island and its culture.

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The Girl Who Plans EVERYTHING Hands Honeymoon Planning to a Pro; Enjoys Jamaica with Hubby Daniel

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spontaneity in Jamaica sounds like a dream.  Luckily for Stephanie and Daniel, their honeymoon was exactly that!  Personal planning was the norm for the couple, but this time their all-inclusive trip to the breathtaking location in Jamaica gave them the experience of a lifetime, with the help of Carlie of 2 Travel Anywhere!  Although Stephanie was more inclined to the hiking lifestyle, Daniel’s relaxation suggestion was exactly what they needed.  Exploring gorgeous islands, eating delicious cuisine, and an ocean adventure?  They got to experience all of that!

Read more about their terrific experience in Jamaica down below!

Stephanie + Daniel
Place of Residence: Nashville, TN
Wedding Date: May 10, 2015
Honeymoon Dates: May 12-18, 2015
Honeymoon Location: Jamaica


Planning your honeymoon

Was the honeymoon a surprise, did one of you plan it, or did you plan it together?

We planned it together with Carlie Finch of 2 Travel Anywhere.

What was your vision for your honeymoon - relaxation, romance, adventure, sight seeing, other?

We were hoping to do NOTHING but be together: take in Jamaica, eat, drink, read, and talk.

Did you always agree on your honeymoon vision?

At first, the thought of doing nothing was crazy to me; my vacations have always consisted of hiking mountains, kayaking for miles, following a bird migration, etc., but Daniel was very convincing. : )  Relaxation was just what we needed.

How did you choose/plan your honeymoon location and activities?

We planned each morning over a coffee and pastry at the on-site café.  We would choose a restaurant minutes before and be very spontaneous about boat trips, kayaking, etc.  More than anything, we just wanted to sit together and enjoy God’s creation.

How did you learn about 2 Travel Anywhere?

I met Carlie at a bridal show at the Omni hotel.  My father got me tickets as a surprise to find inspiration!

Did you consider planning your honeymoon without a travel service?  Why did you choose to work with Carlie?

Yes; I have always planned travel without an agent or any help.  And, boy, am I SO glad we used her.  We just loved talking to her!  She’s the kind of person we want to meet up with for coffee and be friends with.

Your honeymoon

What were some of your activities?

Trying each restaurant at least once, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, exploring the rest of the island down from the resort.

What was the best part about your honeymoon?

The best part was NOT planning: a first for me.  We read, held hands, ate plenty of desserts, drank most of the piña coladas at the resort, and had the best time.



Would you recommend this island, city, location?  

I would definitely recommend going to Jamaica through Carlie.  Having everything taken care of and all-inclusive is the best way to spend your first days together as a married couple. 

Would you recommend this resort?

Yes; it was clean, not crowded AT ALL, and everyone was extremely friendly.


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Sandals LaSource Grenada: A Super Luxe, Super Private Resort for Honeymooning

Thursday, September 10, 2015

One of our favorite aspects of wedding planning is honeymoon planning!  Carlie of 2 Travel Anywhere is Nashville's go-to honeymoon planner.  While she can help you plan a honeymoon of your dreams (or the trip of a lifetime) anywhere in the world, she specializes in Sandals resorts.  

For our resort of the month, we reached out to Carlie to learn more about Sandals LaSource Grenada.  Here's what she had to say:

Tell us a little bit about the island where the resort is located.

The resort is located in Grenada, which is also known as the Island of Spice for its cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg.  Grenada is most sought after for spices, the pristine beaches, and beautiful landscape.  This island offers a rainforest, a 13-acre crater lake, cascading cliffs, and hot springs.  Grenada is a volcanic island gifted with beaches of both black and white sands and surrounded by water as blue as lapis.  Located in the southeastern Caribbean, north of Trinidad and Venezuela, the tri-island state of Grenada is made up of three islands in an archipelago known as the Grenadines, with Grenada being the largest.

What do you love about this resort?

The privacy.  And if you love steak, Butch's Steakhouse is a must.  Also, be sure to consider the Skypool Suite.  If the room below is not in your budget, no worries!  The trendsetting at this resort offers unique, modern accommodations for every room.  No other resort in the Caribbean has suites as intriguing as the ones found here.

The suite above is the Skypool penthouse, which has an infinity pool that appears to be suspended from the sky.


What are your recommendations if a couple is considering this resort?

We suggest an upgrade to the Butler Level.  At check-in, your butler greets you to attend to your every wish.  A cell phone is provided at check in to call your butler for anything your heart desires.  You want your bags unpacked or packed when ready to go home?  Your butler will do that for you.  The Friday night beach party was fabulous and included local foods and dancers.  Do you scuba dive?  Grenada tenders Sculpture Park, the world’s first underwater sculpture gallery that illustrates the island’s colorful culture and folklore.

What type of couple would love this resort?

Couples who want to relax.  There are three unique villages at this resort, and each offers its own distinctive ambiance.  Pink Gin Beachfront Village offers an infinity edge swimming pool located along the pristine shores of one of the island's best beaches.  Cascading waterfalls are offset by dramatic fire at the pool of the South Seas Village.  Sky pools and a meandering river melt effortlessly into the landscape of the Italian Village.


What are some features of the resort that will really appeal to couples?

Luxury unlike anything you can imagine and private pools in the sky.

Private plunge pools, cascading waterfalls, and meandering river pools also feature.  Here, in the heart of Grenada's exclusive Pink Gin Beach, on an exotic island paradise where the intoxicating scents of spice and tropical blooms make a heady elixir for romance, we've taken the best of everything to create a whole new Sandals experience... one that takes you beyond the unexpected.

Butch's Steakhouse Sandals

Beachfront fire pit

Friday night beach party with local performers


You can visit 2 Travel Anywhere for free help planning your honeymoon at StudioWed, or you can call (615) 512-7764 or email Carlie directly at  All photos from the Sandals website.

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