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Cabbage Salad Recipe for Brides on the Go from A Happy Healthy Heart

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hey girl! I am so excited to share this guest post with you today from food blogger Melissa Haithcock with A Happy Healthy Heart! Melissa was kind enough to share her cabbage salad recipe with us since it's the perfect healthy lunch for the on-the-go bride! Hopping from appointment to appointment on your lunch break and after work gets hectic - and finding time to eat healthy in hopes to look your best on your wedding day isn't always the easiest! But this cabbage salad recipe is one that will put these worries to rest. The delicious + fresh ingredients are sure to give your tastebuds a treat! Without further ado, I'll let Melissa share her story + recipe with y'all! 


Melissa from A Happy Healthy Heart: I haven’t always loved vegetables and when I first started experimenting with recipes that included them I had to make myself want to eat them. For me, this meant they had to be pretty! Our eyes are drawn to attractive things so I figured that if the food looked good then it must taste good too! I have now learned that the prettier the food, the better it is for you because the color comes from the nutrients within it. 


On Sundays, my mom would steam cabbage before church so that it would be ready for lunch later that afternoon. I remember waking up to the smell of it and thinking it was awful! The scent would drift into my room just as I was opening my eyes and because I didn’t like the way it smelled, I never ate it. I didn’t eat cabbage until a couple of years ago but now I absolutely love it; especially red cabbage.


I love combining all kinds of fresh vegetables into one bowl to make a complete meal. This dish is just that. The quinoa offers protein, the vegetables are full of nutrients and the peanut butter sauce is a source of good fat. If you like, you can always substitute almond butter in the sauce. It’s just a matter of preference. 


If you have an extra 20 minutes this week, make this nutrient-dense salad and let me know what you think. Wiley (my husband) absolutely loves it and I’m always happy to make it. Enjoy!



¼ head red cabbage, thinly sliced

¼ head green cabbage, thinly sliced

1 head broccoli, chopped

5 mini bell peppers, sliced

½ sweet onion, minced

2 carrots, peeled and shredded

1 ¼ cup quinoa

¼ cup vegetable broth

handful of cilantro 


2 tbsp peanut butter

2 tbsp tamari (or sub liquid aminos)

1 tsp chili flakes

1 tbsp olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


Once all vegetables are chopped, combine all sauce ingredients in a small bowl, mix until well incorporated and set aside. 

Cook quinoa according to package instructions.

In a large saucepan heated to medium heat, cook vegetable broth, onions, broccoli and peppers together. The vegetable broth should simmer and absorb into the vegetables. Allow to cook for 7-8 minutes.

In a large bowl combine quinoa, cabbage, carrots, cooked vegetables, and sauce. Mix well and until sauce has covered all ingredients. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve warm or cold. Store in air tight container for up to a week. 


Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe with us, Melissa! You can check out her healthy food blog A Happy Healthy Heart here online and also be sure to follow her for more healthy recipes on Instagram here


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REN Dermatology: Providing Beauty Services for Nashville Brides

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Looking your best on your wedding day starts with great skin! And if there's a beauty service you've been eyeing for some time, taking the plunge while you're engaged is the best time! To get that natural glow and smoothness, REN Dermatology in Franklin can provide some incredible treatments to help you achieve the skin of your dreams! With a wide array of options from laser hair removal to waxing to fillers, REN can help you customize a treatment regimine fit perfectly to your needs and skin type. And you're in luck because REN Dermatology provided a sample treatment plan for NBG readers to get you ready for your big day! Check out their plan suggestions below and keep reading to learn more about what each service entails...



Getting engaged is exciting!! REN is ready to help you plan your strategy for getting beautiful-looking skin by your wedding day.  We will custom tailor your skin care schedule to your budget and timeline so that you and your bridal party are picture perfect on the big day!


8 Months 

Start Customized At Home Skin Care Regimen with Neocutis, Epionce, Skinmedica, and Revision.

Target Problem Spots with Quanta, IPL, SRF lasers.  Number of treatments required and intervals vary.

Resurfacing of the Face – CO2RE Laser, 1 treatment, downtime 7 - 10 days, healing time varies.

Laser Hair Removal – treatment every 4 – 6 weeks, at least 4 – 6 treatments


6 Months 

Lift and Refresh Face and Neck – Ultherapy, one session, no downtime.

Tone and Shape Body – Round One of UltraShape Power 1 treatment, every 2 weeks, 3 treatments required. 

Clear and Glowing Skin on Face – Start customized rotation of Microneedling, Peels, IPL and Hydrafacial, every 4 – 6 weeks 

Continue: Laser Hair Removal, at home skin care, exercise, drink water, and maintain a healthy diet.


3 Months 

Plump Lips – Fillers

Eyelashes – Latisse

Tone and Shape Body – Round Two of Ultrashape Power, add Velashape 3 treatments, every 2 weeks. 

Clear and Glowing Skin Treaments – Continue rotation of Microneedle, Peels, IPL and Hydrafacial.

Continue: Laser Hair Removal, at home skin care, exercise, drink water, and maintain a healthy diet.


2 Months 

Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Botox 

Tone and Shape Body – Start Round 2 of VelaShape 3 treatments, every 2 weeks. 

Clear and Glowing Skin Treaments – Continue rotation of Microneedle, Peels, IPL and Hydrafacials.

Continue: Laser Hair Removal, At Home Skin Care, Exercise, Drink water, and Maintain a healthy diet.

Week of Wedding: Hydrafacial with Massage, Eyebrow Tint, and Lash Extensions, sleep, and drink plenty of water.


Have a Wonderful Time!!


And what exactly are each of these treatments? Take a look at REN Dermatology's menu of beauty options below:


Ultherapy – Lift and refresh face and neck with this non-invasive face lift. No downtime.  Gradual natural results over 3 – 12 months.

UltraShape Power – Permanently treat belly fat and tighten loose skin. No downtime. Gradual results over 1 – 3 months.

VelaShape – Targets and smoothes cellulite. No downtime. Gradual results over 1 – 3 months.

CO2RE – Retexturizing treatment for face.  Treats acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. 7 – 10 days downtime.  Healing time varies.

Quanta - Treat vascular lesions and telangictasias (tiny capillaries and veins).

IPL – Treats brown spots on face, neck, shoulders, chest. Treats redness.

SRF – Light resurface treatment.  Targets pore size, fine lines/wrinkles, acne scarring.  Downtime 2 days.

Laser Hair Removal – Treatment areas include axillae, lip, bikini, face, legs, arms, back, etc. No downtime.


Spa Treaments

Microneedling – Helps with collagen stimulation, appearance of hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, acne scars, traumatic scars and stretch marks. Downtime 24 hours.

Peels – Refresh and resurface depending on level of intensity.  Downtime ranges from 24 hours – 7 days.

Hydrafacial – Multi-step treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells and replenish vital nutrients. Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles for instant results. No downtime.



Fillers – Add volume to lips and cheeks, create lift, smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox – Smooths fine lines and wrinkles on forehead, 11’s and crow’s feet.


At Home Skin Care and Products 

Latisse – Promotes growth and thickness of eyelashes.

Epionce, Neocutis, Revision, Skinmedica – At home skincare tailored toward your skin care goals. 

Spa Services: Lash Extensions, Eyebrow Tint and Wax.

You can check out more of REN Dermatology's offerings here on their website and also here on their Instagram page! Are you ready for your first treatment? Be sure to tell them NBG sent you! :)


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Meet Katie-Laine Thornton: Beauty + Makeup Artist for Your Nashville Wedding

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Photos by Once Like a Spark + Jenna Hendeson

Having your hair and makeup professionally done for your wedding is a must in my book! It's one of the most important days of your life and you'll be looking at your photos for years to come - you want to look your absolute best (but still like you of course!). And this is where hair and makeup artist Katie-Laine Thornton can help you! She is a Nashville area based makeup artist who can help you in the beauty department. With a specialty in natural beauty and all-natural and organic beauty products, Kaite-Laine will also be sure you look camera ready for each and every photo that is snapped on your big day! As you can see from these beautiful photos, the results are amazing! She even did my makeup for the Nashville Bride Guide Launch Party and I was so incredibly pleased with the results - it was exactly what I was looking for! Read more about Katie-Laine's story and how she can help you with your wedding makekup for your Nashville wedding!

Photo by The Ulmers


Tell us about Katie-Laine Thornton Makeup + how long you've been in business.

Katie-Laine: I have been a makeup artist for the past 14 years, working with multiple brands and in multiple genres. My work has been published in numerous magazines such as People Country, Nashville Lifestyles, Murfreesboro Magazine, and others. I offer high-end makeup and hair services for Nashville and the surrounding area. I also partner with other amazing industry professionals that specialize in hair and makeup plus the things I don't do - like facials, waxing, nails, and massage. I customize the perfect beauty look and team (if needed) for each bride I work with.

How did you get started in weddings?

Katie-Laine: While working for MAC Cosmetics, I was fortunate to work with a lot of brides. I absolutely loved helping a bride find the perfect look for them so they could feel confident and empowered for their day. Weddings are my absolute favorite - I love the energy while everyone is getting ready and spending time together. I've actually lost count of how many weddings I've been lucky enough to be a part of but it's well over 500 brides!

What's the philosophy behind your company?

Katie-Laine: I love helping women feel beautiful, confident and empowered in a way that feels totally authentic for them.

First two photos by And How! Imgaging, Last photo by Wild Cotton

What are your strengths compared to other makeup artists?

Katie-Laine: I am extremely knowledgeable and experienced in both the beauty industry and the wedding industry. I am an expert (and educator) in makeup for photography. I am passionate about clean, gorgeous beauty and healthy skin.

What attracts brides to your business (+ describe that bride!)?

Katie-Laine: My beauty services are for the bride that wants too look natural and glamorous with a luxury feel. Brides love that I have so much experience in the wedding industry and that I also am an expert in makeup for photography.

What is the most innovative new trends in wedding makeup?

Katie-Laine: Not only am I an expert in makeup for photography but I'm also an expert in ingredients and non-toxic beauty. I offer non-toxic, eco-friendly makeup and hair options. I also teach lessons and classes on the topic to help people clean up and transition their daily beauty routines.

Photo by And How! Imgaging

Photo by High Gravity Photography

Photo by Alison Bynum

Katie-Laine, thank you so much for sharing more about your amazing makeup services for Nashville brides! You can check out more of Kaite-Laine Thornton's work on her website here and also on her Instagram page here


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Relaxed, Romantic Portrait Styled Shoot By Aña Monique of Facetime Beauty

Friday, September 16, 2016

This portrait styled shoot is all about relaxed and natural beauty beneath the trees in Bellevue, TN. The ease of the flawless makeup artistry by Aña Monique of Facetime Beauty (now in Nashville!) is highlighted on the beautiful model Allee. The warm fall florals designed by Petals and Fields gives warmth against the flawless white dresses by The Spoiled Lady. And Aña's tousled hair designs and minimalist take on natural makeup are right on trend and we can't get enough! Take a look at the gorgeous photos by Madi Flournoy...

Styled Shoot Location | Bellevue, TN

Photography | Madi Flournoy Photography Instagram : @madiflo

Flowers | Petals and Fields Wedding Florist Instagram: @petalsfields

HMU | Aña Monique - Facetime Beauty / Nashville

Dresses | All dresses by Tara Keeley provided by The Spoiled Lady Instagram: @thespoiledlady

Tuxedos | Provided by Street Tuxedo Instagram: @streettuxedo

Models | Allee-Sutton and Monroe

"We were inspired by more of a relaxed feel with the dresses, hair and makeup. Very much wanting to capture the ease and romanticism that is Nashville." - Aña Monique

I hope your weekend is as relaxed and easy as this styled shoot!

Find more of Aña's work on her website

All photos by Madi Flournoy Photography.

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Meet Nashville Stylist Kara Gaylor and Enter to Win Free Lash Extensions

Friday, July 29, 2016

When it comes to makeup, I tend to only have 1-2 tricks up my sleeve in my day to day routine. And when I say tricks, I mean alternating eyeshadow and lip colors… But with 16 years of experience, Nashville hair and makeup artist Kara Gaylor knows all the tricks of the trade. And if you're like me, Kara's a great person to help you out in this area! Not only is she an exceptional choice to hire for your wedding hair and makeup, but she can even do lash extensions! How amazing would it be to wake up on your wedding day with a lush full set of eyelashes? Plus, she can even teach you how to do your everyday makeup and make the most out of your makeup bag! Check out our interview with Kara below - and make sure you read until the end for a special giveaway!

Photo by Tyler Sharpe

Photos by Leslee Mitchell

Tell us about your company!

Kara: I am an independent stylist in Nashville, TN offering a full range of services to cover all your beauty needs. Everything from custom hair color & haircuts, makeup tutorials, on-location hair & makeup styling for events, weddings and photo shoots, and most recently eyelash extensions. 

How long have you been in business? How did you get started in weddings?

Kara: I started as a freelance makeup artist out of college, and kept getting asked if I did hair as well. A few years later I attended the Aveda Institue in Atlanta, and have been doing both hair and makeup ever since. I've been working in the beauty industry for over 16 years.

When I was first getting started as a freelance makeup artist years ago, weddings were some of my first jobs that came through friend referrals. Over time it snowballed into more and more referrals, clients that are wedding planners referring me to brides, and relationships with other vendors that I've made. It's a huge part of my overall business.

Photo by Jordan Short

What's the philosophy behind your company? What are your strengths?

Kara: I strive to enhance people's natural beauty, and show them how to work with their features and strengths instead of fighting against it to achieve a particular look. I like to think that I see in others what they do not see in themselves and I help bring that out.

Being an independent stylist allows me to have more of a personal connection to each client. I've been told that I listen well and pay close attention to detail. I want everyone in my chair to feel important and special.

What attracts brides to your business?

Kara: My aesthetic of "enhanced natural" really connects with a lot of brides. I'm not about heavy contouring, airbrushing, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but in my opinion, it has a time and a place and is not for everyone. A bride should look and feel like herself, especially on her wedding day. My goal is to bring out her most beautiful self. I think what I hear most often from brides that find me is, "you have a soft, natural aesthetic, and all your work looks like a real person, not an overly made-up face of makeup."

Photo by Leslee Mitchell

What is the most innovative new trend in your industry?

Kara: I'd have to say eyelash extensions for sure! They can really enhance your eyes without mascara, and last longer than a temporary false lash.

Tell us more about Lash Extensions! What all is involved in the process?

Kara: I think my favorite thing about them is the ease it provides. You wake up with your eyes already done without the need for mascara or any other eye makeup.

The process is a very detailed one. A synthetic eyelash is one-by-one adhered to each individual natural lash. There is a range of lengths, thicknesses and curls, so it is completely custom to each person. They last on average about 6 weeks and will shed as your natural lashes shed. A fill is recommended about every 3 weeks to account for the different stages of the lash growth cycle. I think that there is a lot of assumption out there that lash extensions all end up looking way too long and spidery. They don't have to, and that is certainly not my goal. I approach this the same way I do hair and makeup styling -- enhancing their look while keeping the health and integrity of their natural lashes intact.


Thank you so much for sharing your story and philosophy behind your business, Kara! And I have some more great news...

Photos by Leslee Mitchell

Kara is gracious enough to offer an ABG exclusive GIVEAWAY of FREE LASH EXTENSIONS to one lucky ABG reader! (A $200 value!)

Here's how to enter:

1) Follow @karagaylor_stylist and @ashleysbrideguide on Instagram

2) Like the giveaway posts on @karagaylor_stylist and @ashleysbrideguide Instagram pages.

3) Tag a friend in the comments on either Instagram post to complete your entry.

Contest starts now through Monday, August 1st. Winner will be chosen and announced on Tuesday, August 2nd. Good luck!

Bonus for ALL ABG readers, Kara is offering 10% off lash extensions when you book an August appointment now through Wednesday, August 15th! Contact her now at

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