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2017 Wedding Trends from The Black Tux: Online Tuxedo and Suit Rentals

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The world of weddings online is expanding by the day, and this is why I'd love to share The Black Tux with you today! What is The Black Tux? It's a site where you can rent suits, tuxes and more for your wedding. The cool part about it is that they have an at-home try on option for most suits and tuxes, so the fit for your day is sure to be on point! Another great feature is that you can track your bridal party and manage your event to be sure everyone has ordered on time and has the correct size. How cool is that? And what happens after your wedding? You can pack it back up and return it for free - easy peasy! You'll have more room in your closet for your everyday clothes. :) And today, The Black Tux has inspired us to give you the 2017 wedding trends and the tuxes and suits that go with them! See the style boards below and keep reading to find out more about their services...




I know we are having a red, white and blue hangover from the 4th of July, but these colors are so on trend for the entire year! Check out this navy suit and burgundy tie combination. It would pair so well with the navy and blush theme we're seeing everywhere! Check out The Steinbeck Outfit to get more menswear inspiration for your groom + groomsmen!


Are you feelin' the green? We've talked about the greenery trend here on the blog many a time, but how do you pair your suit with this trend? A tan getup is the way to go! Keeping the rest of the colors soft while letting the green stand out is definitely the way to go with this trend. Check out The Black Tux's The Redding Outfit for inspiration.


Neutrals + metallics are perfect for fall and winter! Rule of thumb? Don't be afraid to mix and match silver, gold and copper... neutrals pair well with neutrals! This is totally my safezone, so I can identify with a neutral wedding for sure! And adding in more dimension with metallic shades and even some sparkle can give it that extra pop. Why not dress your man in The Thornhill Outfit or even try the 3-piece Ansel Outfit to spruce things up a bit! 


Dont' get too stressed about wedding colors and matching... just remember, you can always ride out of your wedding on the back of a motorcycle in a leather jacket. (I'm seriously head over heels for this wedding inspiration!). 

You can find out more about The Black Tux and their tux and suit rentals on their website and also be sure to check them out on Instagram!

All photos via The Black Tux




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What to Expect at Your Menswear Consultation from Street Tuxedo

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Photo by Swak Photography

Congrats! You’ve come to that point in the planning process when it’s time to choose your tux or suit looks for your groom and bridal party! But where do you begin in this process? What is the correct way to go about this? Well, I’ve asked the pros at Street Tuxedo to give us a little guidance in this area! As the longest running suit and tux shop in Nashville, they know a thing or two about shopping for your groom + bridal party. So without further ado, I’ll let them share their tips!

Photo by Jen and Chris Creed Photography




How Far Out Should We Make The Appointment? Let’s just say, the good thing is that Street Tuxedo has four convenient locations throughout the Nashville area (and a Tux Truck! - I’m all about easy access!) And as far as your appointment goes, Street Tuxedo recommends scheduling your appointment no later than 2 months before your wedding. This will allow you ample time to prepare for your special day! What if you need to make a last minute change? No worries - their warehouse is centrally located right in Nashville which makes it super easy for them to accommodate!

Who Should You Bring? Once you make your appointment, the pros at Street Tuxedo recommend that it’s best if you (the bride) come along with your groom to the consultation. Usually, as a bride, you have a vision of what you want the bridal party to look like and if the looks will coordinate with the rest of the decor and colors of the day. With this in mind, Street Tuxedo recommends to keep the meeting to just you and your groom this time around. By all means, you are welcome to bring family members or some of your bridal party to the meeting, just keep in mind that too many opinions can be more stressful than helpful to you as a couple. ;)

How Much Time Will It Take? Street Tuxedo offers free groom try-ons, so you can see your wedding day look in person on your groom! All you have to do is come in to decide which style you're going for and have your groom get measured (which can last as little as 15 minutes if you've got your style in mind). Then your groom try-on appointment can be scheduled. At that appointment, your Street Tuxedo Sales Representative will assist your groom in trying everything on, and you can make changes as you see fit. These appointments typically last 45 minutes to an hour. You would never select your wedding dress out of catalogue and order it without trying it on! So why should he?

What Decisions Need To Be Made At The Tux Appointment? The groom’s measurements will be taken in-house to ensure a great fit for his shirt, pants and jacket. And from there, Street Tuxedo really takes care of it all! From coats, pants, shirts, and shoes to accessories like ties, vests, suspenders, cummerbunds, cuff links, and more, they’ve got you covered!  As the Street team likes to say, "everything but his socks and underwear!" (Although they DO provide a fun array of socks you can purchase!)

Photo by Amanda May Photography

And finally, the team at Street Tuxedo wants you to know that there’s no need to stress about your tux appointment. As an engaged couple, you have enough to worry about… and Street is there to take as much stress off your shoulders as they can!


How can I make my appointment? Call one of their 4 locations today and schedule an appointment! Or feel free to email them at



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ShaveFace: The Perfect Groom + Groomsmen Gifts

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finding that perfect groomsmen gift can be a challenge. You want something that each and every guy - no matter how different they are - will love and enjoy (and actually use!). And what does almost every guy on the planet do? Shave! ShaveFace provides a unique product line of men's shaving and grooming products - from razor accessories to beard oil to shaving cream! So whether your groomsmen are clean cut or scruffy, you'll find something for each and every guy to go gaga over. Want to hear more about ShaveFace and how you can get your hands on some of their products? Read below for our interview with James and see for yourself!

Photos by Sam Frawley

Tell us about your Shave Face + how long you've been in business!

James: ShaveFace is a men's grooming company that specializes in natural and organic men's shaving goods, as well as an accessory (The Strop) that keeps your disposable razors sharp for months -- say goodbye to overpaying for razors. We have been in business for just over two years.

How did you get started in weddings?

James: We actually got started in weddings when one of our friends was getting married and asked if we could custom stamp Strops for his groomsmen. We had never done it before but it was a huge success. Now we can include our ShaveCare (Shave & Beard Oil, ShaveCream, Aftershave Balm) in groomsmen packages for a customized gift.

Photo by Sam Frawley

Photo by James O'Brien

What's the philosophy behind Shave Face?

James: Shaving should be simple, healthy, and enjoyable. And it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. We use simple, straightforward ingredients, for the best shave out there.

What are your strengths compared to others men's shaving products?

James: Our products are designed to give you all the benefits of a rigorous skin care routine, without adding extra steps to your daily regimen. The idea is that, as you use our products, they are able to simultaneously give you a great shave as well as treat, hydrate and protect your skin for the day or night ahead. When it comes to The Strop-- we are the only company that makes a denim sharpening Strop (think old school leather strops that barbers would use for their straight razors) for disposable razor cartridges (Gillette, Dollar Shave Club, etc).

Photos by Sam Frawley

What attracts grooms/groomsmen to your business?

James: We have a unique, classy set of products that they have usually never seen anywhere else. Not to mention, they can be customized and they are functional within their day to day lives (as opposed to a cigar cutter or lighter etc).

What is trending lately in your area of focus?

James: Our products make for a fun, new gift that promotes health and wellness. Not to mention, when gifting ShaveFace sets, it gives the groomsmen a set of products to use on the wedding day -- so there's no excuse for the men in the wedding party to look anything other than their best. ; )

Photo by Jason Myers

Photo by James O'Brien

Thanks so much for sharing all about your company with us, James! You can check out all of the ShaveFace products here on their website. Plus, if you're out and about shopping locally, you can check them out at men's custom suit shop, Alton Lane! And be sure to hop over to their Instagram page and give them a follow!

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Goff Club Collection: Bowties for The Groom + Groomsmen

Thursday, January 5, 2017

As I scoured the rows and rows of incredible artisans at Franklin's Made South fair this fall, I came across a fantastic booth with brightly colored bowties! And of course as the owner of a wedding blog, my immediate thought was "how perfect would these be for groomsmen!?". I soon found out that they were Goff Club Collection Bowties handmade in our neighbor state of Kentucky. And with owner Eric Goff's keen eye for design and prints, his bowties are truly the statement pieces you'll want for your wedding ceremony style! Take a look and read about his story below!

Eric on the beginning of Goff Club Collection: I started Goff Club Collection about a year and a half ago to try to provide consumers with some fun and colorful bow ties and pocket squares. Since college I have worn many of my grandfather's sport coats and suits that are loud an unique. Some examples are a couple Lily Pulitzer coats, a pink suede coat, and a baby blue suit. He was larger than life and never met a stranger but unfortunately passed away from complications of Alzheimer's, dementia, and sun downers. I wanted to keep his spirit alive so I began wearing his coats to events all while trying to tie them into the new pieces of clothing. I always received compliments on my pairings and was often asked what I'd be wearing next for which I often replied "what's your favorite color". Fast forward and I decided to begin this company where I could provide some of that style and color to the consumer. I pick out all the fabric and have someone in town hand make the pieces. I wanted to appeal to the guy that is a salesman and wears a navy blue suit everyday. What could he add to his outfit to not only make his meetings memorable but also draw his customer to him? A custom bow tie or pocket square that stands out from the crowd. I also wanted to provide fun bow ties to mothers wanting to dress up their little dapper men. And it's not just guys; I have met some ladies that have found ways to wear our product or even accessorize with them. All in all, my goal is to provide limited edition and unique pieces to my audience. What is the fun of wearing the national brands that you see everywhere? Be bold and and make your own style!

Eric on working with brides and grooms: Shortly after starting the company I knew I wanted to also offer products to engaged couples for their special day. I think it's a great way to personalize your wedding and also makes a great groom's gift for the wedding party. I've seen how much is spent to merely rent an outfit and I wanted to provide something that the groomsmen could take home with them to remember the special day. I think our accessories really personalize a wedding by providing pieces that incorporate the colors of the wedding and can be mixed and matched between neckties and bow ties. We definitely attract a bride that loves color and patterns incorporated into her wedding. But I also understand that sometimes the couple wants something softer and subtle and we can take care of that also. By providing many different options (bow tie, necktie, and pocket square in both adullt and juniors) that can also be done pre-tied or tieable - we really try to cover all the bases.

Eric on what makes Goff Club Collection unique: Our philosophy is to provide a one-of-kind product to the customer at a reasonable price that is handmade and quality made. Finding the perfect fabric is a passion to me and I want to make sure the quality and service is top notch. Also we are reasonably priced and do not charge extra because it is a custom order. I really take an interest and hands on approach to providing the best possible product to my customer to ensure that their needs are met. I want our products to add a touch to an already special day! It is an honor when a couple allows us to contribute to a lifetime memory! The company only consists of myself and my seamstress, so a bride can know that they will get personal attention.

A note from Eric: Custom orders are always appreciated. We can do company functions, family pictures, charity events, etc so please contact us and see what we can do for you.

Thanks for sharing all about your ties and pocket squares, Eric! You can follow Goff Club Collection Bowties on Instagram here or visit their website and shop online here!

All photos provided by Goff Club Collection

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Black Friday Vibes: A Roundup of Our Favorite Men in Black

Friday, November 25, 2016

It's Black Friday! And here's my twist on Black Friday - NBG's best of fall black tuxes and groom suits! Take a look at these dapper wedding parties all dressed in black. I could leave you with me singing the entire Men in Black theme song, but I'll spare you and post some of my favorite wedding party hunks to swoop in and save the day. :)

See more of Mark's wedding party at The Cordelle here.

Photo by Zoe Life Photography




See more of Joel's wedding at Cedarwood here.

Photo by Justin Wright Photography


See more of P.L.'s family heirloom wedding at Houston Station here.

Photo by Amanda May Photography


See more of Reggie's elopement at Loveless Barn's The Harpeth Room here.

Photo by Elle Danielle


And you can always check out our favorite black tuxes from Street Tuxedo! They're the best option for your Nashville wedding!

Enjoy your weekend and celebrate!



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