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Helpful Vendor Interviews!

Modern Vintage Events Presents New Youtube Channel: Planning & Prosecco

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Do you sometimes feel lost in the wedding planning process? You're not the only one - SO many of us have planned our weddings and run into similar situations you're in. And getting legit answers to all your wedding needs from wedding professionals themselves would be ideal, right? Well, let me introduce you to Becca + Jessie of Modern Vintage Events! The dynamic wedding planning duo has been there and done that time and time again with the countless weddings they've planned from beginning to end. And they have started a Youtube channel, Planning & Prosecco (adorable name, right?!) to share all their tips and secrets with you to hopefully ease your planning process! Today we're bringing you their first 4 videos to answer some of the most common and pressing questions they receive from couples. Check them out below!

Above photos by Courtney Davidson

What does a wedding planner do for you? This one is super important! Which is why it's the very first (and the longest) video on Planning & Prosecco. Setting a budget, and figuring out the most important things to you in your wedding are first on the list!


The Great Venue Hunt: This quick video is perfect to watch before you go out searching for a venue. Figure out the best questions to ask your venue manager in this video to really determine the best venue for your wedding! 


Event Management vs. Day of Coordination: Wedding planners come in all shapes and sizes - and that means they range in cost from full event management to simple day of coordination. See why hiring a wedding planner from day one to help you through the process is one of the best choices you can make for your wedding day!


Planning a Non Pinterest Wedding: Pinterest - it's a blessing and a curse! Yes, get inspiration from Pinterest, but also be realistic about what a real wedding looks like and will cost you. Becca + Jessie give some great tips on how to achieve a Pinterest look while sticking to your budget. 


Well what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Modern Vintage Events' Planning and Prosecco series to get the latest scoop on planning your wedding. Also be sure to follow them over on Instagram to learn more about their style!

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Get to Know Jenna Henderson: Digital + Film Photographer in the Nashville, TN Area

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

When hiring your wedding team, what do you look for most? For me, I looked for talent, experience, and most of all, personality. I wanted my wedding professional team to totally get "us" as a couple and understand the vibe we were going for in our wedding. And today, I want you to get to know one very talented and fun wedding photographer right here in the Nashville area. Her name is Jenna Henderson! Her work in digial + film photography is some of the best work I've seen here in Nashville and she has years and years of experience working in weddings under her belt. You've definitely seen her work on the NBG Instagram feed as well as our greenery Today in Nashville segment... Jenna even took my familiy portraits recently and I could not be happier with the outcome! Jenna pushes the boundaries with her creativity and rest assured, you'll be left with the most amazing photos highlighting the biggest day of your life. Plus, how freaking adorable is Jenna's family?! Keep reading to learn more about Jenna and how you can hire her for your wedding!


Tell us about your family, where you're from and some of your hobbies!

Jenna: Our little family of four consists of me, my husband (of 12 years) Joshua, and our sons. Clark is 5 and just started kindergarten, and Oliver is 7 months old! We live in Bell Buckle, TN; we love it here because it's quiet and has lots of gorgeous views, and we're super close to my family and the family farm. When we're not working or at school, we tend to just hang around the house with the kiddos, building legos, watching TV, etc. When Joshua and I get a date night, we love a long, tasty dinner out and a movie, typically an action flick.

How did you get started in weddings? When did you know photography was your career path?

Jenna: I bought my first camera when I was a sophomore in high school. By my senior year, I was already taking on client work. After graduating, I attended Lipscomb University for a couple of years on the journalism path, because I didn't want to be a starving artist! But, I couldn't deny my calling to photography, so I transferred to finish my degree in photography, started working full time for myself right away, and I haven't looked back since. Weddings have always been a natural fit for me. I shot my first wedding when I was 19! I love the theatrical nature of weddings; it's the ultimate one-night-only performance. I also love the movement involved, and the challenges of never knowing what can happen over the course of a wedding. And I'm a people person! I really enjoy working with all kinds of people, and weddings bring together all types.

Tell us more about Jenna Henderson Photography and the philosophy behind what you do.

Jenna: My approach to weddings is to look at the big picture (no pun intended). I know there are so many facets to a wedding, and I'm trying to make sure I photograph everything in a way that tells a complete story of the day, so that when these images are shown to someone who wasn't there, such as future children/grandchildren of the bride and groom, they can really get a feel for how life was, what this wedding was like, and all the emotions that were felt through the course of the day. Because I'm thinking about these photos and how they'll be viewed in the future, I'm trying to make sure to shoot as beautifully and timelessly as possible to avoid having the photos become a distraction because the shooting style is too trendy. I'm also investing time and energy into making sure my clients walk away with actual, physical heirlooms, whether it be a fine art album or framed photos or even just proof prints. I refuse to let this ever changing world of tech upgrades come between us and our memories. A print is forever!

Why do you love working with couples on their wedding day?

Jenna: I feel one of my best strengths is my ability to direct. So many times, my clients will tell me how nervous they are to be in front of the camera, or how they don't know how to pose or what to do. I always take that as my personal challenge, to make sure my couples feel comfortable and look amazing, so they truly love their photos (and themselves in them!).

What are some of the most special moments you've encountered at weddings you've shot?

Jenna: The most special moments are always the quite, private ones. Some of my favorite moments have been when I've been photographing an elopement, and I'm the only one there to witness the start of a marriage. I don't take that lightly, and I work extra hard to make sure I'm telling the story as it should be told. It's always an honor to be the one and only wedding guest.

What attracts couples to work with you and what separates you from other photographers?

Jenna: I think a lot of brides are first drawn to my work because of its aesthetic. I feel like my work is timeless, beautiful, sophisticated, and heartfelt. Then, I think brides are drawn to me because of my personality and attention to detail; I always try to give every client the royal treatment, and brides appreciate my level of service.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Jenna: Some fun facts about me: my boys are named after super heroes (Clark = Superman; Oliver = Green Arrow). My husband and I have matching white ink tattoos. I love sushi, a good whiskey cocktail, and cheesy action movies, but I hate drinking coffee, mushrooms, and spiders. I can't sing or do math, I'm not a morning person, and I love Valentine's Day. I've photographed over 200 weddings, some while quite pregnant! And I'm a film + digital hybrid photographer. I think that about covers it!

All photos by Jenna Henderson

Thank you so much for sharing all about you + your business with us, Jenna! You can check out more of Jenna Henderson's work on her website and also be sure to follow her on Instagram!


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Meet Mandy Liz Photography: Specializing in Intimate Weddings in Nashville

Thursday, August 10, 2017

I'd like to introduce all of you to Mandy Liz Photography today! Mandy is a lifestyle + portrait photographer turned wedding photographer right here in Nashville. Her background in lifestyle photography really lends a hand to her style of wedding photography - she has that photojournalistic vibe going for her! Capturing real and genuine moments is what she's all about - and we even featured a styled shoot of hers at Riverwood Mansion a few weeks ago - so gorgeous! I'll leave the rest of the telling to Mandy, so enjoy her side of the story along with her beautiful photos as you keep scrolling down!


Tell us about your company + how long you've been in business.

Mandy: I am Mandy, the photographer behind Mandy Liz Photography, and I specialize in lifestyle and portrait photography. I've been in love with photography since high school and have played around with a camera for the past 6 years, but I've only officially been in business for the past 2 years.

How did you get started in weddings?

Mandy: Honestly, I kind of got thrown into weddings! I've had a few friends and clients that trusted me to capture their big day, and it made me realize how much I really do love capturing weddings.

What's the philosophy behind your company?

Mandy: I strive to capture fleeting moments and tell my client's story in a beautiful way. I direct my clients, but I try to not pose them too much because I love natural shots and moments. Lifestyle photography is my specialty, which means I am photographing life as it happens.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Mandy: I think one of my strengths is being an introvert, which is ironic because I think a lot of people would think that is a weakness. As an introvert, I've always preferred to stand on the side and observe my surroundings, which is perfect for lifestyle photography. It helps me catch moments as they are about to happen, and I am able to capture unique and special interactions that could be easily missed by others.

What attracts brides to your business (+ describe that bride!)?

Mandy: At this time I think what attracts brides to work with me is the relationship that we cultivate. Between the phone calls, questionnaires, coffee meet ups, and engagement sessions, I think they become comfortable and feel like they know me well. I really try to connect with them, so they don't feel like they are just signing a contract and paying a company. My brides tends to have smaller, intimate weddings (elopements or between 25-75 guests).

Thanks so much for sharing all about your business, Mandy! You can check out more of Mandy Liz Photography's work here on her website and also be sure to follow her over on Instagram!


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Go Bonanza!: Nashville, TN’s Modern Wedding Photo Booth Rental

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm not gonna lie - I'm a sucker for a good photo booth! But all the cheesy props I could definitely do without. At any given networking event, wedding or party, you'll see me sifting through the photo booth props to find the cutest most non-cheesy prop to wear or hold in the photos with my friends. And when I met Braden of Go Bonanza! at the LVD Bridal open house a few weeks back, I knew his photo booth was perfect for Nashville weddings! With a classy and modern backdrop and fun and cute props, Braden thought of everything for his booth. It's made just for weddings specifically and has that extra level of sophistication you're looking for to match the rest of your elegant wedding decor. I absolutely love the "LOVE" greenery backdrop (I want that sign for my office!) and he even offers a guest book for all your guests to sign! Keep reading to learn all about Go Bonanza! and don't miss the special offer just for NBG readers below! 

Tell us about Go Bonanza! + how long you've been in business!

Braden: Go Bonanza! Photo Booth Co. was started with the goal to change the way photobooths are represented, specifically within the wedding industry. Essentially, we're a photo booth company that specializes in weddings, with that in mind, aspects should be approached with consideration. We care about the importance of details and appearance to make your event truly memorable, not only for you, but also for your guest! The company has been a year in the making, we officially launched over a month ago & are excited to have a big presence in wedding photo booth rentals in Nashville & surrounding cities!

How did you get started in weddings?

Braden: I've seen the movie "Wedding Crashers" over 16 times (Great reference right? Haha). The weddings I've attended so far were nothing like the movie, however, they were always fun-filled, packed full of emotions & great food! Since then, weddings were always at the very top of my list! They're an ever-evolving tradition, & I'm very happy to be a part of the culture.

What's the philosophy behind Go Bonanza!?

Braden: There's an intimate connection with photographing people & every step is taken to recognize its importance. As the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" we want to make sure those words are filled with positivity! Go Bonanza! Photo Booth Co. stands to provide superior fun & memorable entertainment!

What are your strengths compared to other photo booths?

Braden: We focus on details that others may miss. Your wedding isn't a photography studio, you & your guest shouldn't see a backdrop stand, a printer sitting on the table/floor, or a prop tote. These are just some of the standards that have been accepted far too long; we made a commitment to change this within the wedding photo booth rental industry. Brides & grooms take careful consideration in choosing every facet to make their most important day a success, why not the photo booth? We've also made our process easy & transparent, wedding planners appreciate our simplistic approach.

What attracts brides to your business?

Braden: With our chic & sophisticated style we appeal to brides from all walks of life. Brides understand that it's not just a photo booth but a representation of her. Life flows with rhythm, coordination, &'s like a melody. We aim to ensure she is represented well in an important song of her life.

What are some trends you're seeing in wedding photo booths lately?

Braden: Combined with the most up-to-date technology, our photo booth design is the staple of our company, we offer a booth that is sleek, modern, & minimal. It can fit in with any wedding or event. Props are also important; that's why we use a balance of stylish & creative props that are not only fun but that coordinate well. We also provide elegant minimalistic photo designs that our clients love!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about Go Bonanza!?

Braden: We want to thank all of the people & businesses who support us & believe in what we're changing within the industry. Please visit us on Instagram, @gobonanzabooth! Thank you.

And that's not all - Braden is offering NBG readers a free custom engraved wooden guest book when booking your photo booth! Just mention NBG to snag the deal!

Thanks so much for sharing all about Go Bonanza! with us, Braden!

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ShaveFace: The Perfect Groom + Groomsmen Gifts

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finding that perfect groomsmen gift can be a challenge. You want something that each and every guy - no matter how different they are - will love and enjoy (and actually use!). And what does almost every guy on the planet do? Shave! ShaveFace provides a unique product line of men's shaving and grooming products - from razor accessories to beard oil to shaving cream! So whether your groomsmen are clean cut or scruffy, you'll find something for each and every guy to go gaga over. Want to hear more about ShaveFace and how you can get your hands on some of their products? Read below for our interview with James and see for yourself!

Photos by Sam Frawley

Tell us about your Shave Face + how long you've been in business!

James: ShaveFace is a men's grooming company that specializes in natural and organic men's shaving goods, as well as an accessory (The Strop) that keeps your disposable razors sharp for months -- say goodbye to overpaying for razors. We have been in business for just over two years.

How did you get started in weddings?

James: We actually got started in weddings when one of our friends was getting married and asked if we could custom stamp Strops for his groomsmen. We had never done it before but it was a huge success. Now we can include our ShaveCare (Shave & Beard Oil, ShaveCream, Aftershave Balm) in groomsmen packages for a customized gift.

Photo by Sam Frawley

Photo by James O'Brien

What's the philosophy behind Shave Face?

James: Shaving should be simple, healthy, and enjoyable. And it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. We use simple, straightforward ingredients, for the best shave out there.

What are your strengths compared to others men's shaving products?

James: Our products are designed to give you all the benefits of a rigorous skin care routine, without adding extra steps to your daily regimen. The idea is that, as you use our products, they are able to simultaneously give you a great shave as well as treat, hydrate and protect your skin for the day or night ahead. When it comes to The Strop-- we are the only company that makes a denim sharpening Strop (think old school leather strops that barbers would use for their straight razors) for disposable razor cartridges (Gillette, Dollar Shave Club, etc).

Photos by Sam Frawley

What attracts grooms/groomsmen to your business?

James: We have a unique, classy set of products that they have usually never seen anywhere else. Not to mention, they can be customized and they are functional within their day to day lives (as opposed to a cigar cutter or lighter etc).

What is trending lately in your area of focus?

James: Our products make for a fun, new gift that promotes health and wellness. Not to mention, when gifting ShaveFace sets, it gives the groomsmen a set of products to use on the wedding day -- so there's no excuse for the men in the wedding party to look anything other than their best. ; )

Photo by Jason Myers

Photo by James O'Brien

Thanks so much for sharing all about your company with us, James! You can check out all of the ShaveFace products here on their website. Plus, if you're out and about shopping locally, you can check them out at men's custom suit shop, Alton Lane! And be sure to hop over to their Instagram page and give them a follow!

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