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How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Options by Lindsy of Music City Events

Thursday, January 26, 2017

From magazines to Pinterest to basically everyone you know giving you their opinion about your wedding day... things can get a bit overwhelming! There are so many options, looks and ideas out there for your wedding and it's hard to know where to start or how to make one ultimate decision. If you're like me, I have to see EVERY option before making a decision... which is very time consuming and daunting (it took me 6 months just to find a venue!). But once again the ladies of Music City Events have come to our rescue. Planner, Lindsy is here to help us sort through all of your options and give you some advice on how to actually sit down and make those (at times difficult) decisions about your wedding day. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and things do not have to be stressful! Here's Lindsy to tell us how to make that happen...


Why are couples overwhelmed with too many options?

Lindsy: Pinterest! There are so many avenues and places to find bridal ideas - from stores, to Pinterest to magazines, it can get overwhelming. The amount of information that’s out there and available to brides is astronomical. Couples are taking weddings a lot more seriously than they used to. Most want everything big and fabulous, but when you dream big, you have a lot of options. 


When couples' heads are swarming with ideas, how can you hone them into one concept or idea for their wedding?

Lindsy: The best way to do that is to decide on the style, look and feel of your wedding. Do you want your day to be more formal or casual? What season do you want to get married in? From there you can choose your venue. Once you have a venue, you can guide the rest of your wedding from there. It's also helpful to decide what’s most important to you - do you want to focus on flowers and greenery or the venue location of your wedding? Or maybe you have your eye on a certain dress style. 


What are some tips for couples who feel like they need to “see every option”?

Lindsy: Try to limit yourself. If you’re starting to choose your photographer, find out what your budget for that portion of your wedding and that way you can rule out a lot of vendors based on the price. Vendor availability is another way to rule out your options and narrow them down. You don’t want fall in love with a vendor who is not available on your wedding date.


Will a couple ever feel like they've made the perfect decision?

Lindsy: Yes - if you work with a planner who keeps you on track and constantly reminds you of your goal and vision for your wedding. All of us at Music City Events have vision and utilize inspiration boards. Once we can lay it out for the couple, they have a good sense knowing "this is exactly what envisioned".

How can couples break past trying to please and satisfy everyone else’s opinions about their wedding?

Lindsy: Couples should be confident in what they want and make no apologies for it. If a family member or friend expects you to have a more formal event, you do you if you want to make it casual! Some family members may also expect the standard wedding traditions that are not utilized as much in today's weddings. Garter tosses are not done as much anymore, however the older generation may be tied to these traditions. Hold your ground since the day is all about the two of you as a couple. 


Would you recommend couples ask friends and family to help them make decisions about the wedding? 

Lindsy: I would not recommend that, unless you have a family member who is very familiar with the wedding industry. Friends and familiy tend to get their feelings hurt in the process when you as a couple ultimately make the final decision. My suggestion is to go with your gut!


How can a planner help in narrowing down options for couples?

Lindsy: A planner ultimately has lots more knowledge and experience with planning weddings here in Nashville. Most of the time, the planner has already done a wedding at your venue and knows the regulations - where you can’t bring in alcohol, etc. Having someone on your team with experience is key and you are only filtering through one person’s opinion as they are the experts. Find a planner you trust - having someone there to determine your goal and sticking to it is definitely very valuable. A planner will also help you stick within your budget. An experienced planner can help you choose vendors who fit into your budget. A planner will also have the knowledge of what each venue offers. Some venues do not provide any rentals or furniture in addition to the space. In this case, you would have to rent everything which is an added expense compared to a venue that does offer a more "all-inclusive" option. 

Wow - we truly appreciate Lindsy's expertise on this topic of decision making! Nashville Bride Guide has personal experience working on our Launch Party Event with Lindsy at Music City Events and we can tell you first-hand that she is incredible to work with! Her knowledge of weddings is spot on and she is so incredibly organized. She has basically all the traits you want in your dream wedding planner! 

Remember you can follow @musiccityevents on Instagram and check out their website here. If you missed Part 1 of this planning advice series, check out Heather's post here. :)

All photos by LMR Photography


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How To Delegate Wedding Planning Tasks by Heather of Music City Events

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's engagement season and I'm so excited for all of you newly engaged couples! But what's the first step in the wedding planning process after you get engaged? The decision to hire a wedding planner is something you should think about right away. But whether or not you hire a wedding planner, you'll have a lot of decisions to make up until the wedding day. How do you best delegate those decisions to family members, your planner and you as a couple? Luckily we have Heather here from Music City Events to help us navigate the Nashville wedding planning process and task delegation! Take a look at this in-depth interview on delegating wedding tasks - I'm sure you'll learn something in the process... I know I did!

How can hiring a wedding planner calm an overwhelmed couple?

Heather: Most people have never planned a wedding before and the sheer number of decisions to be made can be overwhelming. Having someone who solely plans wedding and executes them in a way that pleases your ENTIRE family provides immediate calm! A good planner not only navigates the decisions that need to be made but also ensure expectations are set (and met!) all along the way. Working with a professional ensures your wishes are honored above all else, while also providing a result that thrills guests and family alike!

Is it okay to delegate some of your wedding tasks to family members?

Heather: Absolutely yes! But, it must be with precise detail and prep. A couple does not have time to accomplish any of the dozen items needed in the few weeks leading up to a wedding or on the day of... there are eyelashes to be glued and bow ties to be tied! When planned in advance, with involvement and direction with the planner, it can be very helpful to delegate tasks to family members. This often also lets your family feel involved without taking anything away from you, the couple. There is a way to control the outcome and not have to do all the work in the hours before the wedding ceremony. Focus on those eyelashes and bowties!

If so, what are some good tasks to assign to certain family members? 

Heather: We recommend involving family in a way that a couple knows will mean something to that person. They really do want to help, so let them! Anything that needs to be done in the final 30 days before the wedding should be tasked to family and friends. On the day of, give Dad something tangible to be in charge of, such as delivering the alcohol or any DIY goods. Your parents’ friends, or your godparents, would be more than happy to deliver breakfast or lunch items to the wedding parties. Mom and her sisters or besties want to be close to the wedding party, so let them take care of you and your friends. Let them hover, have them pour champagne for everyone (themselves included!), and by God let them stare at you and tear up because you are their baby and the most beautiful bride or groom they’ve ever seen. Giving family tasks is not only helpful to you, the couple, but allows your family to feel like they are part of the best day of your life.

What tasks should only the couple handle?

Heather: A couple should handle almost ANY task they want to handle, up to one month from the wedding date! Go insane with your planner(s)! HAVE FUN! Go as crazy as you like on whichever task or item means the most to you. In the month before, you will naturally focus on the marriage because your partner needs someone who is clear headed and knows that this wedding is actually the beginning of their marriage. Acknowledge that you’ve done everything you could to ensure a perfect day and begin to let go and relax. Your planner and friends are there to handle all the last minute items needed.Go ahead and just be excited because everything is going to be so on point! Know that all YOUR tasks were handled on time, and that your planner has everything else in place so that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy the wedding. We encourage couples to be as involved as they like in whatever tasks or decisions you like, but ensure you are healthy in body and spirit, honoring your partner and genuinely looking forward to your day.

What tasks should couples let their planner handle?

Heather: If you think to yourself, "oh ok. So really I should look into this." - send it right over to your planner. Usually, a couple will feel strongly about a few things and those are the tasks you should take on, because they will be fun for you! We recently had a bride who loves calligraphy, so she hand addressed every invitation among other things. This was her “zen time” and she loved it. To many, that sounds like torture! Whatever you naturally get excited about are totally worthy of your time and attention. Every other question, logistic, random fact, expectation and stigma should be addressed with the wedding planner. A wedding planner will know how to handle all the other items that a couple doesn't need to stifle their pizzazz!

Why is it important for couples to delegate?

Heather: Any task that could hinder you from being THERE for your partner on your wedding day is a task I recommend delegating to someone, ANYONE, else. We encourage our couples to take a day to reflect what is important to you on your wedding day. If doing yoga in the morning, or making a coffee stop for everyone enthuses you, by all means arrange those things! But, if you prefer to just hang out with your wedding party or make sure your soon-to-be spouse is cared for - do that! Because, you are the couple that we are all celebrating and what’s important to you, is important to the world.

What do you tell couples who think they can handle all of the planning themselves?

Heather: You absolutely can handle all of the planning yourself. Our team believes in you and know that you have something in mind for your wedding day that you can pull together, PERIOD. Go for it, you got this. And, on the day itself, we’ll ensure that it looks and feels perfect so you can enjoy all your hard work. But, for those who think about it and determine they don’t want to spend 20 hours a week researching and planning, don’t want their immune systems to be shot when they hit their honeymoon, and don’t want to stress about what you are or are not forgetting, we’re here for you. No one should ever look back on their engagement and think “Well gee. That was awful. Glad it’s over!”

Wow - thank you so much for sharing all of this incredible insight with us, Heather! Be sure to check out more of Music City Events' work on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @musiccityevents

All photos by LMR Photography

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Angela Proffitt Hosts Wedding Planning University in Nashville, TN

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nashville's luxury wedding planner and educator, Angela Proffitt is hosting a wedding planning event! It's Wedding Planning University - a day long seminar on how to plan your wedding right here in Nashville on Sunday, February 26th. Angela will dig deep into the dos and don'ts of planning your wedding, what a wedding really costs, and how to make the best decisions for your big day. So whether you're engaged, the mother of the bride or a wedding professional, this seminar is for you!


Who is Angela Proffitt? She has over 10 years of experience in the wedding and event industry as a celebrity wedding planner, entrepreneur and productivity coach. Angela is the owner and lead designer for Vivid Experiences, a full-service event and wedding planning company. Angela’s work has been featured in more than 100 publications, including People Magazine, Us Weekly and Style Me Pretty. You may have also seen her on networks such as TLC and E!. If anyone knows the business, it's Angela! 

When you attend Angela's Wedding Planning University, you will get a complete road map on how to plan your entire wedding! Here are Angela's main points you'll cover for the day:

- Make the best decisions while planning a wedding

- Create a Communication Plan to interact with family members

- Identify your priorities to maximize your budget

- Overcome expectations of what you think you need and what you really need

- Choose a venue and hire the right team

- Connect with other couples & have all of your questions answered by a top industry expert

- And Much Much More!

Photo by Joe Hendricks Photography

Photo by Matt Andrews

Tickets start at just $99, so register here before space is full!

In the meantime, check out Angela's blog post on Expectations for your Wedding Planner

All photos provided by Angela Proffitt.


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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding in Nashville - A Guest Post on Honeyfund

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'm so excited to share a post I've been working on... it's with honeymoon registry app, Honeyfund! You may have seen them on ABC's Shark Tank when owners Sara + Josh scored a deal with Kevin for a stake in Honeyfund. It's seriously the best way to crowdfund your honeymoon - let's face it, saving for a honeymoon can be last on your wedding to-do list. Your budget may already be spent by the time you start planning your honeymoon, but by asking friends and family to donate to your honeymoon, paradise is right around the corner! 


Honeyfund asked me to write a guest post on their blog on what to wear to a fall wedding and here it is! I'm so happy to introduce their national group of brides to Nashville's wedding trends. I featured local boutiques like Abednego, Lizard Thicket and more! So whether you're looking for a casual fall wedding dress or fancy fall wedding attire, I've got you covered over on the Honeyfund blog! I also tackled the tough etiquette questions on what to wear and what not to wear to a wedding - check it out!

See Nashville Bride Guide's post on Honeyfund's blog here.

Mustard Dress from Abednego | Shift Dress from Draper James

Thanks to Honeyfund for partnering with Nashville Bride Guide on a post! xoxo


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Modern Vintage Events Shows Creative Wedding Planning Process in Video

Thursday, October 27, 2016

When you're a weddding planner, conveying what all you do to brides is not always the easiest thing! So Jessie and Becca of Modern Vintage Events got in front of the camera to show what wedding planning looks like. From setting the tables to coming up with a timeline, Modern Vintage Events carefully crafts each and every part of your wedding to make it one spectacular day! Take a look at their video below filmed by Alex Belew and edited by Nick Bastoky. Plus, Becca gives us a behind the scenes look at what went into making the video in her interview below!


Meet Modern Vintage Events from Jessie Pinson on Vimeo.

Filming: Alex Belew, Editing: Nick Bastoky


What all went into making the Modern Vintage video?

Becca: We started with an idea about how we could convey a bit more about what exactly goes into planning a wedding. We knew we wanted a time lapse of a wedding day and we wanted someone to capture us doing what we do, interacting with a couple and helping them make decisions about their wedding day.  We planned for the time lapse for one of our weddings and had a videographer follow us on a day full of meetings with an out of town couple. We got together later to film us talking about why we do what we do and why we love it.  We definitely had to laugh at ourselves behind the scenes while we were filming this! 

How did you choose what footage to add?

Becca: Alex actually curated the footage for us. The video started out a little bit longer and we condensed it just a bit, hitting on all the major points of what we do. We guided him in that we wanted to show us in action both at a wedding and prior to a wedding and wanted to be able to explain in a bit more detail who we are.

What do you want to convey to brides about Modern Vintage through the video?

Becca: We started the process by really wanting to show what a wedding planner, Modern Vintage in particular, does. We feel like a lot of people don't fully understand the scope of what we handle and the amount of work and pressure we take off a couple. We spend countless, sometimes up to 200 hours, planning a wedding and put a lot of heart into each one and really try to get to know our couples to make their wedding day a reflection of them. With this video we wanted to convey a bit more about what we do and why we do it.

What else would you like brides to know about the video?

Becca: We had a lot of fun making this video. We tried to think about it from a couple's perspective on what they might be interested in and what they may not know or realize about wedding planning.


To learn more about Modern Vintage Events, visit their website and see their gorgeous wedding portfolio! You can also follow Modern Vintage Events on Instagram!

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