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Get Wedding hAppy! My 3 Favorite Wedding Apps

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's 2015, and technology is here to help you make your wedding one to remember.  Literally!  Here are three featured apps offering their services to collect your photos and to engage your guests:

1.) Wedding Capsule: The CapsuleCam!

This app is both Apple and Droid friendly, allowing you and your guests to save photos using the app as a group.  Each person can download it and take pictures using the CapsuleCam.  It also includes group messaging with text and e-mail for easy communication.  Your group can be private to keep your photos solely for your wedding guests and party.  You may then use a group code for individuals to join in on the fun!  Once your memories are stored, you can use the photos to create thank you cards, various other greeting cards, and photo albums at a range of prices.

Visit the site here:

2.) Wedding Party App!

This app also allows you to store your photos with your wedding guests and party.  Additionally, you may share your wedding story, include a wedding day countdown, and send guests messages to remain current with your wedding news.  Guests can also share messages and upload a profile picture of themselves with their names.
This app is also Apple and Droid friendly, as well as tablet and desktop compatible!

Visit the site here:


Appy Couple!
This wedding website becomes a wedding app!  You choose a design and content.  Then, you may allow guests to share photos and to RSVP all using this site and app.  You can even include your wedding registry info using this tool.  Two options are available for couples to choose from, starting from $35.00 to $69.00.

Visit the site here:

These are just a few of the newest, trendy apps helping you organize your photos and plan for your wedding day!  Be sure to visit them and to look them up using the iTunes store and/or Google Play.

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LVD by The Dress Theory: A Bridal Gown Consignment Boutique with Dazzling Dresses!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I had the privilege of visiting a new boutique recently opened in Houston Station during their open house.  Pronounced "loved," LVD is a bridal gown consignment boutique by The Dress Theory.  The shop is incredibly intimate and offers beautiful designer gowns or fashion-forward bohemian styles for any bride not shy to be herself.  Jewels, lace, silk and more; these dresses are one of a kind!  To try on some dresses, you can book your own private appointment in a relaxed and stunningly decorated environment.  Be sure to check out this new boutique opened this spring for a friendly experience and say yes to a dazzling dress!

Tell me about the service you offer?
LVD carries a carefully curated selection of unique, inspired, and relaxed designer consignment bridal gowns for the stylish and savvy bride.  Our private by-appointment only setting allows for personalized service to shop our collection of designer gowns with a similar style and feel to our sister boutique, The Dress Theory.

How many years have you been in business?
Less than a year!  LVD by The Dress Theory opened this Spring.  We are so excited!

How has it been moving into Houston Station?
So fun!  We love watching this old space come to life again and the amazing community being built inside of it, especially with all the other wedding industry action happening in Houston Station.

How did you get started in weddings?
After my own wedding.  Finding a unique gown that reflected my personal style and one that I felt comfortable in was harder than it should have been.  I knew I could create a boutique with a beautiful, personal environment and service full of unique gowns.

What do you like most about weddings?
Love!  Also, how friends and family come together to celebrate the love between the couple by doing things like wedding dress shopping or DIY projects.

What’s your favorite wedding pic/video and why (something that showcases your work)?  Why? 

The one featured here.

We love this photo because it captures the lovely view we get to see everyday at the boutique!  Seeing these gorgeous gowns and working with our brides never gets old!

What is your service philosophy?
We only offer private appointments to ensure every bride gets personalized service.  We love all our brides, whether they buy a gown or not, and want them to cherish and love the memories made shopping with us.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category? 
LVD fills the niche for unique, stylish, and fashion forward designer resale and consignment wedding dresses in the Nashville area.  Whether our brides are time, price range, or eco-conscious we love that we are able to help them find their dream gown.  Our boutique is by private appointment only as well.  Brides have our beautiful boutique, personalized attention, and gown selection to themselves for their appointment!


What attracts brides to your service/company?
Our unique sense of style and aesthetic, and our personalized, private, relaxing environment!

What would previous couples say was the main reason they selected your company?
Nashville brides love to support small local businesses, which is one of our favorite things about this city!  If a bride is looking for a unique, bohemian, or fashion-forward consignment gown, we love that we are the place to be!

Describe the bride/couple that is most attracted to your service/company?
Our bride is not afraid to be herself and let her personal style shine on her wedding day through her wedding dress and all the other elements of their big day.

What is the most “now” / innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate? (Trends, major changes, etc)
Our service is intimate and personalized with private one hour appointments.  Our gowns are unique and unforgettable with new styles and trends like interesting back details, comfortable fit, and beautiful lace, beading, and silks.  We aren't afraid of change, we actually embrace it!  We love and carry new trends like bridal separates and relaxed vintage and/or bohemian styles.

Contact info:

Company Name | LVD by The Dress Theory
Main Contact | Camille Wynn & Manager Ila Dillender
Phone Number | 615-440-3953
Email Address |
Check out our sister boutique on Twitter at @thedresstheory
Like our sister boutique - @thedresstheory

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Part 2: Houston Station Debuts Nashville’s One-Stop Shopping Location for Weddings & Events

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Your wedding planning just got easier!  Last week, Houston Station unveiled an entire event community of wedding and event vendors who are all co-located.  This select group of wedding professionals and specialty businesses make it easy to meet great wedding pros under one roof.

Their grand opening took place last week and it was all that a girl could desire: pretty things, tasty treats, and wonderful connections.  If you missed it, start with part one of our recap (click here) and then keep reading...

Smoke Et Al, LLC Beyond Barbeque @ Houston Station
Wow.  My taste buds will never be the same after trying their fried pickled okra at their food truck, which is located at Houston Station.  Their down-home food and flavor will have your guests amazed and coming back for seconds!


Liberty Party Rental @ Houston Station
This company is all about styling dream weddings and their latest studio, housed in Houston Station, is no different.  With a friendly staff and a wonderful workspace, a planning bride can work with the friendly staff to choose fabric styles, table settings, dishes and more. They offer everything you can think of for any event needs!


Clean Plate Club Event Planning, Design, and Management
After I thought I had no more room, I tried their BBQ Sundae Split which allowed me to sample three types of meats, sides, and sauces.  My oh my!  Southern cuisine at its best!  Be sure to contact them at Houston Station to cater your rehearsal or reception.  Their white sauce chicken was our favorite hands down!  

Me eating the sundae from Clean Plate Club.


Lane Photography
We missed seeing our friends at Lane Photography but we did get a peek into their spacious photography studio!


Bloom Flowers & Gifts @ Houston Station
Beautiful flowers, vase ideas, and more were all displayed at their creative space in Houston Station.  They truly know how to beautify a room and an event with the perfect blooming flowers.


Chef's Market Catering & Restaurant

Shrimp, couscous, garlic sauce, and ginger topping were just some of the delicious food choices I tried!  Their fresh, healthy food options did not make me feel guilty when I went back for seconds!  Be sure to check them out to please your taste buds.  What we loved most was that their food was innovative and got us out of our comfort zone. 

You can contact each of the wedding businesses located at Houston Station directly to schedule an appointment or visit Houston Station to see the venue. 


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Part 1: Houston Station Debuts Nashville’s One-Stop Shopping Location for Weddings & Events

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

As a wedding planning bride, the best event of the spring wedding season so far has to have been Houston Station's Open House, which took place on April 9, 2015 in Nashville! It was such a fun night where I was able to meet the wedding vendors that are housed in the historic venue community and event space. From great music and exquisite lighting to diverse caterers and food trucks, I could only imagine getting married with these all-star vendors.  

The Grand Opening truly allowed guests to see the space and the vendor community in action! Here are a few of the amazing vendors I visited.

Houston Station -
The venue was set up to showcase ideas for a ceremony and a reception, complete with a DJ and food everywhere!


Flavor (catering & special occasions) -
There was so much unexpected flavor in their Mexican chocolate dessert. It was clearly a favorite dessert as many people kept telling us we had to try it.  And the turnip green queso - amazing!

LVD @ Houston Station
A consignment wedding dress boutique housed in Houston Station and brought to you by The Dress Theory, this gorgeous space was filled with jeweled and laced gowns. As a shopping bride, I know I will be back to try on some of their one-of-a-kind dresses!


JD's Music Mobile DJ  / Southern Sky Lighting @ Houston Station
Housed in Houston Station with wonderful wedding options to entertain your guests. I enjoyed chatting with the staff that just moved in and was ready to help planning brides with music and sound.

This all-in-one space has just about every vendor you need for your Nashville wedding.  Click here to see part 2 and enjoy more vendors at the Houston Station Grand Opening.

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Red Carpet, Lights, Camera, Action! I Found My (Large) Wedding Venue: Capitol Theatre in Lebanon, TN

Monday, April 13, 2015

As a recently engaged Nashville bride, I'm ecstatic to have finally found my wedding venue, Capitol Theatre!  I'd love to share the details to see if it's an option for you, too.

Capitol Theatre, located in Lebanon, Tennessee, provides a romantic, intimate experience in Middle Tennessee weddings.  This revamped 1940s Art Deco building has a large stage, dance floor, and even a red carpet.  It seats up to 350 guests and caters to brides with any budget.

They are also incredibly accomodating.  They are able to hold large weddings like mine, and to flip the room from ceremony to reception.  They also offer extended hours and include many items, like chairs, tables, table covers, lights and sound, and even a bartender for reasonable additional fees.  Being that so much is included in this one venue, there was less to worry about for my groom and me.  There is a green room for him and his groomsmen, and an upstairs attic for me and my bridal party to get ready.  Danielle, the coordinator, is also very helpful and easy to work with, making this whole experience fun and stress free.

We are also movie buffs, so being able to get married in a theater with our special day posted on the marquee just sounds unique and fabulous!  Capitol Theatre is unlike any other wedding venue.  Here, you and your guests will enjoy a remarkable celebration of love where the movies that make us believe in it are shown!


Contact Info

Capitol Theatre
110 West Main St, Lebanon, TN 37087
Area of Town | Lebanon
Main Contact | Danielle Piercey
Phone Number | 615-784-4014
Email Address |
Website |

About the Venue

The Capitol Theatre is a newly renovated 1940s Art Deco venue.  Themed weddings, classic weddings, or whatever your dream may be: The Capitol Theatre is the venue for your special day.  

The Auditorium is open and airy with a warm, welcoming feel, and has a live performance stage, a large dance floor, and a state of the art audiovisual system.  The Auditorium has several seating arrangements available to accommodate your needs and seats 300-350 individuals.  The Attic is our cozier space on the second level.  It has a warm atmosphere with a raw warehouse style.  The Attic houses its own audiovisual system and seats 50 guest for more intimate weddings and receptions.

When was your business established?  June 2013

What is your motto/philosophy?  A stage for any setting

Payment options accepted: Cash, Check, or Credit.

What options does your venue offer?

Ceremony, reception, bridal showers, and parties.


What types of rooms are available?

We have a backstage area with dressing rooms and a restroom.


How many people can you accommodate?

300-350 individuals


How many events do you take per day?

We usually can have up to two events per day.  When we have a wedding booked, that is the only event we will schedule for that day.


Is outside catering allowed?  Do you require couples to use a set list of caterers?

We do not have any preferred vendors.


Is outside alcohol allowed?

Yes, you can have an open or cash bar with a licensed bartender, or you can use the Capitol for a cash bar.


Is an on-site event coordinator available?



What is your rental rate?



What attracts couples to your venue for their wedding?  

Our renters are always attracted to the unique qualities we offer and the one-of-a-kind venue you cannot find anywhere else.


What makes your venue so unique from a service perspective?

We kept with the '40s Art Deco theme.  Everything from the curtains to the carpets in the Capitol was custom made for us.  The chandeliers throughout the Capitol are from the 1940s.


What else should brides know about your venue?

Brides can go to our website to see pictures and to set up tours to visit the Capitol. 

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