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Wildtree: Easy, Healthy Meals for Newlyweds, Even Easier with New App

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hey couples - if you’re always in a bind come dinner time, then today’s post is especially for you! And whether or not you’re gifted in the area of cooking (I am definitely not!), you’re going to want to listen up! So let’s talk about Wildtree - what is Wildtree exactly? It’s a meal planning service that allows you to create delicious + organic home cooked meals. Wildtree offers an array of organic spices and sauces for you to create a number of meals - think of it as stocking your pantry with all the seasonings you’ll need for many meals to come! When you purchase a Wildtree make ahead workshop kit, you receive product and organizational documents such as the grocery list, prep chart, full recipes, and bag labels which makes it easy and allows you to save time, stress and money. With the kit, you’ll prep 10+ freezer meals for your family… and have I mentioned? Making them is SO EASY. 

Food allergies are running rampant these days and it’s so good to know Wildtree products are all peanut free, non GMO, and all natural. Plus they offer so many products that are dairy free, kosher, organic and allergen friendly. You won’t have to worry about making 2 meals every night - one for you and one for your fiancé. The amount of recipes available with these dietary restrictions is crazy good!

I’m serious when I tell you I can’t cook,.. I swear I follow directions for a recipe to the T and it still isn’t the result I want! But anytime I’ve cooked a Wildtree meal this past year, my husband is so impressed! I never thought I could swing making a mean Mongolian beef or pork tenderloin. But alas I have “mastered” them on my first try using my Wildtree recipe + products! I even hosted a meal prep party at my house this past winter and a bunch of my friends and I stuffed our freezer bags to create our meals - I know my family was set on meals for about a month! But how fun would it be to host a party with your bridesmaids or bridal party? You can contact our local meal prep coach Kathy for more info! 

Plus, Wildtree has a big announcement - they just launched a new app! Now grocery shopping and meal planning is as easy as it could be! You can download it here. Simply create an account, add in any allergens or mealtime likes/dislikes for your family and pin recipes that you love!  Create a weekly, or monthly menu plan in a few clicks of a button!  There are thousands of healthy and easy recipes to fit your needs. I even plugged in all my Wildtree pantry products into my app and it populates with recipes I can cook using those products - what? Yeah, it’s genius. Oh, and when you download the app, don’t forget to use my referral code N6Y9E ! You’ll get get $5 rewards on your first $50 order in the next 30 days. Then share your referral code with friends to get the $5 rewards and 10% rewards on each order. 

So are you ready to take the plunge? Share the app (you can get more points that way!) or visit our local meal prep coach Kathy’s website here to start your Wildtree EASY mealtime journey!

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