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What’s Hot in Nashville Wedding Colors: Whimsical Red & Turquoise

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I absolutely LOVE the red and blue color combo for just about anything - from home decor and fashion to weddings.  The funny thing is - I painted my home office red and turquoise in 2006 and didnt even think about the palette for weddings...until I started seeing fabulous inspiration boards like the one by Opulent Couturier below.  I have yet to tire of these two colors combined and hope to see many more weddings in these super popular colors.

The Background:

Latrice of Opulent Couturier is back to inspire us once again and to demonstrate how event styling for your wedding day can work..  Tablescapes are a great way to design your dream wedding reception, incorporating elements that you love.

The Inspiration:

inspiration board red and turquoise feathers blue

Image Credit: Row 1:  Top Left:, 2nd from left:, 3rd from left left:   Row 2: Left upper:, Left lower:  Center Image:  Right Upper:  Left lower:   Row 3: Left:   2nd from left:, 3rd from left:  Right:

The Wedding Tablescape:

red and turquoise wedding nashville

coca cola wedding red and blue

How did these pictures collectively inspire the wedding tablescape you created?  

This tablescape, was very fun concept!  Red & turquoise is always a fun color palette to style around.  Several of the elements challenged me the think outside of the box in order to show vintage inspiration.

Which elements were most important? 

Absolutely the vintage Coca-Cola bottles!  All of them were from a personal family collection that I always thought would be pretty cool to incorporate into a tablescape design. The Coke filled individuals bottles were extra special because they were bottled in my  birth year, right here in Nashville!! 

 The "Love Garland" ( added a personal flair to the table.  I encourage clients to incorporate as much of their personality into their wedding style as possible.  

red and blue wedding

What type of bride did you have in mind for this tablescape? 

This tablescape appeals to a whimsical/fanciful bride that is not afraid to think outside the box & do something a little different with the tablescape style.  When incorporating the vintage Coke bottles, this would also work with a wide range of other vintage beverage bottles as well as vintage milk glass vases.  

What do you love most about the elements of this design? 

I love the simplicity of the tablescape, yet it really pops with the red & turquoise color palette.  The white floral stems from Hillary of Brocade Designs & the square menus from LePenn Designs really made the table come to life!!

hot wedding color red and turquoise

blue and aqua wedding

What would you add if you were to do again? 

I would add the blue tinted water goblets for another added pop of color.

Whats the most lavish aspect of the tablescape / whats DIYable?

The most lavish aspect of the table would have to be the linen & floral stems.   The red pintuck linen were from Connie Duglin Linen.  DIYable: I would say locating the vintage beverage bottles.  When I work with a bride that wants to incorporate vintage style elements, I encourage them to shop local thrift shops, seek out family members & also Ebay & Craigslist are great resources.

teal and red wedding

Photography Credit:  Donald Yeager Photography 

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