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3 Things Nashville Wedding Planners Are Loving Now: Lucite, Modern Food + Fashion Forward Brides

Thursday, June 7, 2012

As much as we try, we can’t be everywhere. But, we do want you, our loyal readers, to know as much about Nash wed resources as possible. Often, we lean on Nashville wedding pros in our community to keep us informed about trends, newcomers to the industry, ideas, and inspiration. They are always willing to share! Over coffee, I chatted with Toni of Celebrations by Design and asked – what 3 things are you loving in weddings right now? Here’s what she had to say:

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Love 1: Modern Food with Unexpected Combinations by The Chef and I 

Toni recently discovered The Chef and I, a Nashville wedding catering company and hubby and wife duo. She loved their “unique and tasty food combinations and modern and clean food presentation.” She especially liked their appetizers and their signature Strawberry Injection Bar, strawberries infused with a variety of liqueurs. While she hasn't hired them for a bride, she is excited to work with them to design custom menus for her couples.  

the chef and i, nashville, caterers, weddings

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strawberry injection bar, nashville

Photos: Sarah Bailey Photography

Love 2: Modern Wedding Attire via Brides that Dare to be Different 

Toni is drawn to modern brides and appreciates those that make fashion statements that reflect their personalities throughout their wedding. As a planner, she can help a bride with her wedding design. But, she really looks forward to being surprised at what her brides choose to wear on their wedding day. She is thrilled to see brides that are versatile and make a statement. She encourages her brides to wear what they are drawn to versus feeling compelled to dress on trend.


Monique Lhuillier, watters, designer gowns nashvilleMonique Lhuillier Nashville

Photos: The Bride Room (Monique Lhuillier / Watters)


Love 3: Modern Wedding Design using Lucite Event Rentals 

Toni is inspired by clean lines and contemporary looks that are perfect for her brides, who are urban, fashion-forward, and cosmopolitan. Naturally, she seeks designs that her bride will love, like Lucite! What is Lucite? Put simply, Lucite is acrylic glass. And according to Toni:

"I love the look of Lucite in weddings and events now! Lucite has been pushing its way to the forefront in wedding and event design for the past few years! Lucite is contemporary, modern, sleek, elegant, and sophistication all rolled up into one! From the invitations to cake tables…Lucite is taking designs to another level. Not all Nashville event rental companies carry Lucite. Liberty Party Rental has the ghost chairs and Visual Elements have a few other pieces like tables and pedestals. There may be a few other companies that have Lucite elements…but I haven’t seen them."

Here are some examples that left us swooning...

lucite, wedding, nashville

A collection of Lucite wedding goodies. Source: Shimmer and Silk 

ghost chairs, wedding, nashville

Lucite ghost chairs. Source: The Wedding Post of Arkansas

glass looking invitations acrylic invitations

Acrylic, engraved invitation. Source: NGrave Solutions 

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