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Not Having a Wedding Video: One of the Biggest Regrets of Brides + Grooms

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A few months ago, Bill and Deanna Vincent of First Dance Pictures, spoke at my bridal bootcamp. First Dance Pictures offers high-end wedding films at a price that all brides can afford. 

As seasoned wedding pros, they could have taught the class in their sleep! They offered sound advice based on years of working with Nashville brides and grooms. Ironically, the newlyweds that spoke on the panel offered very similar advice. We were all on the same page - those that hadn't hired a videographer regretted not doing so; those that did hire a videographer were so happy they did! In fact, one couple's photographer lost most of their photos so the video was all they had to show for many of their memories. Another couple realized at the last moment they really loved the way wedding videos captured emotion and wanted one of their own.

Personally, watching my uncle and aunt (who both passed in the last 9 months) dance on my wedding video is still priceless, some 6 years later.  

My goal today, through the advice of First Dance Pictures, is to help you understand the importance of a wedding video and reasons you should consider one. Based on my experience with brides, not hiring a wedding planner or a videographer are two of their biggest regrets. I hope that you will really think about what Bill and Deanna share below and find a way to add video to your budget. It may be a splurge now, but in the future, the video will mean more than even your wedding dress.

advice on wedding video nashville

Donald Yeager (Donald Yeager Photography) on left and Bill Vincent (First Dance Pictures) on right, speaking at Bridal Bootcamp 2012; Photos by The Collection

Brides' Biggest Regrets

Wedding videos have come a long way. A decade ago, they were usually very cheesy but good enough to capture the moment. Now, they are full scale wedding films that tell a story with great creativity. Even still, many couples don't consider hiring a videographer.

According to First Dance Pictures, research has shown that one of the top 10 regrets from brides is not getting a professional video. "Photos will not replace video, nor will video replace photos. Both should should equally regarded and budgeted for in the bride’s budget."

"Typically 10% of a bride’s budget should be reserved for archiving (video and photos)."

Not Hiring Anyone to Capture Spontaneous Moments

Brides regret not having a video specifically because they "regret having lost special moments that happened that were not planned, such as:

– Spontaneous dancing or songs

– Funny or candid moments with children

– Surprise gifts

– Speeches/toasts and the reactions from the couple/audience

– Many, many more..."

See the video below.  This was a moment the couple, family will treasure forever.  But, it was impromptu and would not have been caught any other way other than video.


"Spontaneous dancing from one of the young guests surprised everyone! Nobody would argue that a picture would capture some of the excitement of that moment, and tell the story. But video captures this excitement in a way that a photograph can't, and that is what makes video unique in that regard."  

Trusting a Non-Pro to Capture Your Priceless Memories

Some brides opt to hire a family friend or do it themselves. Occasionally, you will get lucky. More times than not (as with any other decision), when you don't hire a pro, you get what you pay for. Based on Bill's experience, couples put "their faith in a friend or relative to video their special day, only to find out later that they were less than capable."

"Brides sometimes want to save money by having a friend or relative record their video for them. This leads to (in the vast majority of cases) bad quality video with horrible audio, and hurt feelings from the experience with the bride/couple. Unless you are fully prepared for the detailed intricacies of shooting a wedding, you can ruin the only chance to ever get it done right. Without the proper equipment, mics, lights, batteries, experience, and troubleshooting skills necessary to properly shoot a wedding film, even the most well-meaning friend or relative is going to run into major obstacles in archiving your event."


I could not have said it better myself.

To start, contact First Dance or check out our list of Nashville wedding videographers. Then, ask your friends and wedding planner for their recommendations. Build a list of your favorites and then start meeting with them. Ask to see a full wedding video (not just a teaser). If you like their work and feel comfortable with them, add them to your wedding team. You won't regret having a video. You are more likely to regret not having one. 

"The bride and father are dancing slow to a tired old father/daughter song, only to break away and into a fast salsa, one they had been rehearsing for months! It is impossible for one photograph, or even carefully taken still photo sequences, to capture this moment the way it should be remembered – with music, lights, and audience cheering – the ultimate video moment!"

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