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Wedding Stationery Advice from Local Stationer paperKuts Studio: Avoiding Costly Mistakes + DIY Tips

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A few months ago, Kim, owner of paperKuts Studio shared advice at our Smart Bride Bootcamp on shopping for wedding stationery. There were so many questions presented by brides at our camp that I thought you, our online readers, might also want to know a little more about wedding stationery.  So I reached back out to Kim to ask specific questions that might benefit you.

Invitations give your wedding guests the first impression and taste of your wedding style; so, it helps to get expert advice on how you want to be represented and where you can save vs where not to cut-corners.  Here's what Kim had to say about wedding stationery during our Q+A.

high end wedding invitations

travel style wedding invitation nashville

What exactly does a wedding stationery set include?
There are two basic elements for wedding stationery: invite and RSVP card. Everything else would be considered additional items, such as: reception card, accommodation card, maps, related events…you name it! You can add anything to your invite that you want or need.

What are some great ways to save on wedding stationery?
Ways to save can include:

*eliminating the extras (lined envelopes, embellishments, etc.)
*order standard sized invites (saves you from spending extra on postage)
*include RSVP on invitation
*basic printing (use black ink)
*order extra invitations with your initial order so you don’t have to order more expensive ones if you run out

The best way to save on invites is the DIY way! Even with that, you have to be careful. If you are not a ‘crafty’ person, then it can become costly if you make a mistake, have to purchase more, etc. With the Internet, you can find anything, so, to me, knowing your budget is primary. You can easily get an estimate on how much your stationery will cost. 

Are there trends you're seeing brides do for wedding stationery that's both affordable and creative?
Sometimes what’s trending is not what a bride wants. So, I believe it is truly the brides decision and what she wants for her big day! I’ve had brides that purchased a basic invite and added a crystal or a bow. Some have used calligraphy to add a special touch. Also, having a custom invite can be affordable and specific to meet the bride’s needs.


passport style wedding invitation nashville

passport style wedding invitation nashville

What are some red flags? Are there things that appear to be inexpensive for wedding stationery that actually turn out to be surprisingly expensive?
Items that turn out to be expensive really depend on the needs of the bride. Any additional item that you add on will add to the cost of the invite. What I really find to be costly is waiting until the last minute, not proofing the invite (and not catching mistakes before they are printed) and not ordering enough invites. Most invites are ordered in increments of 25. When you have to go back and order more, it is expensive.

What do you think brides should keep in mind when they're sorting out their wedding stationery?
Brides should keep in mind their budget, what the impression is that they want to convey, and their primary needs.

How does the theme of a wedding affect wedding stationery?
I believe your invitation sets the tone for any event that one is having. If a bride has a certain theme in mind, it can really affect her choice of stationery, the cost, and if the invite will have all of the additional items that she might need (RSVP, accommodation, etc). A custom invite might be needed in this case.

Can you tell me a bit about paperKuts studio and what it offers to the bridal community?
paperKuts studio is a cozy, home-based business. I offer stationery for any occasion and can provide all of the bride's needs, from beginning to end - napkins, favors, programs, shower invites, etc. I try to make my brides feel comfortable and confident in their choice of stationery. It is an honor if a person chooses to work with me and I want the experience to be a pleasurable one for all. Stationery makes me happy and I want anyone that visits to be just as excited about their paper choice as I am.

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All invitations shown are a few of my favorites from the Marsupial Invitation line (via their Facebook page). This chic invitation line and others are available by contacting Kim of paperKuts studio.

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