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Rojeen + Hamza’s Vibrant Multi-Cultural Downtown Hotel Wedding

Friday, July 8, 2016

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Rojeen and Hamza's wedding photos by Stephanie Sorenson. A gorgeous couple in a gorgeous downtown setting - what more could you ask for in a Nashville wedding? I'll leave it to Rojeen to tell the rest of the story:

Rojeen + Hamza


Venue | Hutton Hotel

Photographer | Stephanie Sorenson

Rentals | Liberty Party Rental

Lighting and Draping | Nashville Audio Visual

Cake | Nashville Sweets

Flowers | Weddings by Kayln

Bride's Makeup | Artofficial Makeup

Bride's Hair | Babe Beauty Bar

Wedding Gown and Hair Piece | Olia Zavozina

Groom's Suit | J.Crew Mens

Tell us about you as a couple.

Rojeen: Hamza had no idea walking into the YMCA at Green Hills three years ago would change his life forever. He walked in, as he routinely did, to do some cardio and lift some weights. He had no idea that his future was waiting for him. He saw me working out and immediately knew there was something different about me. Three years later, we are married! I am a Kurdish-American kindergarten teacher. I loves many things, but my true passions are teaching (in any form), family and of course, fitness. Hamza is a Pakistani-American med-school student. He hopes one day to become a surgeon. Hamza loves to be in the hospital, watch and play sports and spend time with his family. We both still go to the gym together, go mountain biking, and enjoy sushi on the weekends. We have shown a commitment to each other within the last three years that many people do not get to experience in a lifetime. We were lucky to find each other that day at the gym and have never looked back.

Tell us about your vision.

Rojeen: The vision was to unite three cultures into one! We had to implement part Kurdish, Pakistani and American culture into the wedding to truly make it a night we could enjoy that represented us. At first, this seemed impossible. All three cultures are so vibrant and have their own intricacies in respect to weddings. We tried to find similarities between all three to try and tie them all together. I think we did an amazing job finally finding a great mix of all cultures. It was a night to remember with all the cultures coming together as one. Just as Rojeen and Hamza did.

What was their theme and what inspired it?

Rojeen: The theme was a combination of Kurdish/Bollywood and a traditional American wedding all tossed together. Dancing is a huge part of all cultures, but especially Middle Eastern. It is how people celebrate for the bride and groom. So the arrangement of everything had to be dance-friendly. We tried to have an elegant theme with a modern touch.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of your wedding day?

Rojeen: There were so many special moments. To list a few, I would start out by talking about the first time we walked in as a couple. It was grand! Everyone was around us cheering and dancing. It was definitely a special moment in a very happy environment. I think the speeches were also a very special moment. They were not rehearsed and from the heart. Those are always the best. All in all, the entire night was amazing! It was all one big highlight. I danced all night, so many pictures were taken, it was just a magical evening.

With 3 absolutely stunning dress changes, a beautiful city backdrop and soft, elegant decor, Rojeen and Hamza's wedding was definitely a night to remember! 

All photos by Stephanie Sorenson Photography.

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