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Nashville Wedding Trend-Spotter Says: Think Outside the 60” Round

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When Rhonda Patton speaks, I listen. I call her my "trend-spotter'. Rhonda's designs are forward thinking. If you are unique and want a one-of-a-kind wedding design, she's one of my go-to-girls. So, if she says the wedding world is no longer round...I'm lovin' it. Circles are so overrated:). Guest Post: Rhonda Patton Weddings is a Nashville-based, event floral designer. When I got married in 2003, I did not use 60" rounds. I worked my magic by use of the venue's {free} 8-foot rectangle tables. I kept the rental price down by use of what the venue had to offer for free. In some areas, I put two 8-foot tables together, made a custom runner and created low centerpieces and lots of candles to create an elegant ambiance. Recently, I've noticed the emergence of banquet-style seating. Banquet-style seating is nothing new but is being redefined by brides. It reeks with royalty and exudes a very glam look! Not only is it cozy but creates conversation.

Martha stewart weddings

The very elegant and monochromatic tablescape that appeared on the front of Martha Stewart Weddings Collection's Edition back in the summer was admired by many brides and wedding planners across the country. It's something about this square table design and strategic placing of the low florals that is simply stunning! Banquet-style seating is higly preferred by the uber-talented Preston Bailey. He is one of the world's most talented designers and my guess is that the pros outweight the cons when it comes to banquet-style seating. Recently, I did a wedding where the bride and groom selected a 4'-serpentine table as their sweetheart table. How sweet!! Not only was was it intimate but it's a versatile and decorative addition to any set-up. Many caters prefer use serpentine tables to stage a unique buffet. As a designer, square/rectangle tables are one of my faves! A square-shaped table not only facilitates conversation better than a round table, but it also gives a room a clean modern look. They are great canvases for printed table runners, interesting floral arrangements, and rows of elegant pillar candles. Consult with your planner or event designer to get feedback about the use of square tables. Each venue is different and may not accommodate square/rectangle tables.

Square table

Photo credit: Arising Images

I love the layout in the picture! A mixture of both square and round tables were incorporated with a tall centerpiece for the rounds and a low design for the squares.

Square 4

Photo credit: Westchester Magazine

Square table 2

Photo credit: Beginning to Wed

Work your venue space...don't let it work you! Think outside of the 60" round and incorporate serpentines, rectangles, squares or mix and match. If your venue space is "blah" then consider a mixture of tables to break up the monotony of the room. Thanks for reading! R. Patton

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