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Nashville Wedding Deejays, The Hype Men, Take Party Starting Seriously

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve been friends since before they were born, but Kevin and George can. Their mothers sat side by side at a wedding when they were both pregnant with the two and from birth to high school, Kevin and George were nearly inseparable.

Though different colleges and work out of state put miles between the two friends, they always had one thing that kept them in constant contact: Music. When the pair were asked to deejay a birthday party three years ago, that event opened the door to another passion they shared: providing musical entertainment at events.

Known as The Hype Men, Kevin and George take an interesting approach to wedding deejaying that is unlike anything we’ve seen in Nashville. Yes, they provide wedding receptions and events with music that keeps the dance floor packed all night long, but they’re also very interactive! They dance right along with the crowd, even teaching some of the popular line dances, such as the Wobble and Cupid Shuffle, to party goers.

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“I think my favorite part was that George and Kevin would get on the dance floor with us, not just participating but leading,” a bride shared on The Hype Men website. “This allowed people, who would’ve otherwise been hesitant, to get out there and jump right in!”

For The Hype Men, they were simply doing what comes naturally to them.

“We love music, love to have a good time and love to see other people have a good time,” says George. “We take the pulse of the crowd and play music that we know will bring life to the party.”

To ensure the bride and groom get the most out of their reception, The Hype Men have what they call a party coordinator who coordinates all of the minute details and works closely with the couple’s wedding planner. This way, the guys say, the couple can focus on having fun and enjoying the experience of their wedding day.

fun cool wedding dj nashville, the hype men, interactive, engaging, affordable

Kevin and George getting down at a wedding they deejayed (Gangnam Style, of course). George is in the pink shirt on the left, Kevin on the far right.


“As deejays and lovers of music, we see music as a way to connect with other people and with memories,” says Kevin. “It’s like a time capsule in that way — sometimes it’s less about the music itself, but the experiences associated with the music.”

To find out more about The Hype Men, check out their website -  

(Disclosure: This blog was written by Leah, a member of the ABG team, and wife to Kevin.  Kevin is one half of The Hype Men duo.   Since Leah obviously knows a lot about this energetic deejay team, I asked her to introduce them to Nashville brides.  Who better to get the scoop! ~ Ashley of Ashley's Bride Guide)

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For many women, their fascination with weddings fades after they say, “I do.” Not for me. Even though my wedding was two years ago, I still very much have a heart for weddings and helping brides focus on what’s important — building a day that reflects both the bride and the groom while focusing on the why of the wedding — the marriage. In addition to my job as a personal trainer and wellness coach, I also coordinate weddings part time, offering couples both perspective and a little elbow grease to make sure their wedding day is a success. I’m a huge advocate for life balance and I like to remind and encourage couples to keep their sanity — and a healthy relationship — in the midst of wedding planning. Check out my health and wellness blog at

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Belinda Jennings says...

This article is excellent and so true about this dynamic team

Posted on April 17, 2014 @ 8:39am

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