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Your Wedding Questions: Gowns for Rent, Murfreesboro Wedding Venues

Thursday, July 14, 2011

When we receive tweets or emails with questions about anything wedding related, it serves as a learning experience for us as well. Recently we had a question about renting bridal gowns which I personally never knew was an option here. It's very common where I'm from and it's nice to know that for those of us who don't see any value in forking over tons of money for a gown we'll only wear once, this question and the answers from our community would be a huge help. In today's Q&A post, we'll tell you how you can rent your dress and answer a couple more questions that will hopefully inform you of what your options are! Starting with this photography question:

QUESTION: How do you figure out where to take wedding photos? We're doing photos before the ceremony and we're getting married on 12south (at the Hope Center/Midtown Fellowship's building). We don't want to go very far because we're on a tight timeline. Obviously there's Sevier Park but does anyone else have any ideas for around 12south?


Image courtesy of Michael Howard Photography

Answers from Nashville Bridal Community:

Vickie Stanton of Bella Weddings suggested Sevier Park and the fun, yellow mansion in the park, Historic Sunnyside. Lindsey of DandyLion Events suggested several cool/quirky shops like savant. 

But our favorite advice came from photographer Gregory Byerline who said, "That's largely the part of a great photographer".  We agree!  Your photographer should work to suggest great locations given your constraints and vision. 

The picture above by Michael Howard is a great example of what Gregory is talking about. Taken next to a random, vibrant wall on 12th Avenue South, Michael made something simple into a pretty cool picture. Peter and Whitney of Dove Photography found a really cool detail at Sevier Park and took an intimate photo for their couple. (See below).  This goes to show that sometimes you don't need specific locales, just a photographer with a good eye.


Image by Dove Wedding Photography

Question: Help! I'm a Murfreesboro bride and im getting married in October and I'm still without a reception site! Can you send a list of places in the Murfreesboro, TN area that are under $1800 and can fit about 200 for a cocktail reception?

Answers from Wedding Pro:

We turned to Emily of Kennedy Occasions, a planner based in Murfreesboro who would better know great venues in the area .  Here's what Emily suggested:

"A couple of suggestions for venues in the M'boro area:

- Bungalow Events at 118 West Vine Street in Murfreesboro. A newly renovated building right off the square, this venue is new to the area. I have not worked with them, but have seen photographs of some lovely events!

- Oakland Mansion, also located downtown, this venue has great Southern charm! More information on rental policies, etc. can be found at


Image by La Photographie Nashville (; Image courtesy of

- Carriage Lane, also located downtown, this charming location has a lovely garden and can handle your catering and rental needs as well! (Booking this location in "off" months or for Friday or Sunday weddings can save you quite a bit of money!)"

Question: Where can a bride rent her gown in the Middle TN area?

Answers from Nashville Bridal Community:

Our Facebook fans really came through for this one, thank you to Lindsey and Natosha for your responses! First is Jacqueline's Bridal Formal. They rent bridal gowns of all sorts, from classic ivory/white gowns to ones with colors and various textures. Jacqueline's also has bridesmaids dresses for rent.


Image courtesy of Jacqueline's Bridal

If you're looking to dress your entire party, both girls and guys, you're in luck because American Tuxedo ( rents it all from gowns to dresses, tuxedos to suits.

Thank you to our brides for sending in questions, and thank you to our industry experts for stepping up and providing the information. Keep them coming, you can either leave us a message, write on our Facebook Page wall or Tweet it! We look forward to getting your questions.

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Caroline says...

Also check out for rentals!  They have some beautiful gowns that could pass as a wedding dress

Posted on July 22, 2011 @ 5:55pm

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