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Nashville Planner Designs Couple’s Sparkling, Spring Wedding at Millennium Maxwell House

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sometimes, a girl just wants to be surrounded by sparkly, pretty things, especially on the biggest day of her life.  Aaliyah turned to Paige of Paige Brown Designs to deliver the glam girly style in the rich colors she desired for her spring, Nashville wedding at Millennium Maxwell House.  

Paige shared some of the behind-the-scene details and Aaliyah and Terrell's designs.  If your big day calls for rich hues and shine, get ready to pin these pics!


Aaliyah + Terrell
Wedding Reception Venue: Millennium Maxwell House


Tell us about the couple.

They are very social and know a LOT of people.  Their wedding was huge.  There were over 300 guests.  They are vey laid back, down to earth, and they put God first in all that they do.

What was their vision?

They wanted an enjoyable, modern design that was ultra-fun and non-stuffy in every way.  They wanted bright colors and a blend of traditional and non -traditional concepts.  They wanted to make sure their spirituality and personality was tied into the design in some way as well.

Why did they hire Paige Brown Designs?

When you hire a vendor for your wedding, you have to judge not only their talents, but the chemistry you have with them.  You will be alongside this person for 12 months, sometimes more.  It's really important to hire someone that you feel is the absolute best vendor for YOU.  I think we hit it off really well and we understood one another from the beginning, so the decision to hire me just made sense.

What inspired their colors?

Aaliyah had a spring wedding, so she wanted fun and bold springtime colors.

How did you approach their wedding design?

Whenever I design, I always consider the client.  I look at things from their perspective based on their likes and interests.  I took all of the things that were very important to them and came up with a concept that I believed they'd appreciate for years to come.

What did they absolutely have to have for their wedding design?  She absolutely had to have floral toppers / floral balls.

What did they most love?  Their table designs.

What did you love the most?  I got a lot of items custom made/built.  I really love how my sweetheart table design turned out, as well as their backdrop.

What services did they hire your company to provide?  Event design and florals.

I notice that another couple in your portfolio used the same teal color and similar decor pieces.  Did one inspire the other?  How did you make sure each had a different style given they had such similar colors and pieces?

One client saw the custom sequin risers we were making for the Hunt clients and absolutely had to have them.  This is why it's important to put your items away during production week when you have other clients coming to the studio!  They always see something they like and want to try to find ways to incorporate it into their wedding design.  LOL.  Their wedding colors and theme were different, so that helped a lot.  One was peacock inspired with purple and turquoise, and the other was spring inspired with turquoise and coral.  It was very easy to come up with completely different design looks using some of the same elements because their styles are so different.  It's all about personalization.


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2 Responses to This Post
Rosanna W Rayford says...

It appears to have been a FABULOUS affair!

Posted on September 2, 2015 @ 5:25pm

Carla White says...

This was one of the most organized and beautiful weddings I have ever attended it was an awesome experience.

Posted on September 2, 2015 @ 6:24pm

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