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My Guest: Dove Photography - The Wedding Album

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Wedding Album One of the my favorite parts in the process of photographing a wedding is opening up a box that contains a clients wedding album! After all of our work photographing the wedding, editing the images, helping a client choose their images, and then designing the album, it is a wonderful sense of accomplishment to see the final product! It is a completed work of art which a bride will be able to someday show her children and grandchildren. How amazing is that?! In the world we live in, there are so many more choices for the final product than ever before. Traditional matted albums can now come in metallic or wood covers with fun pages that fold out. You can have a thin coffee table book that looks like it was bought at Barnes & Noble. The most popular albums available now are thick albums with large images mounted onto each page. Most of the time, these albums incorporate graphic design, to help the story of the day unfold as each page is turned. Every wedding photographer will offer albums from different companies and different styles. When you talk with your wedding photographer, he/she will be able to show you the different options they offer and help you decide which one will work best for you. Our goal at Dove is to make each book personal and to reflect the style of the bride and groom. Here are a few examples of pages from Jennifer & Matt's album. The pages are going to be printed on thick linen textured paper and be bound with a leather cover. I love how this has the feel of an old book. Even though the design is modern and unique, it is classic and will really stand the test of time. If you look closely, you will see text throughout the book that reflects their vows. You can see the rest of the album by clicking here: Whitney Carlson Owner, Dove Wedding Photography

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