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Transform Your Wedding Reception with Lounge Seating.  Here’s How:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At bridal shows, we're always blown away with the latest in wedding guest seating.  Now, you can really wow your guests with a wedding reception area that goes beyond the typical 60" round banquet tables with chairs around them.  Why not make your wedding look and feel like you've invited your guests into your home?  Comfy, cozy lounge seating makes it easier for people to gather and mingle.  If you're a little apprehensive about stepping out of that box, Julie Hurst of Liberty Party Rental has the tips and ideas for the hottest lounge seating trends for your wedding.

Expert Advice - Lounge Seating from Liberty Party Rental


Lounge seating comprises of several elements, the most distinct of which are banquettes and axis furniture.  Banquettes are the larger, bench seats you will recognize, a lot of times with a taller back to them almost like you're at a chic, L.A. club.  Axis furniture are the smaller, 2.5 foot by 2.5 foot sectional pieces that come in a corner piece, a chair or ottoman.  "Both are just as nice, they're all very versatile.  Some people have used both banquettes and axis seating, but a majority of clients go with one or the other," advised Julie.




Liberty Party Rental is the only rental company in Nashville that carries their banquettes.  "They come in  four different colors (black, brown, ivory and white) and some of our brides have brought in their own fabric which we can wrap around the banquettes for a smaller extra cost."  This is such a great idea, since lots of wedding decor is based on color schemes so this way, your furniture could complement your palette if you want to branch out beyond the four basic colors offered.

So what are some ways that lounge seating has been used?  One way is what Julie has dubbed a Quiet Room. "Brides had a bar set up separate from the dance are, where people could mingle away from loud music, filled with lounge furniture instead of tables and chairs they had banquettes and butcher block coffee tables and groupings of axis furniture. They created an actual lounge.


Left: Banquettes.  Right: coffee table for a more relaxed option


Estate Style is when banquettes are set up on one side with chairs set across a long dinner table.  This also works for plated dinners where guests don't constantly have to get up to get more food. 


Estate style seating. I love how it lends a touch of elegance to a garden style party.




Using a punch of color with colored pillows is also a fun way to complement your wedding's theme.  Julie tells me that what's been popular among brides is renting the white or natural seating and having pillows as accent to pull their colors in.  Liberty Party Rental has pillows available in an array of colors.  You can see what your options are under "Creations" on the Liberty Party Rental site under the "Elements Collection" that is a list of all the items that go into lounge decor. If you can't find a color that works, you could also find pillows you do love to use. "Depending on the colors, some brides have purchased pillows themselves to use as accents to match their color scheme."



"Lounge furniture has become the trend with weddings – even if brides are on a tight budget they’re figuring out how to splurge to have at least a section of lounge furniture. More and more people are doing the lounge because it’s becoming a décor item. It’s a focal point, like if they have a dance floor, they surround the dance floor with axis furniture."  Julie and her team at Liberty Party Rental will work with you to make sure you're making full use of your budget, whether or not lounge seating is what appeals to you.  And if it is, you've definitely gone to the right place for it.  Click here to visit their website if you haven't already found a great rental company with which to work for your wedding!

And if you're a bride who has used lounge seating for your wedding, we would love to see your pictures!! You can email us, or if you have a blog, let us know how to find you! We'd love to see what inspired you.

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Annia says...

This is fantastic! The lounge seating creates a more laid-back ambiance to the venues.

Posted on October 13, 2010 @ 7:38pm

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