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Get Great Gowns for Your Favorite Girls! The Advantage of Custom Bridesmaids Dresses

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your bridesmaids have rallied with you. They’ve held your hand while you vented. They celebrated and cried bucket loads of happy tears when you got engaged. They are prepared to work on your DIY wedding projects. They’ll be at all of your parties and the showers. If ever there was something you could do for them, it would be to keep them out of an ugly bridesmaid dress! 

That's where Kerri can help. Kerri is the owner Kerried Away Couture, a business that specializes in custom made clothing for any personality. I spoke with this lovely lady who has a radiant, bright spot in her heart for bridesmaids. With Kerried Away Couture, you can choose whether all of your girls wear the same gown or if each girl's gown is designed to complement her personality.  Read what she has to say about the advantages to custom-made dresses for your bridesmaids! You’ll be just as captivated as I was!

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How does your business of custom bridesmaids’ dresses work? What does the selection process look like?

We have an easy, three step proess, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in this order, though we usually recommend it. First, you select the style. This includes bodice, length, straps, etc. All styles are mix-matched, meaning you can pick various things from different pieces and put them together. You can do a skirt from one style and a bodice from another. Brides often like certain parts of a dress, but rarely the dress in its entirety, so this allows you to be creative piece by piece.

Next comes fabric. We carry 100% cotton, 100% silk, silk blend, silk taffeta, etc. along with a handful of patterned fabrics. We also have access to hundreds of additional fabrics that are brought in on an add-needed basis.

Finally, the last step is detail. This is the fun stuff: pockets, bows, ruffles, double ruffles, waste bands in various colors—things that make the dress unique and add a flash of personality.

kerried away couture, dress styles, bridesmaids dresses, custom

kerried away couture, fabric, bridesmaids dresses, custom design

Three photos above by Evin Photography


Are there some common misconceptions regarding custom made dresses for bridesmaids?

Yes, mainly, it’s assumed that a custom made dress is the most expensive option. Our styles start at $185, but bridal discounts can potentially range from 10-15% depending on the number in the wedding party, possibly knocking your price down to $150. We do what we can to work with a bride’s budget. Also, none of the bridesmaids are required to pay the whole price at one time; 50% is paid in the beginning and 50% is paid after the dress has been completed.

Another misconception is that the dress will fit absolutely perfectly since it’s custom made. Most of the time, we’re unable to do a fitting with a bridesmaid because she isn’t from the area and can’t make it for a fitting. However, if she is able to come in, we’re happy to fit her! What we offer, then, is described as mixed-sizing, meaning that the top and bottom are different sizes based from measurements. We do offer a complete custom option, but it isn’t included automatically.

kerried away couture, bridesmaids dresses, custom design, bow detail

Photo by Divine Images

Mentioning cost, how do your dresses compare to bridal salons and ready- made dresses for the bridesmaids’ expense?

We offer more of a wholesale price because we’re not selling at a retail establishment. Everything is made in the U.S. I’m passionate about supporting the local scene, so I love incorporating this passion into my business. I’ve found that the prices of our dresses are typically less than or right at the prices of major retailers in Nashville.

How do alterations work with Kerried Away Couture?

An alteration package usually costs $25 for bridesmaids. This is essentially a guarantee that bridesmaids will walk out of our door knowing that the dress fits exactly how they want it to. Similar to fittings, bridesmaids must be in town in order to have an alteration. Also, we only work with dresses that we produce for bridesmaids.

kerried away couture, bridesmaids dresses, custom design, bow detail

kerried away couture, silver blue, bridesmaids dresses, custom design

Top photo by Photos By Alex; Bottom photo by Followell Fotography


What about wait time compared with bridal salons and ready-made options?

Most designers need anywhere from 3-5 months, but this varies according to the designer, not from where you’re purchasing your dress. I always request three months for bridesmaids’ dresses, because we’re not a huge operation, and so we never know when an influx of people will fall in needing dresses. I recommend that you schedule as soon as you can; most brides come to us at the six-month mark.

Can you describe the ease of having bridesmaids’ dresses custom made as opposed to other options?

We want to bring a personal aspect to the dress-making process; that’s what we’re about. Bridesmaids often get left in the wing of things. I always tell brides, to give me the name, email, and phone number of their bridesmaids and we commit to taking care of them. Brides can get with their friends and pick style, fabric, and detail and then just trust Kerried Away. We want to take stress off the bride, and this is our little way of doing just that.

kerried away couture, custom bridesmaid dresses, rewearable, short

Re-wearable designs! Photo by Joy Chambers Photography


Why do you think a bride might want a dress custom made for her bridesmaids? What is the thing that makes it most special?

We strive to sew together a memory. We’re always one on one, and never do we schedule two appointments on top of each other; we do this to enhance the experience. When bridesmaids wear our dresses, it’s not because they looked in a catalogue, pointed, and said, “That’s what I want,” but instead it’s something that they hand selected—hand crafted. Customizing everything gives a magical personality that reflects the bride and her friends.

kerried away couture, custom bridesmaid dresses, bridal shop

Visit their store in Murfreesboro! Photo by Joy Chambers Photography


For more information, contact Lane or Kerri at Kerried Away Couture and make sure to mention that you found them on ABG!

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